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Sunday, July 29, 2018

So, I was just idly scanning my start page here on SparkPeople, and I saw that my 10 minutes of exercise a day Spark streak is at 1468 days (if I am remembering that correctly). I did not set out to achieve this streak, it is just a habit. A good habit, and no longer an intentional act... I did the math (I used a calculator for this one) and it seems that this is a little over 4 years worth of streak. Ulp! I don't think when I get up... "oh, I have to exercise for at least 10 minutes today!"... I used to, don't get me wrong... and there are days when I still bargain with myself "just do 10 minutes and see how you feel, Chandra" (and of course I usually feel like doing more!)... but it is not a conscious goal of mine to extend this streak (I have not been emotionally invested in this streak up to this point), I had a streak going for a while of doing two hours of intentional exercise everyday (not necessarily intense exercise, but intentional movement of some kind), and made it to 1,004 days before I had to take a day off. That one I was invested in. This streak is more a by-product of just living a healthier life. I don't always do intense cardio or ST daily, but I do something... Every. Single. Day. That may mean walking the dog and stretching (Other dog owners understand the utter necessity of ALWAYS walking the dog, no matter what the weather, or what is going on in your life!), or it may mean running intervals, (walking the dog), using the elliptical, and doing hand weight exercises. For me it depends on how many other obligations I have that day (especially doctor's appointments). The crazy thing is that I am not TRYING to achieve a streak... it is just happening. Movement (especially outdoors) has become such an integral part of my life that I go a little stir crazy if I get sick or weather conditions keep me indoors. Even when I had the flu, I walked the dog each morning (no one else wanted to get up that early!).

That is such a huge contrast to how I used to live (exist). I am grateful that I am more mobile now. I have a number of friends who are confined to wheelchairs (stroke, TBI, genetic issues, accidents)... and I know there is a distinct possibility I may end up there one day myself, but for now... I am going to go walk my Jack Russell Terrier... again... (he can be a fast little dude!)
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