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Weigh in day.... 8.2.2018

Thursday, August 02, 2018

Today should be a great day and it is.I got on the scale and it said 189 which means I did not lose, but also I did not gain and that is something to be proud of. I am bloated and so that is one thing that is maybe causing me not to lose. I also have not been doing very well on my water intake and I really need to boost that up.

My FM doctor said that I should be drinking at least 1 gallon of water and day if not more because I have Chronic dehydration I should be actually drinking more then that to make sure that my body gets all the water that it needs. So that is going to be a goal for this month is to try and get in as much water as he tells me to. emoticon

I also have been having problems with my GI tract this week and so yesterday I only ate a small bit of ground beef and the rest of the day was no meat because my small intestine has a hard time processing that and I need to get back to a normal flow and plus I should be eating more fruits and veggies and use meat as more of a garnish. emoticon

I have been also making sure that I get up and move as much as possible in a day because that also helps with my GI system and so I have gotten out and got moving. I know this is kinda sad but I added pokemon go as something that helps me get out and have fun and not think of it as work and also that helps me preoccupy my mind while I am out and walking, so I end up walking further. So we shall see, but this is my one of my goals for the month.

So today I am not disappointed but happy that I am making progress.
Also this week I had somethings that would normally stress me out I have been able to manage it calmly. emoticon
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