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Is it a Pony or A Dog the size of one?

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

His name is Cash.

I'm caring for my daughter's 175 lb English Bull Mastiff. He slobbers horrible, and has an odor always it seems. He always has, I think it's his ears, but it's always there even when newly bathed. And yes, we've tried everything including coconut oil.

I start to get irritated as he comes up for a love (getting in the lap was over long ago) and he wipes this hardened gel like slobber up my leg. Or when he drinks and come thru the door with rivers running from his jowls, and me running after him to catch some of it. It is weird stuff too, as it will harden into a gel, glue type stuff. So when he shakes his head it flies all over. After my daughter moved out (she was here as an adult for a year, 3 years ago) I found it darkened and hardened everywhere.

He's a very shy dog despite his size. Not everyone can take care of him. He's too sensitive too. So even tho I recently got new flooring and furniture, Grandma and Grandpa (us) are the only ones that can care for him. At least the flooring is that new vinyl blanking and I think the couches can be wiped down and it will come off. So far it has.

Does it sound like I am irritated to you? Dang right, but it only lasts moments. So let me explain.....I could have left him at his house and just went over several times a day. But he just looked so so sad, and he loves us so so much.

So we bring him here each day for 12 hours and then he goes home to rest better at night than he does here. I can't help but cringe at the thought of him coming again every morning , and will be coming for 5 more days. But .....

Then he looks at me with the most soulful beautiful eyes. And he loves me, that shows. I'm over it right then and there. And so is my DH husband who bonded with him the first day he lived here and they laid on the bed for 2 weeks (his back was out).

I will definitely have a lot of cleaning to do but I do love him. Who can resist any animal that shows such love in their eyes.

What say you? Would you be able to resist?
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    You are awesome. I just love him, too. I know what you are going through. We have a pitbull that we got from a friend who rescues animals and she was used for breeding. She was about 5 when we got her for my husband to keep him company after his stroke. (She is a gentle soul)
    Now after 10 years with her, she had a stroke a few months ago, (she recovered as well) but needs caring for and that's my job,too.
    So, I know how you can strangle them one minute and love them to pieces the next.
    405 days ago
    BTW, we had a weimaraner who frequently developed stinky ears. Here are a couple of articles that might help in that regard:

    Getting a good quality otic cleanse like PetOrganics EcoEars or one of the Zymox ear treatments is also worth it. We tried some diy cleaners on our stinky-eared dog, we didn't want to buy the cheaper cleansing solutions because they tended to contain some harsh chemical ingredients, and finally found these better quality solutions to be our preferred way to treat her ears.
    672 days ago
    I have an adolescent Border Collie whose nickname is "Sassbox" who always makes sure that she is at least as adorable as she is annoying.. and she can be very annoying! I love large dogs. (I only got involved with all these flyweight BC scamps because a friend who runs a BC rescue kept asking me to help out.) BCs are very sweet and I love them but, oh, I do miss the big-hearted love of a big dog!!! Every Bull Mastiff that I ever met immediately and enthusiastically loved me with every ounce of his/her being; it's just impossible to resist that! So, just keep a damp cloth handy and remind yourself that he's drooling way more affection than he's drooling saliva.
    672 days ago
    My husband had a St. Bernard when we got married, then we got another. They've both been gone for years and I don't miss the slobbers on the ceiling.
    775 days ago
    He's welcome here. I'd have a towel or washcloth by my side. We have had slobbering dogs living here in the past.
    971 days ago
    Sometimes "ponies" make good pets too!
    1030 days ago
    I would never be able to resist him !He is sweetness personnified!
    1042 days ago
    He IS adogable!!!

    1044 days ago
    Where I come from an animal this big is considered livestock and would not live in the house.
    I have OCD so I would just have to love the it from a distance. No up close and personal for me. emoticon
    You can take my turn thank you very much. emoticon
    1044 days ago
    Who could resist that face!
    1044 days ago
  • SUSANM18
    Love given freely is the best, even if it comes in a messy package! Accept it however it comes.
    1044 days ago
  • DBEAU57
    Why resist? You only cause yourself pain and anguish. Much better to just give in and accept his love - even though he makes such a mess!
    1044 days ago
    No, I would not be able to resist. He is adogable.
    1044 days ago
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