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Started another week at Planet Fitness

Monday, August 13, 2018

I’m still loving going to pf. Went earlier today and I’m feeling my workout tonight. Here’s my latest routine
16 minutes on the all over machine or as my son calls it the ski machine
20 minutes on the treadmill
7 minutes on the HydroMassage
Then tried my hand at some of the strength training machines. Here’s my story. I’m so intimidated by the front of the gym and all the weight equipment
. With my son I attempted a few and couldn’t do anything or I made it through 3 with 5 reps one at 10 lbs of weight. The others at 25 lbs. one of my biggest problems is I’m too short to get on these crazy things. If I move the seats up, well my leg won’t go over the seat. Embarrassing to say the least. I do what I can. Unfortunately my chest from my collarbone down to my ribs isn’t ready for this yet. One I could do, hurt my sternum. That’s the area that took the force of my fall. Bummer.
I have a pinched nerve in my neck and it’s been aggravated from these new things I’m doing. I’ve had headaches and full blown migraines everyday for the last 2 weeks. My meds aren’t doing anything for very long. So it’s pain central but I’m pushing on.
I’m not new to pain. You can accept it and keep moving or get depressed and curl up. I’ve been on both sides of the coin here. That’s why I’m in terrible shape. That’s why I’m working through it. Sometimes it helps lessen the pain. I listen to my body. Minor pains I can work through. Moderate pain, depends on where it is. If in my knees or back, I have to either adapt and see if the pain lessens or remains. If if remains I end that workout and move on.
I thought the treadmill would be my problem but it’s the exercise bikes, regular and recumbent, both hurt my knees something awful. If I make it to 6 minutes it’s a miracle.
Even my smaller recumbent bike at home kills my knees. Bad knees suck. My right one has a big bone spur on the kneecap and loves to hyper extend. My left one has 2 screws in it. It also likes to lock and throw me.
Find what you love and do it.
I’m over 14,000 steps in today too.

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