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Happy Tuesday ... Yesterday was a good day, and today is a winging it day .. Hubby is busy ...

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

and I'm happy to say that hubby is becoming cootie free .. lol lol After a hearty night sleep for hubby, he had a cough yesterday and I gave him some cough drops/throat losenges to suck on, and while he coughed all the way up to Bowler, and all the way back; he didn't cough much in the casino ... lol .. He blames the car AC, (but I was not about to turn it off .. I don't have it cold, just to cut the humidity .. I'm nice .. but not THAT nice .. lol) but he had his sass back .. lol ..which was missing on Sunday night .. Oooo he didn't look good on Sunday .. and he's not that good at faking it .. so I know he was better yesterday .. lol

We went to Bowler, and got our free gift .. :) It was the condiment set

This was the one from the selection of 4 that I didn't really care .. so the next 2 weeks are definite goes .. lol .. lol

So -- Back to Sunday .. I made myself a batch of egg mixture to put together quick breakfast burritos ..

10 eggs and a package of italian pork sausage ... I can add the cheese and salsa when I rewarm them for the wraps .. but this gives me a number of quick healthy breakfasts ..

My time spent with mom was fun .. we talked about her card party on Thursday, and I have it easy .. this party is one of the other ladies hostessing .. so there is no prep (with the exception of making up a pot of decaf coffee and bringing it over in my thermos server .. and help with setting up the house, and putting the house back together at the end .. and help putting out the snacks when the ladies come .. the rest of the time, will just be on call, when they need something .. but in the meantime, I told mom I have my material washed up and ready to slice and dice for my quilt .. I think if I set up the squares, I can always cut down the squares, for different shapes to make it more eye appealing then just blocks throughout .. We'll see how many squares I get .. I'm literally working off the cuff, but that's usually when I come up with the best designs .. lol lol lol .. So I told mom I wanted to cut my squares, and I'll play puzzle when I want to sit down .. but that will just put me in the next room within ear reach if they need anything .. (at least it won't be herding cats .. lol lol lol .. they are all corraled; and all I have to do is keep them happy .. lol) So -- that's my plans for at mom's on Thursday .. but we got that all planned out .. :)

We played puzzle, and boy she's been having some doozies ..

Thankfully hubby rested on Sunday afternoon ... I came home and he was all bundled up and looked horrid .. he tried hard to be silly, but just couldn't fake it .. (he's a horrible faker) .. so I sent him to bed and told him to take a glass of blackberry brandy .. By the time I made it upstairs; he was sound asleep but had a rough night of coughing .. but it was loose coughing .. that was a good sign...

Yesterday we had a fun road trip. We went up and got our freebee .. and played our free money .. and did AWESOME !!! He gave me a little bit of an allowance, but the machines weren't playing .. We got our allotment of what we needed to play the kiosks, and between the 2 of us got $30 more dollars in free play .. We JUST scratched our 50% goal .. and called it a day ..

We talked on the way home, I told him that it used to be that I would only be able to go may every 5 weeks or so; because it was only Saturday's that I could go and I felt that I had to squeeze in as much playing as possible .. Now .. we go .. and I know that I can always go the next day or the next day .. there isn't that urgency to play and if I'm not doing well, or having fun .. I tell him .. and he's absolutely fine with that .. (and my bring homes have been much better .. lol) The urgency is gone .. :) Even though we go alot, it's for the free money, and then we leave many times ... He knows I like playing up there and at the Dells at least for awhile because it's such a long drive; I like to at least stretch my legs .. lol ...

My train derailed again .. lol lol lol ..

We had a wonderful time yesterday .. On the way home we stopped at Kwik Trip for a hot dog for lunch .. and that sufficed until our dinner plans. We went to the Kiltie .. hubby went into sticker shock, because our 2 burgers, we shared a fry, and 2 sodas came to $17, but it was soooo good and it's the atmosphere .. car hops, and the trays that hook on the window .. take me back alot of years .. We haven't done that for a long time, and well .. we had an allowance that we came home with that it didn't cut into our pocket as bad as it could have .... lol .. The food was yummy but I had a 1/3 pound burger, with the works ..... the size of the patty could have been cut in 1/4's and stacked on the bun and still fit .. lol lol .. it was YUMMY !!!!

We came home and got the mail in .. I got my necklace tributing my girl .. I had told hubby that I wanted a necklace to offer tribute to Puff, (and the previous 2 Puff's), but whenever I saw a charm Maltese are long haired dogs, and the charms just looked like blobs .. I found a site that did special cuts, and sent the a photo .. I got it yesterday, and I'm so excited .. I LOVE IT!!!!!!

I LOVE IT!!!! and had to hold back the tears .. Hubby is good with it, because when she passed, we were looking at ash necklaces, but that just didn't flip my fancy, and when we got her back, I really didn't want to open the box .. because that would just start a whole new flood of emotions .. but now I have my tribute, and I'm so happy !!!

So -- that brings me to today .. My brain is still all over the place, and focus is well -- null and void, but I'm still holding my self goals together .. lol ..

I have a busy week for this week .. I'm still trying to figure out where the "boredom" is going to come in .. lol lol lol

I came downstairs this morning and it appears as if Uly and TD have found the mini drone .. lol

cuz it's attached to my computer for charging .. lol lol .. Thought I heard a big mosquito down here this morning .. lol ..

Hubby is off to the Milwaukee casino for ol'farts day and free money .. and then going to meet up with mom to take her on her shopping trips .. I'm thinking it will be a short afternoon for him because they are talking 88 and humid .. mom will melt quickly .. but that leaves me for my day ..

Since I really don't have anything planned persay .. I was going to head over to the mall for my walk .. My legs, feet and ankles have been sore sore but I think walking in the mall will be okay to handle .. I can't just stop exercising .. and my energy has been dwindling for my bike .. sooo I think I will take a few laps at the mall, and then stop and make an appointment to get my hair degreyed again .. I laugh, because I look in the mirror and literally see a frame around my face .. lol .. It's been since May 21... so I've made the 3 month time period .. lol ..

Afterward I want to stop and get my pedicure cleaned up .. either that or stop and get my nails and toes done together .. we'll see .. but the one definate in my day will be going to the mall for some stepping .. I hate days when I don't know what I want to do .. and if I didn't go out stepping, it would probably end up that I'm sitting in front of the TV .. and we don't want that .. lol lol

So even though I seem to be scatterbrained today .. (yes you are right I'm happy and relaxed.. I'm happy to say that hubby is doing much better, and so far I've been able to hold it off .. lol .. I'll continue my echinachia for a few more days .. just to make sure .. lol ..

My belly is growling so I'm going to go make it happy!!! So talk later .. I wish everyone a great day !!!!

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    187 days ago
    I am glad you and Mr. E had a talk. You need a good balance!
    187 days ago
    LOVE Dr. Tinycat! Glad DH is getting better.

    Sounds like you will have an easier time of it w/your Mom’s get-together this time. That’s good.

    Glad you and DH have things settled about the casino runs. Good that you talked!

    Wow! Never heard of Kilties before. Sounds like the old fashioned A&W’s or Cock Robins! I remember the servers with their roller skates, and yes, the clip-on-the-window trays. Those were the days.

    Awwwwww, what a beautiful necklace. Yes, I would be crying, too.

    I just wondered how long it would take Uli and TD to find the drone! Hope they had fun!

    187 days ago
    That is a cute necklace. Good detail.
    187 days ago
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