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Your health is worth an investment

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Sunday, August 12, 2018

I have been so reluctant to buy gym memberships.

They just seem so expensive!

The gym I belonged to for years was about $90 for four months and included full pool, sauna and hot tub access. Plus, it was a small ladies only gym so it was empty 99% of the time. It was glorious and it was cheap.

Then I moved 10 hours away, and suddenly everyone wants a one year contract. And they want to charge "fee guarantees". They want you to sign your life away.

I was with a $10/month gym for awhile. The facilities were brand new, all new equipment but it was just so BUSY. It was hard to adjust for me, going from an empty gym to a basically full one.

So that membership ended, and we moved to a small village on the outskirts of town. Therefore, I take a different route to work and drive right by a different gym. This one looks smaller and more quiet... 24 hours access (not super important but nice to have) lots of (free) parking... on the edge of town where it's not so busy... OK let's check it out.

I pull up the website and... YIKES... that membership fee is much higher than I'm used to paying. I put it off, saying I can't afford it. If I want a gym membership so badly I'll spend $10 a month and drive the 30 minutes round-trip to my old gym.

Except I won't. And I know it.

Then a few days ago I read a quote, something along the lines of "your health is worth an investment", and it just clicked. Of course it is. Your body is the only place you have to live and if it's asking for $xx per month for rent, just pay it and do your best to keep it healthy.

So here I go on another adventure with a new gym.

Investing in my health!
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