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Back on Spark after a Looooongggg Break

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Hello everyone, finally got myself to get back to Spark People after almost 2 years. A lost or rather forgotten password with my tech retardedness just added to my woes.

Well a lot as happened since I last wrote in.

After we returned from Delhi after the Dussehra festival in October, my husband was down with a bad attack of Gout and needed a complete re-haul of his diet, cutting back on his protein intake to get his Uric acid under control.

Then biggest setback happened, when I slipped and fell in the kitchen in November - the result was a triple pelvic fracture and a severe compression in L5 & L6 that left me crippled for almost a year.

Considering age, my heart condition and diabetes, the doctor did not advise surgery but complete bed rest for the fracture to heal. Was in hospital for 2 weeks as I was advised absolutely no moving and everyone at home would have difficulty in helping me, and then had a day & night nurse to help me for almost one year along with my 2 live-in helps. I needed to be bathed and even fed in bed for 3 months and had a high risk of developing bed sores, but courtesy all the medical care I got I was saved from that, but had to combat excruciating pain till my physiotherapy began from Jan 2017, 8 weeks after the fall and almost 60% muscle loss due to to immobility.

The physiotherapy was a slow and painful process and I am still at it, but thankfully can now move around with only a cane for support and do most of my chores myself, including cooking, Only thing being I can't bend,can't stand for too long and wear a lumbar belt in case I have to sit up for long. I had also moved in with my youngest son after the fall as it was difficult for my husband with his Gout to manage me and the household but moved back to our place in the Groundfloor in Jan this year, Felt so much better. I had also gained 10 kilos in the bargain due to lack of activity, but have been able to shake off the excess weight in about 6 months and back to weighing my 68 kilos again and our physician seems ok with that saying that a little extra weight after is ok as long as it doesn't hinder my mobility.

But I am determined to manage my diet as I cannot do strenuous workouts, or Yoga as before so will need to manage my weight & health by watching my diet. I can barely manage about 2000 steps before my back starts hurting and I get short of breath.... so look forward to all the healthy food suggestions that you'll have for me.
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