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July Vacation/Baby Shower

Thursday, August 16, 2018

In mid-July I took a mini vacation to southern California to visit my daughter and attend a baby shower she was throwing for my granddaughter who is expecting later in August her first child, my first great grandchild.

While the vacation was not as relaxing and fun as I would have liked, I did have a good time. I flew in on Thursday, July 12th. On Friday my daughter had to go down the mountain to Palm Desert to pick up last minute items she needed for the baby shower which was to be on Saturday. When we arrived in Palm Desert it was something like 115 degrees and stepping out of the car felt like stepping in an oven. Not pleasant at all. Anyway, we spent much of the day shopping as well as in the car traveling approximately an hour each way. When we got back home the last minute things began happening for the shower. While it was somewhat cooler at her house, it was still approximately 105 degrees outside and 80 degrees inside with no air conditioning available. Ugh!!!

The shower preparations continued into the evening. The only thing I had had to eat was an all fruit smoothie. By the time they were talking about dinner, which was at least 10 p.m., my stomach was not feeling at all well so I ended up going to bed without eating.

Saturday morning when I got up I made sure I ate something right away so a repeat did not happen. The party was to start about 2 p.m. and it was still quite warm both inside and outside. The party was planned to be indoors, but it ended up being more pleasant outdoors. The baby shower was different, but still fun. The baby’s father’s family is a little odd. It seems whenever they get together it ends up being an all-day affair, so they were still hanging around until almost midnight. It blew me away that they would think it was okay to do that at someone else’s place, especially since they barely knew my daughter and her family.

To show you how obsessive my daughter is when it comes to throwing a party, here are some pictures of her food and decorations throughout the entire house:

This is one of about five places these onesies were hung throughout the house

The dessert table with about 6 different choices

The food counter with about 6 or more choices

Then there were the games

The line up to play diaper pong

My grandson made a slip n slide for the kids

The usual games of guessing how many jelly beans were in the baby bottle and three other games

This is my granddaughter just before the guests arrived

Katlyn opening my gift to her

Brandon opening one of the gifts which was so creatively presented as


Brandon's family

On Sunday, my son-in-law’s brother, Mark, and his wife, Kyiomi, and son, Mark arrived. They had been living in Indonesia for the past three years and were in the process of moving back to the states, Hawaii. They were on their way to Washington, D.C. where he will be working for the next few months before eventually arriving back at their home in Hawaii. I wasn’t sure how all this would work out as over the years I had heard things about Kyiomi, but I ended up liking them all quite a lot. We all got along well. They ended up staying until the day I was flying back home.

On Monday all of us ended up going to Palm Desert again. I was going to a doctor’s appointment with my granddaughter. After the appointment we all met up for lunch. Unfortunately Mark’s family brought their 2 dogs so we had to eat outdoors and it was hot and miserable but we still had a good time.

On Tuesday my son-in-law went back to work, Mark’s family went visiting friends in San Diego. My grandson’s girlfriend flew in from Chicago. My granddaughter and her boyfriend both had to work. My daughter and I were stuck at home.

My daughter, grandson and granddaughter were sharing one car and everyone was always going in a different direction so we never really got a chance to get out and doing something fun. It seems that always happens to me for some reason. Dinner every night ended up being about 11 p.m. and then going to bed which is definitely not my life normally.

One day my granddaughter, her boyfriend, my grandson, my daughter and I went to the lake where my granddaughter, her boyfriend, and my grandson work.

Here are some pictures of the water park at the resort:

Katlyn in the water; my daughter has her back to us

One night we all took a walk with the dogs which was fun, but tiring. Every time I go for a visit I forget how it is until I arrive and then I wonder why I am there. I did have a nice visit, but was not what I was hoping for.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • HOLLYM48
    Sounds like you needed a vacation from your vacation. I too hate to eat late, I usually eat dinner by 430pm or 5p because I am hungry by then and don't like to eat to late.
    Beautiful pics and I am glad you went to the baby shower, I am sure your grand daughter appreciated you flying all the way there to be present for it and the blanket is beautiful. I love the color.
    Rest and recoup now that you are back home.
    Hugs and love to yoU!
    188 days ago
  • LINDA!
    I enjoyed looking at the photos. I like the decorations at your daughter's home. But the heat does sound rough.
    188 days ago
    189 days ago
    Crazy how even our own families schedules and life choices are so different from our own. Makes you appreciate the ability to design your life with what works for you.

    Great time at your DD's. What a beautiful blanket you made. Glad the folks all stayed and enjoyed all the hard work that went in to making you granddaughter's party so very special.

    Thanks for sharing Barb! Glad you didn't melt! Exciting times to have a great grandchild! Congratulations!!!
    189 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    What vacation you did have. I'm glad you enjoyed time with your daughter and granddaughter. Seems like everything out in California is at a later time, as to meals and such. I found that out when hubby and I went to San Diego a few years back. Must be the West Coast thing.

    At least you got to see everyone and that was super. Precious memories for sure.
    189 days ago
    What a great baby shower. And your beautiful blanket will be a treasured gift emoticon
    189 days ago
  • CANDOK1260
    Sorry your trip wasn't everything you want it to be, But the pics are great.
    189 days ago
    Looks like the baby shower was fun and your daughter went all out with the decorations, food, and games! That’s too bad that the weather was so hot while you were there and that they ate dinner so late! It’s really hard to adjust to such a different schedule. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures from your trip - just wish there was a photo of you! I thought the blanket you made is beautiful. I wish your granddaughter and safe delivery of a beautiful baby girl!
    189 days ago
    I liked the decorations a lot. Americans know how to throw a party! It’s always fun! I know eating late during summers from my trips; this was quite active vacation and you met your dearest again, and the next visit will be planned together.
    189 days ago
    Sorry your holiday wasn’t everything you were hoping for. Maybe next time rent a car so you have more freedom? Not sure if this helps but my family eats late in the summer (we also have no air conditioning) and we just want to cook after it cools off
    189 days ago
    wow! What cute decorating! Lots of food. Nice. Sounds like y'all had some good family time.
    189 days ago
    Wow! Beautiful decorations and eye for detail and an even prettier granddaughter! Many blessings!
    189 days ago
    Wow, amazing photos! Your DD is awesome as a party planner. Glad you had a good time overall in spite of not being really relaxing.
    189 days ago
    Your daughter knows how to throw a party. I can't imagine eating that late or people staying as long as his family did. It's a shame you didn't get more alone time with your family. The blanket was beautiful, and I'm sure was very much appreciated. You have to be so anxious for the birth of your first great grandchild. Be sure to keep us posted.
    189 days ago
    189 days ago
    Sorry you trip did not live up to your expectations. But, I am sure everyone appreciated the effort you made to be with them, on these memory making occasions.
    189 days ago
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