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Smashing Might Help? Overeating Won't

Friday, August 17, 2018

As I drove Natalie to school in Bartow today, I let her choose the radio station. Sometimes we listen to classical or nostalgia but sometimes I figure it is good for me to hear some of today's top hits. Helps me relate to the kids and young adults in my life and talent shows my hubby watches. But I heard something on the radio I wasn't expecting at all. Now, I'm always looking for new ways to be active, but would you believe there is now a "smash room" in our Lakeland? You suit up, googles too I suppose, and get a sledge hammer. For one person, 20 minutes of smashing costs you $30 or for 2 people, $60 gets you 30 minutes.

Not sure if this is a good idea or not, but I bet you would burn some calories and use some muscle. Right now, though, I'm not angry enough to do it. In fact, I'm feeling kind of low energy and a little sad. My granddaughter, DGD1 (oh, you know it's Natalie), is going to have to have surgery, that has been determined, but exactly where and when and which procedure is not yet determined. I will be involved, taking care of the other granddaughter, DGD2 (Gwen), during the hospitalization and then providing care during the month or so DGD1 won't be able to go to school. So glad they can fix her problem, but sad she has to go through all this. And there's been some other not-so-good-news, too, that I undoubtedly will share in later days once I've done some research and kind of know what it really means.

I can assure you, though, that there is nothing going on in my life that would be improved by me overeating. And even if I'm feeling low energy, I can do my scheduled group run (10 miles or maybe 11) tomorrow.

So what do you think of the smash room concept? Think you would ever do it?? Any good ideas for supporting a pre-teen through surgery? dealing with partial unknowns?
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    I just read a few other comments. And... I took a look at the link you shared for smash rooms. They seem like a fairly harmless outlet for people who have bottled up rage. It's an interesting concept.

    In my previous comments, I left out Gwen's participation in Natalie's situation. It is important to enlist her help with preparing and serving Natalie's meals. I know that younger sibs get on the nerves of the older ones but, I know that when that situation occurs, it will be in your VERY capable hands.
    430 days ago
  • NANCY-
    LOL I don't need to spend $30 to smash things, Plates would work just fine for me. I'm with WATERMELLEN, that kind of stuff is just not my cuppa tea. Hummmm... meditation must be working for me.
    As far as being physical I'd rather dance.
    430 days ago
    Such interesting comments on your blog -- both about Natalie's surgery and the smash room concept.

    I was first hospitalized for surgical procedure at age 3 and remember it well; multiple surgeries since and I've supported other family members through surgeries also. You've received some great suggestions: and I know you will also remember that Gwen will be feeling anxious for her sister and also a bit "out of the focus" of attention.

    A smash room would not be my thing -- but then neither would paintball, roller derby, stock car racing, or a shooting range. To each his (or her) own I suppose!!
    430 days ago
    So very sorry Natalie has to undergo surgery at her age :-( But its good they can fix her issue.. I was 9 when I had my first surgery and I had put off having it. Hopefully, they will have a nice children's ward for her recovery. Make sure she does have lots of things around to entertain her. My Mom had bought me an etch a sketch to play with but the kid in the next bed kept taking it. They didn't have much when I was in hospital. Today they are building a huge new children't hospital here.
    We have an axe throwing place and the 9Round gym, but not the smashing. It might be an idea for some of those aggressive males out there to release some of their anger there instead of at home.. My preference letting off steam was playing paintball. Actually it was really a lot of fun besides being thrilling. Exercise has always been my go to stress relief. The only thing I ever smashed was the ice layer that forms over puddles because it makes a really neat sound. I still do it today lol. To uplift my mood, Zumba never fails me. Even though I might not like all the music, it has an infectious beat that I can't sit still when I hear it. Some really uplifting music is the Christian Zumba music I exercise to on Youtube, it cuts out songs that have nasty lyrics (like the hip hop songs they play) at least. To relax me I listen to instrumental Celtic music, especially love the flute music.
    I have faith in you that you will find a way to get through this and maintain your healthy lifestyle and number weight.
    431 days ago
    Hugs, hugs, hugs! Just the thought of Natalie having surgery would be stressful. Is she going to have home instruction by the school system?
    Several things you can do are:
    Read to her, do puzzles and word finds with her.
    Have her help you to plan a "help Natalie get well faster" menu for her meals.
    Help her with her home therapy program. Maybe make a chart of her progress and put it on the wall. This can have progress rewards built into it.
    Ask her friends to make get well cards for her. You can contact her teachers and arrange for them to make cards. Or... when she is feeling better have a friend over once a week to have dinner with her. (The danger is feeling isolated or bored. When kids are bored they try to do things they're not supposed to do. Isolation can bring on depression and pain can do the same thing.)
    You can also take her with you to a craft store before her surgery and have her pick out simple crafts to do while she's resting.
    Keeping a journal everyday can be a place to dump her feelings and document her healing journey. This is something that is private, for her eyes only.
    You and Natalie can make a boredom prevention kit together before her surgery. Include suggestions of things she'd like to do as she recovers.

