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Be Careful What You Wish For

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Mama always said, “Be careful what you wish for.” As usual, Mama was right. My mama has been away from this earthly plane for many years. But the words I always covered my ears not to hear, are constantly coming out of my mouth to this day. Usually to my children, TLW, or basically anyone else within earshot who needs an intervention. Let it be known right here and right now that my lineage includes Mermaid DNA. That means I am of course, part Mermaid, duh! I’m not sure how much, but probably somewhere around the 80-90% mark. My Mama was 80% and my Daddy, well he tried to hide it but probably a good solid 50%. Plus, I was born in March which makes me a Pieces. So, you see, I didn’t stand a chance from the get go to be anything but a Mermaid. Whew! All of that being said, it stands to reason that I love the water. Any water. Bath tub water, shower water, lake water, ocean water, even a muddy rain puddle and of course swimming pool water. I was born the tenth child to a rural family in the days before cel phones, microwave ovens and color t.v. Yes, I’m that “old.” During the summer when school had let us kids out on parole for a few months, my mother’s tolerance for insanity could only stretch so far. The next town over happened to have a place called Park Ro She’. It was a lovely little place with two indoor swimming pools and one out door pool with a “deep end!” Whooooooo! (That’s supposed to sound scary.) My parents, being as sound of mind as possible as parents of 10 children can be, came up with the brilliant idea of buying a season pass for our whole family to go swimming all summer any time we wanted to. ANY TIME. I think that’s what hooked my mother, tender of the cash flame that she was. She must have decided that this would be a great return on an investment. And for her and my father I’m sure it was. Just imagine the possibilities they had with the time the pool babysat the children! Boggles the mind. For the next several years, my siblings and I were packed up in the cream colored, red interior, column shift station wagon and carted to the pool in the next town over. Sometimes very early in the morning with a packed lunch we would get out and eat at the park next door, and sometimes in the early afternoon where we would stay until suppertime when Mama would come back and pick us up and cart our little water-logged bodies back home, feed us intravenously and roll us into bed. As kids we loved this babysitter for several reasons. Number one was we all loved the water. Also, we were away from the Wardens. And we could pretty much do whatever we wanted to within reason. Of course, kids ranging in age over a 20-yr. span may lack a little in reason. The one rule I was to abide by was to keep out of the “deep end” of the outside pool. So of course, that’s where I would head. Every. Day. One day while jumping from the side of the pool into the deep end, I hit my chin on the edge slamming my teeth into my tongue and sending me dazed into the water. Just as everything turned purple and then black, my dear brother came to my rescue and saved my naughty little life! I tried to get him not to call Mama, but he did anyway. She was there in what seemed like a matter of seconds, guns-a-blazin’! She took one look at me and simply stated “You’re staying home with me from now on.” I think the pain I felt at that statement hurt worse than any physical pain I was feeling at the time. “Mama no! I won’t do it again…” and so on. When we reached home, and my mother had cooled down she decided I could go but would have a “designated diver” the entire time. I reluctantly agreed. It seemed my Mama came swimming with us a lot more often after that which made me so happy. The only thing I loved more than water was my Mama. Now to the point. I just wanted to convey to you my intense passion for water. My dream ever since I can remember having a dream of the future, was to someday have a pool of my own, in my very own back yard, with a “deep end” I could go into any time I wanted to. So fast forward 30 yrs. and here I am in a beautiful home 15 minutes from several beaches and glory be, my very own pool that TLW and I put in last fall. And guess what? It has a “deep end”! And I go in the “deep end” any time I want to. It also has a mosaic of a mermaid and a turtle out of tile on the bottom! We call her our “Pooloo”, but her official name is “Mermaid’s Cove”. She is perfect! Sparing a lot of details about why I exercise in the pool, food for another blog, suffice to say that when we first put in the pool, my resolve was to exercise in there every single day, rain or shine, literally. I was very good at this, at first. Probably for the first two months. I researched workout videos on You Tube and meticulously wrote down the steps on a white board which I could change intermittently. I bought pool exercise equipment and used it faithfully. At the time I was also supplementing this exercise with indoor restorative yoga, seated aerobics and recumbent bike cycling. After a while, I noticed a bit of a resistance to getting into my beloved Pooloo. Every day I would plan to go out there, but found some excuse not to. Soon I began to avoid thinking about my Pooloo altogether. After much discussion with myself and TLW, I decided I had associated a negative connotation with my Pooloo by thinking I had to exercise every time I went in there. I realized that I needed to re-connect with her in a more positive way. Not that exercising is not positive, just that I wanted to enjoy the time I spent in the water, not begrudging it. So I started doing my exercising in the house and rewarding myself with Pooloo time to just chill. Amazingly enough, it worked! And part of the time at least, I still exercise while i'm in there. But now instead of a chore, it's a choice. Sooooooooo, the moral to this long story, if there is one, be careful what you wish for. And if you are lucky enough to get what you wish for one day, make sure you are grateful for it and treat it properly. It will be a joy forever. Until next time, Peace out. emoticon
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Such a FUN blog! I loved to swim as a kid in our community pool wayyyy back when. I got over confident in the deep end also and ended up almost drowning! Glug...glug! After that event I was much more careful about jumping in the deep end pretending I knew how to swim when really I had a weak dog paddle.

    We live in FL so we HAD to have a big beautiful pool at one time but I found after time it was just a big expensive entertaining prop.

    We have lived in our present home for 18 years and no pool...but we back up to the FL wetlands and I feel like I have the BEST view ever! We have alligators, otters, wading birds, herons, even some hoot owls...I love our lot almost more than I love our house! :-))
    166 days ago
    emoticon BEST BLOG EVER!!! WOW! I have met my first Mermaid! I knew it would happened, just didn't think it would be ON LAND, ON the WIEB, On SPARK. but hey....HELLO MERMAID!!!
    180 days ago
  • CEL3131
    I really enjoyed reading that!! And I had the same thing happen to me with the pool this year. I LOVE swimming, but I wanted to make the most of my pool time by exercising too, and it kind of took the fun out of things. So now I try not to think about it too much, because why kill something I love when I can easily do something else for exercise? And your Pooloo is so lovely!
    183 days ago
    I enjoyed going down memory lane with you. Like you I love the water too....pool, shower, bath , favorite vacation spot is a chair facing the ocean. emoticon blog...loved it! Enjoy your pool! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    185 days ago
    Very nice.. I am happiest when I am close to water..I love the pool.. I have always wished to live near a body of water (again)..perhaps there is still hope.. My father always told me.."Where there is breath, there is hope."
    188 days ago
    The local swimming pool was our babysitter too (there was 6 of us) mom would drop us off on her way to work with our picnic lunch and pick us up on the way home from work. I love to swim too.

    Enjoy your lovely pool! emoticon
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    189 days ago
    emoticon emoticon
    I think any time you are in a pool you are exercising. I keep thinking about going to the pool to just walk and dog paddle to have fun but also as an exercise I think i'd enjoy. Hope you continue to enjoy your pool.
    189 days ago
    That was a great story! Good job figuring out a problem and finding a solution to it :)
    189 days ago
    Great story! And I want one too! 😁
    189 days ago
    Thank you @LILIANN400 and MAGICAL13! I am trying to find a picture of the old Park Ro She' online.
    189 days ago
  • LILIANN400
    Really enjoyed your blog! Sounds like a great family you grew up in...reminds me of our large family ❤ Your Pooloo is beautiful!!
    189 days ago
    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    189 days ago

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