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Happy Tuesday ... did alot of thinking yesterday .. I'm surprised my head doesn't hurt

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Yesterday was a day of thinking .. a day of reviewing.. and a day of regrouping ..

1-I am vocalizing (I have never totally verbalized it even though I've known it my entire life).. I have never been comfortable in my own skin, and while I've had weight problems through my life, it has never been this bad .. and I know I will never be comfortable in my skin, as I never have, I know I'm happier when I'm healthier
2-I started my food journal yet once again
3-I got out and walked again .. I mean really walked at the mall
4-the card that I'm working on, I'm at a point of mechanical clipping .. it's not part of the creative process .. so I could think then ..
5-I had my hawiian 'IZ' music on and I was just mellowing .. Mellowing helps with repetative work .. as I was doing ..
6-I got some ME time, as I went shopping .. at Joanne Fabrics (more die's for my machine) and Meijer (some healthy foods .. berries, low sugar grape juice so I can have my morning cocktails again (grape juice and apple cider vinegar .. lowers the acidity in the body .. just a small juice glass and tastes better than water and baking soda ..), I bought myself some salad mix, and some horsey sauce, and lite cole slaw dressing (I have some broccoli slaw in the fridge) and then some storage containers for some of my craft stamps and my dies that are outgrowing their boxes, and I bought myself a new purse (30% off) .. that I needed .. I haven't changed out my purse for about 2-3 years .. and well -- my little jean purse was starting to show it's age .. lol .. and then I bought myself a pretty adjustable tennis bracelet (50% off) .. I stayed away from the clothing section .. lol lol ..I HAD FUN and some alone time, walking around the stores .. oh yea .. and then a dozen eggs (what I originally went there for; and remembered as I was pulling up to the register .. so had to go alllllllll the way back to the corner, and get a dozen .. lol ..

It was fun !!! and I had time to really think .. Hubby is sweet .. after 40 years of knowing me .. he knows when I go into "quiet mode" but responsive to his conversations .. means I'm thinking really deep about something .. and this is really creating a deep think .. but I'm only bringing it out here; to sort my thoughts .. I'm not ready to "TALK" about my ideas yet .. my resolve isn't strong enough; and I know from experience .. "well .. try this and try that" .. No .. I want to have this square in my head before I "talk" about it ...

But I had fun to boot.. :) I haven't been "shopping shopping" for so long, it was fun .. Yes .. I spent money, but it was stuff that I will be using, and healthy food ..

I went to the mall to do my walk, and did 2 1/2 laps .. I do 2 laps including the offshoots, and all; and then one lap of just the main mall .. 54 minutes .. I was proud of myself .. I so enjoy walking the mall during the weekdays .. there's very little crowds to deal with .. :) When I go on the busy times .. it never fails .. there are tons of families, and instead of walking (sauntering) in a group they are stretched out the entire walking area .. and I usually hit all of them !!!! lol lol lol ..

I felt great getting back to the car !!!

From there I went to Joannes, and parked at the LAST spot in the lot .. that is a detourant from buying alot (because I'd have to carry it all the way out there), and I browsed.. yes .. browsed around the store, when I found what I wanted .. I looked at literally everything else lol ..

Walked back out the car, and drove to Meijer .. and browsed around there .. and just liesurely shopped ..

My steps recorded as 7871 steps .. however I believe there was more .. during an experiment back a bit, I found when you walk around the store, and your hand isn't moving; because you're pushing a cart; the steps do not move .. so in my heart I know it's higher .. I know I at least made my 8000 minimum goal ..:)

I was sitting quietly finishing up my day in front of the TV .. I felt good about my day; and I was wondering .. My food was good yesterday .. but I was concerned. I had had a "roughage" day, and was worried about the bloating .. I started thinking .. and doing research ..

Do you know that you can have reaction to dairy even though you are not actually Lactose Intolerant ?? I thought and thought .. (of course I hadn't journalled my Sunday eats, so had to pull it from my head .. and well -- between all this, and my crafting .. it's pretty busy in there .. lol .. (and I thought I would become braindead after leaving work .. my brain is working harder now that it did at work .. lol )

I went through my meals .. I wanted to know what caused my upset belly on Sunday .. but I had had an ice cream at lunch (Klondike bar), and then I had cheese as part of my quesidea at dinner, with another bowl of ice cream .. and while I didn't have alot of ice cream .. it was still dairy .. and in past instances my bloating happened after having ice cream or cheese meals .. I drink very little milk milk .. because I KNOW that gives me problems ... BUT I can have dairy (ie -- yogurt) so I'm not lactose intolerant .. so .. anyway -- I found this article, and it put it all in line .. I hope the link works ..

