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Happy Wednesday .. another ME day .. not sure where I'll end up !!!

Wednesday, August 01, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Had a quieter day again yesterday.... DOH !!! Came home from lunch and sat .. until later in the afternoon when I shucked 12 ears of corn and oven roasted them .. so when we want them we can just throw them in the microwave for a couple minutes to "rewarm" and enjoy .. and they are off my counter top .. lol

Lets start at the beginning .. I didn't have an entire day of sitting .. I met up with Leonard at lunch, and had a super yummy lunch .. the service was a bit "off" but the lunch was yummy .. I had a veggie burrito ..

Every bite was yummy .. Leonard and I talked about things .. and not one word about work .. except "do you miss it" .. and I told him like I've told everyone else .. "I miss the people terribly, but not the job" .. but that was it related to work .. in fact .. I got a phone call while I was up to my elbows in melted butter; and it was Leonard calling me to tell me about Linda's brother (no word yet .. please continue prayers) .. and I am not one to run for the phone .. he left a message, and I texted him back to tell him, yes I knew ..

After lunch, I took my walk .. I said my goodbyes, and I was off .. I walked down out of the parking lot, and down the street, into the downtown area; and took a sidestreet down 2 blocks to the park (where they have the music in the park), I walked all the way to the far end of the park, and then back down the street to the downtown street, and through the parking lot to the condos that were right behind the parking lot; and over the bridge to my truck .. It tallied out to a 35 minute walk, and 3400 and change steps ..

I felt good .. and I had to laugh to myself ..

I was walking in front of the condos, and there was a lady talking on the phone sitting on one of the landscaping walls, and I heard her say good bye to whomever she was talking to, and I continued walking .. As I walked in front of her; and turned onto the bridge, I hear her say in a very casual voice .. "Well -- hello Sally, how are you?" .. I turned, and no .. I didn't recognize her .. and then she continued on; and I saw she was on the phone again .. Only a matter of in the right place at the right time .. lol .. but I giggled to myself ...

I got into the truck, and thought of anywhere else I wanted to go, and well .. couldn't think of anyplace, so headed for home .. where I came in and planted my butt; and that was it .. DARN IT !!!

For dinner we had 2 schnitzels left, and I had 1 .. which was big enough to make into 2 sandwiches .. along with chips ..

Outside help ... Hmmmmmm

At lunch Leonard gave me his birthday certificate for Bubba's custard .. giving a free sundae. He always gave me his coupon because it is in my neck of the woods .. this is an example of holding my willpower, and not telling people what my goals are ..

He laughed and he told me that I was going out for a walk after lunch, and then drive down Capital Drive, and get a sundae .. I told him ... "nope .. no ice cream until the weekend" .. and he looked at me like I grew that proverbial third head again .. What part of that statement was so hard to understand ... ??? I told him that I haven't had ice cream except for on weekends since at least the beginning of the year .. it was getting too easy to just grab the tub of ice cream, and eat .. so to alleviate that problem, I now just have ice cream on weekends ... very rare will I change that .. but I have ..

He tried to convince me that this wasn't ice cream, but was custard ..Yup ..used to this type of "support" .. lol .. He must have noticed that I was getting a bit perturbed .. and turned the conversation to " I don't allow Lois to have ice cream in the house ... because I would eat myself sick" .. Yea ... and with my household .. it's .. I could eat myself into a sugar coma; right now I have 5 tubs of Edy's, and I think 10 boxes of klondike bars in the freezer .. so around here it's willpower that gets me through .. because hubby loves his sugar, and candy and sweets .. Maybe I should tell him that real ice cream is made with eggs .. Yea .. that sounds like a plan lol .. (he doesn't eat eggs, but isn't allergic, just does not like eggs ..never has) .. anywayyyyy .. He looked at me like I grew that 4th head .. but I think he understood my logic of restricting myself to only weekends .. Now if I could do that with other things I would have it made (and have a food fest on weekends .. lol) Sooo my sundae certificate is still in my truck .. and we'll see what this weekend brings .. But this was really why I kept my goals to myself .. and that habit has stuck ..

I was good with my eating yesterday .. but it wasn't a perfectest day ..

Breakfast: 3 eggs scrambled (no butter)
Lunch: veggie burrito and I ate the cornbread sider .. (see the pic above for the ingredients)
Dinner: 2 sandwiches made out of one schnitzel, and potato chips .. (so 2 buns)

Last night after cleaning up the kitchen continued on my lazy path ..

I'm kind of thinking that we were so much on the go the first few weeks, that I need to find my center now that things are coming to a "regular" life .. That's what's creating the lazy days .. and well -- it's part of what I'm working on ..

Yesterday I just didn't feel like playing in my playroom .. and well -- I didn't ..

I thankfully crawled into bed, and slept good again .. Had a bit of a toss turn episode, but sleep finally caught up with me .. and I was the only one to blame .. as I was sitting on my bum; I was thinking .. "you could go do a small walk around the neighborhood" .. but I didn't ..

I did order myself a necklace .. I'll post copy when I get it .. thinking about 10-15 days ...

and I sent in this picture ..

I'll post copy when I get it .. I thought and thought, and thought again .. and finally did it ..

Today will be a ME day .. as hubby will be in the Dells with his friends. They had free money; and wanted to use it before Mr friend was having his hip replacement surgery .. I have decided to stay home .. because I'm scheduled for the dugout tonight, (if it's not rained out) and well -- I don't feel like playing, but would have enjoyed the "back roads" drive .. but I'll just stick around here .. and have a ME day .. :)

I'm actually thinking of going and getting my nails cleaned up again .. and then while I'm out and about; stopping and doing my walk .. somewhere .. maybe a different mall than my normal .. I just have a funny feeling that if I stick around here, I will find myself falling into a munchie phase ..

Hubby went this morning for a cream puff run .. yup -- this is state fair season again .. and they were giving away a free 6 pack of cream puffs .. Thankfully they are so rich I can only eat one .. but guess what I had for breakfast ..

Tonight I'm scheduled for the dugout .. the first one since I've left work .. Hubby asked if he should do the rain dance; and I told him; no .. I don't have to worry about getting up the next morning, and I'm good with working .. so if it doesn't rain, tonight will be the dugout .. :)

Tomorrow .. is going to be state fair .. so I know I'll get alot of walking in, however, my blog may be done from the road .. I don't know what his plans will be.. :)

I know -- I'm all over the board again ... My focus is a bit off, but I know where I'm going again, so the focus will harden .. This is how life will be .. I have plans for doing this or that .. now I just need the energy .. lol lol .. and that will come !!!

With that being said .. I wish everyone a WONDERFUL beginning of the month !!! A new month, a new start !!!

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  • TWEDEE777
    Glad to see your not getting bored yet!!
    133 days ago
    Enjoy your 'Me day'!
    134 days ago
    I can't wait to see the necklace.
    134 days ago
    emoticon I will be at State Fair on Saturday.
    134 days ago
    Ohhhh, oven roasted corn on the cob. Yummy.

    Glad you had a good lunch w/Leonard. The veggie burrito sounds delicious!

    Definitely prayers continue for Linda’s brother AND her! **SIGH** Such a tragedy.

    Good for you for getting your walk in.

    So . . . there’s another Sally out there, eh! LOL That’s a hoot.

    LOL! Leonard definitely didn’t “get it” but that’s all right. YOU do, and that’s what matters.

    Awwww, bet the necklace will be adorable.

    Enjoy your Me day.

    Enjoy the dugout and the state fair (tomorrow).

    134 days ago
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