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Happy Thursday !!! I'm still smiling :) .. going to have a great day !!! hope you do too !!!!

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Yesterday started out a great day .. and I'm holding onto that .. but of course hubby had to turn into his big dumb boy again, and mess it up ... *sigh* .. but that's done and over, and we've moved on .. (so far

I went to the mall where my hair appointment was, and walked 3 laps before hand .. which I think was a very smart move .. :) I've been on that "sick time pity party" syndrome .. I got a cold which knocked me down last week, well --I got into the habit of sitting on my butt and "pampering" myself too quick .. Now why does that happen .. it takes energy to get up and move, but sitting on one's dufus; comes soooo easily .. Anywho .. I picked up my big girl panties, and went to the mall before my hair appointment yesterday .. got 3 laps in .. :) and that wasted the time prior to my appointment .. and I had time to buy myself a Starbucks Strawberry Acaia lemonade/tea .. :) YUM YUM !!!

That was my reward for my walk .. (hey- it used to be candy or ice cream .. so this is a step up as well as a cool down before going into my appointment .. :)

I had my appointment and all my grey has disappeared again .. :) I'm all prettied up !!! :) I told her to leave my bangs alone this time (my fault last time .. ) I forgot I grow wings at a certain stage during my bang growout .. and I did .. Well -- I'm past the wing length, and I want to continue from here .. lol lol .. I explained it to her, and we both laughed .. It was my fault .. I should have known .. but I forgot .. I'm very pleased with the results .. :)

She lightened it a bit more, and it still isn't extreme .. I love it, and well -- the brightness melts in a few washings .. so it will mellow out, but for now .. I LOVE IT !!!!!

From there before I called hubby to meet me for lunch; (we were meeting at TGI Friday's for my turkey burger .. ) I stopped at Wisconsin Memorial Park, where daddy is, and I knew both gramma and grampa's were there as well, so I stopped in the office and got the addresses for them as well ..

I was super surprised, to find that when I was there last time, I pretty much visited gramma and grampa S******; because they live right down the block from where daddy ACTUALLY is .. and in the area that I was looking for daddy last time I was there .. and I probably walked right over them .. :) and gramma and grampa K****; are right off the main road with a perfect view of the main street, so grampa could watch the semi's go by .. :) (grampa K was a semi driver) Now I have maps to their homes as well .. I'm thinking this afternoon going on a search and find mission... :)

From there I met up with hubby, and well -- that's where my day started to drop .. Mom called, while I was driving to the restaurant, and we had a chance to chat .. She was concerned about getting out for her shopping; and planned for next week Tuesday .. She wanted Saturday; and I went NOOOOOOOOOO *in my head* because that was the one day that I wasn't leaving for nothing !!! but I got away with "it's supposed to be miserable weather, storms, and hot" .. and that worked .. I know she would have been okay with my telling her that it was my only day to be able to stay home, and well -- I would have listened to apologies .. and didn't want nor need that right now .. apologies are for when you did something wrong .. not because you tried to plan a day ..

However .... I told hubby that I'll be taking mom out next Tuesday; and he said that he could have taken her "tomorrow" .. (today) so I told him at least 5 times that I would call mom on the way home and find out .. it will be cooler today; and she would be happier .. he kept saying "okay" .. sooo on the way home I called her and she was happy with today .. I texted him back and said "1:00 tomorrow" ... He came home and proceeded to "emphasize" that Thursday afternoons he and his friends play golf .. Not once did he tell me that, nor did he play golf "last" Thursday .. I told him .. "How was I supposed to know that?" .. I told him to call her and set up the time .. and he played the game "no .. that's okay" .. So that got me upset; and I proceeded to "short answer" the evening .. *sigh* .. *big dumb boy time* .. and finally figured that if he didn't take the initiative to call her; and change up the time, it's his fault .. but it was a quiet night ..

On the way home, I got a series of texts from Kim and well -- guess where I'm going this morning, (so I don't care what *big dumb boy* has planned for today) She's having a problem with one of the processes, and she's totally by herself this week; I'm proud that she hasn't texted me earlier .. :) besides, she's going to buy me a coffee from next door .. :) and I accepted ..

I did go outside and play "peek a boo"; with my hummer .. he/they were in rare form last night .. :)

Today -- well -- I don't care what his plans are, because he hasn't said whether he called mom or not .. and it's his problem not mine .. I will be going to work to help Kim this morning, and it's a beautiful day so I'm going to the cemetery and go "family hunting" .. :) and get my steps in in the fresh air .. :) and the peace of the cemetery .. :) So I have something to look forward to .. and am .. :)

So -- wishing everyone a great day .. I'm going to !!!! :)

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    176 days ago
    Nice photo of your new hair do!
    177 days ago
    WHY oh WHY do DH’s turn in to big, dumb boys! Jeez-a-loo! Men expect us for some reason to have ESP (well, we do have eyes in the back of our heads, but ESP . . . not so much). Good for you that it’s done and gone.

    Hurray on 3 laps before your hair appointment! Yes, the “sick time pity party” is real. I am really having to psych myself not to fall into this after surgery. NO NO NO!

    The hair color and “do” look flattering on you! Yeah, know all about the “wings!”

    Glad you got to visit w/your Dad and your grandparents.

    Have fun going to help Kim! Always good to be needed!

    LOVE the hummers! Nice pictures!

    177 days ago
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