My biggest competition

Thursday, August 09, 2018

I AM my own biggest competition.

When I feel like it's too hard, I need to remind myself that being this overweight is harder.

When I feel like giving up, I need to remind myself of the reasons why I'm doing this.

When I hear that inner voice "You can't do it", I need to tell it to shut up.

When I look at my past failures, I feel like it's not worth trying again, but I need to remind myself I still haven't given up, and that means I do believe I can do it.

When I see a temptation, my brain plays tricks on me making me think I need that food in order to survive. Well, I need to argue with myself and realize I have plenty of fat inside of my body to last for days without any food, let alone that one ice cream.

When I think "I can not do this forever", I need to think "I only need to stick to the plan TODAY."

When I defeat my biggest competition, I WILL SUCCEED.
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