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Non-Scale Victories

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Today I wore a new skirt - a five year old new skirt - new because I’d not worn it before - but I bought it in 2013, in a sale. It was “a little snug” when I got it - ok, I admit it, I could only do it up if I sucked my stomach in and didn’t breathe - but that was ok, because I could at least do it up, right? And breathing, overrated. It’d be fine once I lost a few pounds…

… but I didn’t lose a few pounds. I put more than a few pounds on. The skirt moved from inside my wardrobe to the boxes of “unseasonal” clothes that live atop it. I forgot I had it. I thought it had gone in one of my many “sort outs”, the ones when I was being very strict... but it hadn’t. I came across it a week or so ago when I was looking for something else. It fitted really well. The first time it ever had.

And today I wore it in real life for the first time - and discovered its too big. Kind of hangs off my hips - not flattering. I’m deciding whether to alter it or to pass it on.

This has been a feature of losing weight this time - I’ve shrunk into and out of clothes, taking them from too small to too big. That’s never really happened before. Often it seems the sweet spot of the perfect fit is only a couple of weeks.

Always previously I’ve had clothes in the boxes of various sizes waiting to be worn. This time I seem to have gone through all of them and soon I’m going to run out of clothes.

Of course I won’t really run out of clothes... though I might run out of clothes that fit.

This time I’ve gone below the weight I always seem to stick at - 182. I’m currently 173, the last time I was this weight was the early 1990s. I do have some clothes from then, in an old suitcase down the side of the wardrobe. I’m a bit reticent about going into it… I can’t remember whats in there from 25 years ago… I seem to think there might be a lot of orange…

This is what they call a non-scale victory - all your clothes being too big.

I had a second one of those today too - non-scale victories.

I have a number of different routes to get from work to home; some simpler, some more convoluted. The more convoluted routes tend to be less expensive, which is a consideration when you’re having to do the trip every day.

The very simplest is to get a cab home - I've never done that!

The next simplest is to go to Liverpool Street Station and get one train home - but Liverpool Street is just over a mile from where I work, which is either a bus ride, two stops on the tube or a walk.

When I first started working there, two and a half years ago, it would take me 25 minutes to walk to Liverpool Street.

Today I did it in 15 minutes.

That is a real non-scale victory!
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