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Happy Sunday ... State fair obligations done.. fun, but enough .. looking forward to quiet!

Sunday, August 05, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Another State Fair day yesterday .. but I made it very clear, it wasn't going to be long, and it wasn't going to be rush rush .. as it was going to be in the upper 90's yesterday .. and Sally doesn't do well with humidity .. lol .. but it was a fun day .. We got inside, and hubby ran ahead

so he could get in line at the Sentry Foods free food day .. It was a bit disappointing, but oh well .. he stood in line, and I went into the Trade center where it was cool .. and I bought myself 2 more simple chain bracelets .. (without him hovering .. mwaaahaaahaaa !!! )

I came back about 10 minutes before the line was ready to start moving and found a bench with a beautiful breeze and chatted with a gentleman that sat down next to me .. his wife was standing in line .. and he had the same theory as I did .. They enjoyed this type of thing so let them stand in line .. lol .. The people in front of hubby were really nice people and that made it a bit more fun for him .. even though he could entertain himself by talking to a brick wall

After we were done there; we went into the trade building for a bit, to get some cool .. we walked around in there for a bit, and then started outside .. We went over to the "dog" tent, and he left me to watch the dock diving .. I was parked perfectly for one splash and ended up a wet noodle .. lol lol .. it felt good !!! :) Afterwards I thought the next show would be "tricks" .. well -- I must have read the wrong list, and it ended up nosework .. but hubby had put me down on the bleachers, and he went off on his walk around the grounds .. He was in his element .. he loves the heat and humidity .. I can handle the heat .. I just can't take the humidity ..

Now .. Nosework is fun to participate in it .. but to watch it .. it's "boooooorrrrrrrriiiiiiinnnnngg
ggg" .. and probably even more boring if you aren't aware of what to watch for .. To the normal eye, it was like watching a dog walk around a ring, because these dogs were not active reactors ..they were quiet reactors .. they sat, or they stared, or they focused .. and I think I knew that because I've seen this before .. but to the normal person would have just seen the dog walking around the ring .. .. this is a booorrriinngg display and unless you have an "active reactor" .. there's nothing you can do to make it more interesting .. .. The announcer did a good job; but she lost alot of her crowd ..

But I told hubby I would wait for him there .. so I stayed .. he came back with a fresh cold soda, and watched the end with me (with her crowd dwindling; I thought it would be rude to just leave) .. and he agreed .. he "didn't" know what to watch for, and he made mention .. "they were just walking around the ring .. the only good point was one of the dogs pee'd" .. lol lol .. (he's never seen nosework before) ..

From there we started walking to the gate to leave .. and I was happy about that .. I was pretty darn stinky ... lol .. I think I could smell myself .. lol

We walked through the 'baby barn' .. and they had an incubator for baby quails .. and they are sooo tiny, the baby chicks looked like godzilla in comparison .. and we walked around .. there was a sow that was scheduled to give birth on 8/5 (but not going back today to watch), and there were piglets .. sooo cute..

Tiana was very photogenic .. don't you think ???

We headed toward the gate, and got pulled in by one more "spin and win" .. it was for Stihl tractors .. and you spin the wheel, and then answer a question on the section that you landed on .. I ANSWERED MY QUESTION RIGHT !!! I'M SMART !!!!!! and so I got "anything on the table" .. if you missed, you got just the little stuff .. well -- I got myself a baseball hat .. a nice one .. Hubby answered his question too .. and got a hat as well ..

We made it back to the car .. hubby offered to go to get the car, and come back to pick me up .. I told him I was fine .. There WAS still a breeze .. and it just disappeared when we were walking down the main street .. and the crowds were so thick .. but I was fine .. I was sweating, but fine ..

I was very surprised .. we got in the car, and I was at 8000 steps already ?? This was at about noon, and that (pleasantly) surprised me .. but we stunk .. lol lol ..

I was happy to turn on the AC .. and we headed to TGI Friday's for lunch .. I have to admit, the server we had was one of the best we've had in quite some time .. he truly deserved his tip .. I didn't get his name; but it started with a D ....wonderful young man !!! which just continued our great day ..

I didn't push myself, and we got home, and hubby laid down and rested ... (and took a nap) .. and I just plopped myself down, and vegged ... After dinner (ham sammies) I decided .. can't do this .. so I went upstairs and continued clipping my flowers for my January (girlie) card .. got those done and ready for the next step .. :)

Hubby picked up some fresh ink on Saturday; so I can continue with the next steps and do the insides of the ones I have finished up ... YAY !!!

So my eats yesterday .. Yes -- I did make notation .. :)

Before we left, I knew that we weren't "eating" at the fair, and didn't want my belly to start to overactivate, and my sugar drop, soooo .. I had a greek yogurt and a handful of blueberries for "breakfast" ..

At the State fair Sentry day .. I had
piece of Texas toast
piece of cedar bacon on a cracker

Lunch was at TGI Friday's

Chips and salsa and
Turkey burger and fries

Dinner was a ham sandwich .. pan grilled to melt the cheese .. with tomatoslices on a tortilla.
and chips

Ice cream with caramel topping ..

Steps: 8571 for the day .. (took it off when we got home )

So -- it was a good day and I don't feel like I am beat up today ... YAY !!! I did not want to go back to Friday .. that was not a good day .. lol lol

Today is "mommy day" .. and looking forward to just a quiet day ..

Tomorrow .. I may be "blogging from the road" cuz we're planning on going up north to get my free gift .. just so you know .. it may be just a short blog from the road .. :)

Okay -- gotta get myself some breakfast .. so talk later .. Have a wonderful day !!! I'm going to !!!!!

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