    Getting Natalie involved with her own preparation before surgery and recovery after surgery is key. If she is invested in the whole process it makes the whole thing go much more smoothly. She will probably be really grumpy at times too, so have several surprises up your sleeve to pick up her mood. Remember that you have my phone number if you need to vent. I'm only a short drive away!

    Please let her know that I'm thinking of her. emoticon
    431 days ago
    Smash rooms? I haven't heard of professional smash rooms.

    It reminds me of an episode on Remington Steele many years ago when the Pierce Brosnan character and the Stephanie Zimbalist character went undercover to a marriage retreat posing as a couple and as part of the therapy, the couples were supposed to hit their spouse with a huge foam hammer and give an example of an offense or a situation that wasn't working for them that was their spouse's fault, and the spouse was supposed to respond with a grievance of their own and they were to continue back and forth until they got through all their wrongs and the repartee got heated and they hit each other harder and harder - it turned into a real smash fest. On tv and as a comedy it was pretty funny.

    Holding Natalie and you in my thoughts and prayers.
    431 days ago

    Comment edited on: 8/17/2018 7:39:09 PM
    No, I would never go to a smash room. My gym has gloves and a boxing bag. I guess I could use that if I needed to.

    A girl I used to work with had that procedure done, and it was a "smashing" success, punt intended. She grew several inches and her clothes looked so nice after. She was very happy afterwards, in spite of the recovery time.

    I hope Natalie has a great and speedy recovery too! Since she is much younger than the girl I knew, I would think she would recover faster though.

    I haven't thought much of how to help her get through recovery though... it there any information online? Maybe a nice journal, adult coloring books, things from the library?

    431 days ago
    wow! That's all I can say about smash rooms.

    As for your Natalie, hugs and prayers. Many hugs and prayers.
    431 days ago
    Honestly, I LOVE the smash room concept. I've never heard of such a thing; but, I have smashed things. Incredibly cathartic and therapeutic!

    When a concrete wall needed to come down at our childhood home a number of us (siblings and neighbors) took turns with the sledge hammer to take the wall down. It was great!

    And, decades ago a mental health professional recommended pounding pillows or striking pillows or furniture cushions with something like a tennis racket. The point is to acknowledge, fully feel and move the emotional energy through physical movement in a safe manner.

    I find it important to make the distinction between feelings and behavior. There are no *bad* emotions. It is how we choose to respond to those emotions, our behavior, that can be destructive or *bad*.

    So, from personal experience, I know it works. But, I certainly do not need to pay $30 to smash things. I have plenty of pillows and furniture cushions at home should the urge to smash something emerge.


    And, yes, if hunger is not the issue, then overeating is not the solution!

    Gosh, don't know how to respond to supporting a pre-teen through surgery other than being open to listening and letting her talk. Having supported both of my parents through many surgeries, I know folks handle such circumstances differently.

    My mother did not want to talk about it at all and wanted to be quietly supported with ones presence. She didn't want to chit chat in the hospital either. There were in fact times that she asked us to keep all visitors from her. Can we say introvert?

    My father, on the other hand, was an entirely different animal. He'd talk about it all the time and wanted to be doted on. The more conversation, support and visitors the better. Can we say extrovert?

    So, not knowing Natalie, I really don't have a sense of what would support her best. She's old enough that directly asking how you could support her best might be an option. Again, I tend to come directly at people and just ask. But, such a direct question may not be appropriate for Natalie.

    Trust yourself and do your best. And, please do not beat yourself up, if you get some anger and frustration directed at you as Natalie goes through this. Know that it really isn't about you, it is the situation and she could be afraid and not know how to express it. It is a learning experience for her.

    Wishing her the best as she navigates this life lesson. Take care of yourselves! emoticon

    431 days ago
    I never heard of it but might ask my sons later and see what they think. At those prices maybe better to buy your own sledge hammer and maybe a big tire to beat up. It would burn a lot of energy. My younger son could have used that but he seems mellowed out now in high school.

    So sorry about your granddaughter. Hope all goes well and heals fast. Sorry no ideas. You take care of yourself. Enjoy your run.
    431 days ago
    I'd heard about those smash rooms... kind of speaks to the excess of "things" we have, doesn't it? Reflect back on Italian smashing of dishes or was it wine glasses... wine glass stomp at a Jewish Wedding...

    I used something of this sort with my son right at home on our patio, back when he was a volatile teenager, and smashing things was better than fighting other people... it was always something that was trash bound anyway, and the satisfaction of destruction seemed to help him. While that wasn't *my* cuppa, I did enjoy the sand bag slamming at the gym with BJ the trainer last year... I guess I'm OK with the physical exertion, just not crazy about the breaking stuff!
    431 days ago
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