So -- I solved the problem with my possible upset belly from Sunday ..

You know -- the changes in the aging body would be so much easier if it was black and white and no grey in between .. lol lol ..

Sooo yesterday was a better eating day ...

Breakfast (finished) 3 crepes and honey
Lunch: 2 corn on the cobs
Snack: (when I got home from my funruns .. ) a handful of caramelized almonds from Germanfest
Dinner: a HUGE salad .. Hubby suggested leftovers .. and I chose my salad .. :)

I had 2 hard boiled eggs on it for the protien, and lettuce salad, 2 baby cucumbers; a port mushroom cap, and honey mustard dressing .. YUMMMM !!! I told hubby I would have a schnitzle afterward .. but I wasn't hungry ..

About an hour later .. I started wanting something sweet .. and nothing seemed to be settling it .. and I didn't want grapes .. I still wasn't sure of what the problems were with my bloating, so I had one of my little wrapped packages of fudge pieces from the freezer .. and it worked .. it settled my sweet tooth ..

Experiment solved .. I slept like the dead last night .. I crawled into bed and don't remember anything else .. I believe my bad nights had to do with the lack of true exercise .. I've been so focused on playing in my playroom, and while I've been busy around the house; I have not been truly exercising .. going to the gym, or going out for actual WALKS .. I did yesterday along with actual serious eating; and my sleep came back for a full night .. I didn't even hear hubby leave this morning ..

That brings me to today .. Yup -- obviously my writers block has passed .. lol lol .

I'm looking forward to having lunch with Leonard in downtown Hartland ..(my home town), and after lunch I'm going to take my walk around the downtown area .. and get my stepping in .. I told hubby that I was going to do that so he wasn't sitting home waiting for me .. I'm not on a time schedule but Leonard is, and I obviously have to respect that .. :) but that doesn't mean that I can't take a walk afterward .. :) It's a block away from the downtown "street" .. so I'm seeing a little walk down the downtown street .. that'll give me at least a mile back and forth .. :)

I'm looking forward to sitting and chatting with Leonard .. :)

So -- I will get my walk in, and I have another day to look forward to .. :) Tomorrow hubby is going to be in the Dells with his friends from Wii Bowling .. they have some free money that they want to use, before he has hip surgery .. so he's chauffering them there .. I have the dugout tomorrow night, and while I'm contemplating going up there on my own .. and meeting him up there .. I'm not sure .. that way I could leave and not have to squelch their fun ..

Thursday we will be going to state fair, and I'm looking forward to that, but my friend sent me the information for the Hartland music in the park .. and it's the concert band .. sooo Thursday may be a LOOONGG day !!! lol lol lol .. but lotsa lotsa steps !!! WOOHOO !!!!

My thinking continues .. I will get this straightened out .. My scale DID go down again this morning, and I have told myself "Self .. you got lazy for a bit, and it's time to refocus .... YOU CAN DO THIS!!! " .. So -- I packed my "lazy away", and have myself going again .. Just need to stay away from the mindless garbage !!!! Mindless eating, mindless sitting, mindless tv watching .. all mindless ..

With that being said ... you can see my writers block has dissipated, and well -- I spewed alot of my brain here today .. I know I can do it, I just need to keep my focus .. my brain is not on vacation .. lol lol ..

Have a great day, and talk again .. :)

Happy Tuesday !

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow loved every activity and fun ideas and your actuvities
    140 days ago
    Good for you starting your food journal again. That’s a good idea.

    As far as feeling comfortable in your skin, aim for being healthy. Eventually the mind will shift it’s thinking.

    Glad you got ME time. We all need that.

    Sounds like you had fun shopping. Good for you.

    Excellent on your walking. Great job.

    Have a good time @ lunch w/Leonard! I know you will.

    Good job on the cooperative scale. Yup . . . refocusing does seem to help.

    140 days ago
    What a great result from all that cogitating!! So glad you figured out the dairy thing. Yogurt is so different because of the way it is processed. I won't be offering you any of my "flan".

    So proud of you. It didn't take you long at all to get yourself organized to handle this retirement thing. I just love that you can go places when they are almost empty! So relaxing. Although, at our age, we can bump into all those rude people and we are automatically excused. Or cursed, depends on the folks.
    140 days ago
    you will figure it out
    140 days ago
    Good Luck! Stay Focused! You Can Do This!
    140 days ago
    140 days ago
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