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Happy Thursday ... spending this afternoon by mom's .. feeling better after a good night sleep!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

This is going to be an easy blog, because I was sick yesterday and so I did nothing .. but sit and drink OJ, and tea (Gypsy cold) ... and had a couple cans of chicken soup for later lunch, a banana for breakfast and that's about it ..

I do have to admit though .. I have to be the FIRST person in retirement that had to call into work sick .. lol lol lol .. Yesterday the girls and I were supposed to go out, and Kim had asked me to stop in to help her with a problem .. Well-- I texted her yesterday morning, and said I would have to cancel .. August is a tough month to begin with with short staff because of vacations, and if I would bring a cold into the mix .. that would even be worser .. so I decided to (reluctantly) text her and say I would have to cancel ..

But I did help her with her problem and it stemmed back to June .. We handled it via texting, and I called her in the afternoon with the final results .. and then Linda called me for help on something else .. Her's was simple.. lol .. I guess they were going to bombard me while I was there helping Kim with her problem .. :) We changed the night to go out to the 28th .. Ya think 3rd time is a charm??? lol lol lol

All I did was work on the computer; and sit and watch TV all day .. Hubby was out and about with his running, and that left me just be .. I was thankful for that ... It's not easy working on my computer linked into the work system .. because the writing is microscopic, and the "expand screen" doesn't work .. so I ran a couple of reports and transferred them to my computer so I could print them out and go from there .. (save on the eye strain) .. lol ..

Kim was good with whenever I would say "I'm taking a break" she'd back off, and not text until I texted her back .. so I did get a few naps in between ..

By the afternoon I called her and we came up with a decision as to how to fix it ... it actually stemmed back to June information .. so we made the adjustment and it balanced ..

Linda called me on a different question, and that was an easy question ..

Hubby got home around 3, and by 5; I crawled upstairs and crawled into bed .. He talked me into coming down for something to eat .. I wasn't hungry; but I started thinking .. I'm going to wake up super hungry today, because I really didn't eat much at all .. but liquid, (some noodles, and a banana were the only solid foods) .. I just wanted to get through the day, because if this moves at hubby's pace, that should have been my only bad day .. So .. I came downstairs and had an egg rollup .. 1/2 cup of my egg/sausage mixture; some shredded cheese, and some salsa in a tortilla ... and some chips on the side ..

I was surprised at how good I felt afterward .. something in me switched .. and besides feeling congested, I actually felt more normal than I had in the last 24 hours .. so I was thankful that he talked me into having something before bed ..

Afterward, I went back upstairs, and crawled back into bed .. I fell asleep and woke at about 8 to my phone ringing .. and it was Ciele .. my mom's neighbor / friend .. and every time I get a call from her, my heart jumps; because she's usually the one that calls to tell me something happened ... but thankfully she called to tell me that mom had her carpets cleaned yesterday and was working on moving the furniture around when Ciele stopped by .. so I may want to stop over earlier to help her straighten up her living room ..

My guess is my 92 year young mom will have it cleaned up when I get there .. but I thanked Ciele for the heads up .. After that I couldn't fall back asleep for about an hour or so ..

Hubby gave me a shot of blackberry brandy before bed, and I'm happy to say that I slept actually pretty good .. all things considered .. a day of laying around, no activity, going to bed so early ... I think I slept good ..

Thankfully this morning I feel pretty good .. still congested .. but it seems to be following hubby's lead .. I've made mom's decaf coffee and it's in the thermos ready to go ..

and I will clean up my kitchen (from the last day and 1/2 of dishes .. mainly glassware) I'm planning on taking some of my "breathe easy" tea bags with me to mom's and sip on that there .. but I actually feel 110% better than I did yesterday ..

I was amused throughout the day .. we had a pair just hanging around the yard all day long, errating our lawn ... and would come up to the patio to preen .. that feather has been hanging there for the last 2 days .. I keep saying I want him to drop it .. (yes .. I have a collection of feathers upstairs that I've gathered on my walks .. I know I have sandhill crane feathers, but I want that one .. lol) (I'm easily entertained .. lol)

So -- this morning I feel much better .. not perfect, but much better .. I'll be spending the afternoon over by mom's, and taking my material over to cut squares ... for my quilt .. I'll take some of my breathe easy tea along as well to sip on through the afternoon .. I'm thankful that I'm feeling better .. while I didn't want to miss out yesterday ..

With that being said .. I wish everyone a great day, and I'm thankful I'm on the road to recovery so fast ... :) I look forward to sleeping good again tonight .. :) and putting this cold away for the season ...

Have a great day !!! I'm going to !!! :) The hardest thing to do today will be to make myself look "human" .. lol lol

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