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49 days to focus on my own choices - day 1

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Today is the first day of my husband's vacation in Quebec. He's gone for 7 weeks, visiting with family. I'm going to miss him, but I also see this as an opportunity to really focus on myself.

Sometime's I blame hubby for my poor choices. But for the next 49 days, I'm on my own and each choice about how I spend my free time & what I put in my mouth are entirely my own.

I am determined to re-establish some healthy habits during this time, so that when he comes back I'll be better able to make healthy choices even when he doesn't. Smart goals= specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, timely.

emoticon Specific: What do you want to do?

I want to live a life where taking care of myself is the 1st priority. I want to be as healthy as possible. In order to do that, I need to re-establish healthy habits. And in order for that to happen, I have to be consistent - and being consistent requires commitment.

I COMMIT to 49 days of:

1. Being mindful of what I eat. Choosing healthy, delicious foods within my calorie range.
2. Taking care of the basics - sleep, water, physical health. Using my excellent health benefits to access as many health services as possible.
3. Exercising for strength, flexibility & peace of mind. Walking the dogs in nature, stretching, riding & doing ground work with my horse.

emoticon Measurable: How will you know when you've reached it?

I'll know when I've reached it when I see a pattern emerge through tracking. I'll know I'm making healthy choices when I see:

1. Meeting daily calorie/protein goal of 1200-1500 cal/80-120 protein
2.a. Meeting goals for water intake & sleep - 8 cups per day, 8 hours per day
2.b. Making and attending apts with doctor, eye doctor, chiropractor & massage therapist.
3.a. Meeting goal of spending at least 7 hours per week moving.
3.b. Meeting goal of daily stretching.

emoticon Achievable: Is it in your power to accomplish it?

Yes! Although it takes effort to change habits, I DO have everything I need to accomplish my goal of establishing healthy habits by meeting daily goals for 49 days. I have enough time, money, resources and determination to meet these goals. I have the capacity to make good choices for myself and the support I need to follow through.

emoticon Realistic: Can you realistically achieve it?

Yes! What I am asking of myself is to make the healthiest choice I can in each moment for 49 days. 49 days is not a long time & I have accomplished this goal before when I had less resources and less knowledge. With all that I have learned in the last 8 years, I am 100% confident that I can realistically achieve my goal of making my health my top priority for at least 49 days.

emoticon Timely: When do you want to accomplish it?

Today & every day for the next 49 days!

Here is a picture of the poster I made myself earlier. The collage is from when I was at my goal weight 2 years ago & was meeting the goals I listed above pretty much every day. This is where I want to be again.

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