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Thursday, August 16, 2018

I called the doctors office this morning and asked for the nurse to call me back... because I am on the last 24 hours of the antibiotic... and while I have improved a little... I am still sickly. I don’t think it’s all side effects of the antibiotic either! I still sound like a bullfrog among other things. I comment on how many miles the Cooper-dog and I are still managing, but I don’t think I mentioned how exhausted I am or how hard fought for those miles are? I am generally taking two to three naps a day, and I can’t usually sleep during the day no matter how tired I get. Cooper doesn’t really mind, because he’s napping too! I have other symptoms too, that I am just not going into detail on to save your sensibilities and my dignity, but the really annoying ones are the lethargy and lack of appetite. I have to set an alarm to remind myself to eat, otherwise I would just forget.., and probably sleep instead. And the meals I do eat are small and not as varied or tasty, because I still have to stick to simple and bland food. I am also spiking a fever at random intervals. I can get it down again with a couple of cold wet washcloths, but what is up with that? I am not feeling well, or happy today (or really it has been the entire month of August to date...). I try to talk myself out of the mopes... after all this is temporary, I WILL start feeling better (at some point), it could be much worse, I have many blessings in my life (if I choose to focus on them).... but when the fever spikes, or I am slogging along behind the dog, or other symptoms make an appearance it is hard not to just be in that particular moment... and that moment is hard and painful and depressing. My coping skills are minimal at the moment. I need the capability to walk with my dog to keep my emotions in check and my mind as clear as It can be (given the circumstances). My IRL friends(?) are tired of me being sick, so some of them said “find something else to talk about, grumpy Gus!” I am sick and not doing much else but being sick... what else do I really have to talk about at the moment? Harrumph. Maybe I need more supportive IRL friends... hmmm...
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    Chandra...while your body is suffering you have the strength of your mind...and believe me YOUR mind is powerful beyond anyone that I know.

    Listen to some classical music...the music of the masters like Chopin, Bach, or even Andre Andretti will lift you up and put you in a better vibrational frequency.

    When you feel rotten reach out and ask for help! You have your family who I know will always be there for you and your BFF...how about your niece.

    Strong women always have a hard time reaching out to others but sometimes just some human interaction is just the ticket.

    If you have a period of time you feel a little stronger make yourself a big crockpot full of healthy soup and put lots of bone broth in it. You can actually get the bone broth in most grocery stores now.

    I ALWAYS have soup frozen in 1 portion size containers. Just the ritual of holding a warm bowl of soup and the slurping action of eating it is comforting and helpful.

    If I were there I'd give you a BIG hug and tuck you in with a big mug of healthy broth. I'm there in spirit you can BET on that!
    182 days ago
    Still sending good vibes your way and hoping you are doing better.
    184 days ago
    I think it becomes easy to feel vulnerable in times of poor health. I hear what you’re saying.
    184 days ago
    I hope you got a call back.You are not whiny you are sick !Supportive friends would not tell you to stop whining, you have a legitimate cause for concern !
    186 days ago
    I think you need better IRL friends. You’re sick, not whiney.

    I iused to tell my patients: Fever is not your enemy. It’s our body’s attempt to burn out the infection. Many of the infections we get are because the infecting agents just LOVE our normal body temperature range. It’s actually rather effective - but the fevers make us feel like dog poop. Taking antipyretics (anti-fever meds) makes us feels better, but might prolong the illness.* The fevers do cause fatigue. emoticon

    *I still take the anti fever meds, personally
    186 days ago
    emoticon Chandra. It stinks when we want/need to do things, but our bodies say "Not!"
    186 days ago
  • LILIANN400
    Sorry you've been do sick. One thing you don't need is friends who don't understand and offer support. Hope tomorrow is better for you!
    186 days ago
    Aww, yes! It is so depressing being sick and tired. Wishing you relief, friend.
    186 days ago
    You owe no one an apology for being sick, especially if you have a fever. Your family and closest friends will stand by you. Leave the others alone. You don't need that in your life right now.

    I hope that you recover soon, though.

    186 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    emoticon emoticon Wishing you all the best and hope the road to recovery comes sooner than later for you. Not fun being sick all the time.
    186 days ago
  • MBPP50
    I hope that the nurse calls you back soon and that the doc can find something to help you get better. I know how tiresome it is to be sick all the time- you really find out who your true friends are. Sending healing prayers and hugs from down south. emoticon emoticon
    186 days ago
    I hope you feel better!
    186 days ago
    It's hard when you don't feel well. I do hope that the nurse calls you back. The fact that you are still having a fever after antibiotics and time, well . . . to me, that says there's a problem still!

    Feel better and good luck.
    186 days ago
  • JUNETTA2002
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    186 days ago
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