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A little science lesson? Strep vs staph...

Saturday, August 11, 2018

So, strep and staph are different... similar, in that both are bacterial infections with similar structures and treatments, but still different enough that treatment options and progression can be different. Staphylococcus is, according to the research I have done, slightly harder to vanquish necessitating a more vigorous antibiotic dosing schedule. Strep is easier to diagnose, and can often be confirmed with a 2 minute swab sample test in the doctor office . Staph requires a longer time for the culture to do whatever it does. (I am not really very scientific minded, so the actual details of the process confused me). All, of that is background on why I am on antibiotics every 6 hours for 7 days... hopefully that will cure my sore throat and cough. Curing the cough will definitely make the Cooper-dog happier. Especially since I cough the most about 2-3am most nights... probably why he gives up on sleeping and decides we might as well go for a walk! Poor puppy, he needs his zzzzz’s! (I do too of course).
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    Chicken soup? Works like a charm! emoticon emoticon
    112 days ago
  • _CYNDY55_
    emoticon Blessings & emoticon emoticon prayers emoticon for You!
    119 days ago
    My DH is very susceptible to Respiratory infections. While on a fishing trip in July, he was exposed to a horrible cough. About 7 days after he returned home it hit like gangbusters!!!!! Of course it was a Saturday and his doctor was out of town. He normally takes Amoxicillin and I had some on hand for dental appointments. I had my right knee replaced in 2008 and if I have a dental appointment, I have to take 4 an hour beforehand. I wasn't able to go to the dentist so far this year due to 3 surgeries but had the Amoxicillin on hand. Since my DH has taken it before, he took my Rx and was able to get ahead of the cough. It only lasted about 4 days compared to the two weeks without medication.

    I hope that your medication works for you and that you are feeling great in no time.

    120 days ago
    Thanks for sharing. I need to be tested for which I have.
    120 days ago
    HUGS and sure hope that the antibiotics help you quickly!
    121 days ago
    Take care of yourself.We have smoke here from the forest fires in BC which is not doing well for this asthmatic .I will be around to cough with you later ! emoticon emoticon
    121 days ago
    During it is slept in my recliner. Thankfully it's an overly large Lazy boy. Phew!! It was hard to get over!!

    About a 1/2 week later, it hit me AGAIN!! But less than 48 hrs.

    Cooper good boy helping your Mom!!
    121 days ago
    Staph infections can be difficult to treat because of inappropriate use of antibiotics - MRSA is Methicillin Resitant Staphylococcus Aureus. Methicillin is a later generation of penicillin, one of the “big guns”. Overuse of the ‘cillins given for viruses (antibiotics don’t work for viruses) &/or patient’s not taking them correctly, killed off the weaker staphs and generated MRSA (& a bunch of other resistant bacterial infections commonly abbreviated like alphabet soups - VRE, MRE, etc)

    This ends today’s infections lecture. Sorry if it’s TMI.
    121 days ago
    Blessings on your health! Wishing you relief.
    121 days ago
    Oh no! I hope you feel better soon!!
    121 days ago
    Sure hope those pills really kick this bacterial infection to the curb emoticon
    121 days ago
  • MBPP50
    Have you tried sleeping with your head elevated? That sometimes helps with the night time coughing. Or a humidifier? That helps me also. Anyway, still praying. emoticon emoticon
    121 days ago
  • BJAEGER307
    This sure is taking a hold of you. All I can say is take care of yourself the best you can and I wish that you get better soon. Rest is probably the best for you, if you can. emoticon
    121 days ago
    hope you feel better soon
    121 days ago
    Healing thoughts and prayers. It's really tough feeling lousy for so long. Trixie invites Cooper for a virtual play date. She likes an indoor game of fetch every evening. Would Cooper like to join in? emoticon
    121 days ago
    Hope the medicine does its job well. My doctor used to say that it takes most medicines about 48 hours to get enough into your system to start doing its work. For what you're going through, I have no idea what the timeframe would be, but I hope you start feeling better quickly. emoticon
    122 days ago
  • LOF7203
    I hope the medicine works. Take care of yourself.
    122 days ago
    Yuck you poor thing! Take care hope you get some rest :)
    122 days ago
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