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Sunday, August 12th

Sunday, August 12, 2018

This has been a very nice Sunday. First up... church visit.

The place we visited today was huge (3 services), but we all enjoyed the preacher's style and depth very much. Even the kids were engaged and came away either with questions about something he'd said or to say "I really like him." Best earplugs required even with a full worship band! Next week they are having a "visitor" lunch or meeting after church so we plan to stay and talk with some of the leaders. If we keep going, there is also a new to the church class beginning the following Sunday. Perfect timing for finding a place we think may work out. They have three services and two of those hours they have something for the 7-12th graders after the music portion of worship is done. We prefer the kids hear the message, but if we decide to go they can always do both. They also have solid things for women so I may have found a Bible study I can attend now that the kids will be in school.

After lunch, which was BBQ hamburgers, I got busy writing spending plans. Four done and one to go! It will be fairly easy as there aren't many changes since last time. Now I'm watching Star Trek with Isaac and Tim while Sparking. Maegann is off for the goodbye party with Michael. Such an adjustment for Michael with his mom moving across the U.S. to Maryland. Glad Maegann went to support him tonight.

Tomorrow is going to be a day of appointments.
emoticon 11am - Special Ed meeting with Isaac at the high school
emoticon 1:15pm - Counseling session with Maegann (new counselor)
emoticon 3:45pm - Developmental Specialist follow-up with Isaac

I planned chicken salads for supper so will only need to BBQ the chicken while I make the salad base.

Good news on the AC issue too. After letting it rest overnight it came back on fine so we should be able to make it through the next few weeks before the Freon is out. It was helpful as well that we saw a low of 65 overnight so we got the house cold inside. Only supposed to see mid to high 90s and good lows all week.
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