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Happy Saturday ... down day this morning ... just tired .. Have to muster my willpower today!

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Yesterday was a good day sort of ... We had a wonderful time up in Green Bay, and came home winners; but the drive home was frustrating .. They kept announcing a huge accident in our path, and I kept telling hubby to get off, I would get us home (the power of going for "rides" ... I can find my way home just about any road) ... but no .. I kept telling him that the freeway was CLOSED (yes .. it was a horrible accident .. 2 semi's and a car .. the car lost) .. but no .. he kept going .. and we got stuck in a very slow backup for about an hour .. and I just sat and said nothing, because if I would have, it would have not been the best scene .. soooooo I fumed ..

We finally got off, and got to the side highway .. I knew exactly where we were; and just gave him directions home .. once we started moving again; I started to relax .. he knew I was "upset" .. (for no better choice of word for publication and the matter was closed .. move on ..

My eating was still good yesterday .. I was concerned, because after the last 2 days; I was so happy that the swelling in my ankles had reduced drastically .. and I thought back .. I was drinking water, tea, and coffee; and very little soda .. Could that be a factor ?? Well -- yesterday was going to answer that .. as we stop for a soda for the ride and stop for a soda on the way back .. I drank coffee, iced tea, and water while we were at the casino .. I think I had one (half) glass of soda .. and I'm happy to say that this morning I still see bones in my foot and ankles .. :)

I don't drink much soda anymore in comparison to when I was young, but could this have that much of an effect ??? Now is the time to experiment ... or what have I been doing the last week to make this much of a difference .. ?? Inquiring minds want to know .. :)

You know .. before I'm done, I'll be able to tell my doctor what is going on ... lol lol lol .. If it is just soda intake .. I would be really upset paying for a doctors appointment, for her to tell me that ... lol lol lol .. so my experiment will continue .. (the only challenge is soda is the only thing that stays with me without having to stop for restroom stops every 20-30 minutes .. lol)

We finally made it home last night, and the cranes were back again .. visiting .. we must have them so they aren't afraid of us .. because we can actually move about the house; while they are looking into our patio doors .. lol lol lol ..

Nobody this morning yet though ...

My eats were right in line though .. I'm working on my eating when I'm hungry... and well -- hubby talked me into a hot dog on the way home from up north; even though I wasn't hungry, I was happy (after our situation) that I did, because I would probably have been even more testy on the way home ..

B: banana, strawberries, and strawberry greek yogurt
S: handful of goldfish crackers
L: hot dog from Kwiktrip
D: ham rollup with 3 slices of ham, on a tortilla; and honey mustard dressing and chips

Learning to eat when hungry and not because I exercised; not because the clock says so; and not because it's what I'm supposed to do .. lol ..

I guess we'll be doing a road trip south today to Jelly Belly in southern Wisconsin .. I was truly hoping to just work on stuff around the house .. Yes .. this running is getting to be too much ... I guess my heart just isn't into it today ...

I'm happy to say that my scale is continuing to go down .. slowly, but down none the less .. My new challenge is that this is the weekend .. the weekend I relax a bit more; and enjoy my ice cream ... Can I do it without losing everything that I've gained throughout the week ?? Let's see if we can make this challenge .. but first in order to be up for the challenge I have to get rid of this defeatist attitude that's hovering today .. Willpower .. come out strong, and come out NOW!!!!

Sorry -- my blog wasn't upbeat, but I'm just tired .. I have things I want to do, and hubby is trying hard to entertain me ... and I'm stuck in the middle .. I'll get past this, but days like this I just have problems with, because if I say something ... I'll hurt his feelings; and I'll hear "I'm just trying to make your days fun" ..and then I have to get into the whole discussion of "you are, I just want some down time to do things "I" want to do" .. He just doesn't have any hobbies around the house ..

Sooooooo Here I am .. I will go for a ride down south, and maybe be able to come home, and do my stuff upstairs, however, that is difficult because I have to muster everything in my body .. it's difficult to come home and start something in the middle of the day .. I think I'm just tired ..

Hope everyone has a great day ... Mine will look up .. I know it will, I think I'm just tired ..

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I am tired too. Sitting on Sun at garage sale.
    184 days ago
    I so agree traveling is the worst. I get anxiety attacks when he drives I mean terrible. then we argue fight then eventually he sys ok I know this is hard on you
    I am not loosing an ounch at all stressed and more stressed. Made some costly choices this month so for us budgeting is major. no extras, especially food just the essentials.
    hugs and maybe tomorrow you can stay home
    184 days ago
    Swollen ankles can be caused by anything!!!!
    184 days ago
    OH no on being caught up in the traffic tie-up. I feel for those involved.

    Could be soda. There is sodium in soda, believe it or not. Good luck w/your experiment.

    As for Mr. E. -- well, you're still on the learning curve of this retirement thing. Hopefully you and he will get things sorted out. I know you will!

    184 days ago
  • TAMMYB605
    Have a great day
    184 days ago
    hope you get some rest today
    184 days ago
    Just stay away from the soda
    184 days ago
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