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Monday, July 30, 2018

July was a good month for me where I crushed a plateau and lost pounds!
….:::: FIVE pounds as a matter of fact! ..::Oh one might think "In a whole month, only five pounds?" Well, it's five more than the previous month and this is what it looks like!

Now don't get me wrong. I am not one who gets hung up on the 'scale-goddess' praying it will toss me a crumb. There is always so much more to the picture! Like this for instance!

And for a side-dish, here is a visual of ONE pound!

Last week I told a friend at the pool, after losing another pound: "I just lost 4 sticks of butter!" I then said, "Just imagine those sticks melting down in a hot pan!" She loved the visual but then we all know, that to melt butter, you need heat! And to melt FAT, we must have heat!! That is the combustion that ignites when we get our heart rate up long enough during our cardio activity!!

Did you know fat looks just like this butter? Yellow and gooey! And with
a five pound loss, it was essentially 20 sticks of butter gone!!

I set my goal to lose one pound a week. I chose to focus and really commit to having July be a successful month. it became a daily habit of exercise first thing each morning, and adding minutes and intensity! …::: I also discovered a really fun dance class to add more variety! Within one month, I established a great habit and find I do not want to miss a day!

I believe in giving credit where credit is due, so though I did the work, the idea for the July to January lose one pound a week" came from INDYGIRL! ..She has always been such an inspiration to myself and the community. When I saw her idea, I was enthused and wasted no time starting. Can you imagine how far you could go from now until January 1? …::: If this interests you, I am providing the link to her team, and the thread is found under the first forum.

Thanks for stopping by! Now I am going to see how I can improve in August and out-do July!
Care to join me? …:::One pound per week .. One month at a time until January 1. Life will always have challenges, but this is one that is fun because YOU make the rules!

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