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Happy Sunday ... beginning of a fresh week .. forget your troubles of last week, and go forward

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Yesterday NOT a good eating day for Sally .. *urp* .. ate too much and ate too heavy .. both of the no no's .. lol ... but you know what ..Yesterday is over .. and today is a new day .. We're looking forward to corn on the cob for lunch today before I go over by mom's .. :)

Yesterday was a good day day however .. I wanted a lazy morning .. I got my laundry ALL CAUGHT UP !! YAY !!! and I got another 2 cards almost done .. These are still boy style, but I only needed one .. however this way I'm covered if she comes up with another date .. otherwise; I can send it to my brudda .. lol .. but that way I'm covered .. I lucked out last time when they used one of the August cards for Jimmy (July) and I was planning on putting him at the end of the run ... for Next July .. so I had to come up with one fast .. what they didn't know was I had one ready to go, with just the inside panel needed .. I'm GOOOOOODDDDDDD!!!!! mwaahaahaaahaaahaaa !!!!!

Well -- I have 2 more boy ones almost done (fronts) .. and then I can do up the insides for those 2 and for the 2 that I have waiting, do up the envelopes and turn them in .. I'm far enough ahead right now, that I may even MAKE the envelopes on those :) (I found my envelope template .. teehee !!! )

But my Pitbull channel wasn't doing it .. it was throwing in alot of other rappers that don't use nice language, and have naaaasty themes .. so I switched to IZ .. (Israel 'IZ' Kamakawiwo'le) (Hawaiian music) .. and he did the trick .. I got activity when Pitbull did come on; by dancing around my room .. lol lol (thankfully I have no cameras in there .. lol .. ) He does give me happy feet .. lol lol ..

Anyway -- I now have almost 4 cards to do up envelopes and insides, and then I'm done with 2018 cards .. and I can start on 2 more 2019 cards .. and they are GIRLIE CARDS!!! YAY !!!! One for January (Kim) and one for May (the other Kim that's been out) and that is my obligation .. and that will give them one for free .. (January Kim's) .. I will drop that off with Linda for getting the signatures .. :)

The scale was not good this morning .. but the only one I can blame is myself ..

Crepes and honey for breakfast
Schnitzel (not spanfarkel like I said yesterday) sandwich for lunch (even though I wasn't hungry)
and a late dinner of ...
Crepes with my chicken mushroom sauce for dinner (even though I wasn't hungry)
Ice cream and carmel sauce for dessert (even though I wasn't hungry)

(are we seeing a pattern here??? lol) ..

My registered exercise consisted of going down to the Milwaukee casino, playing some free money and coming home .. I did move, doing laundry and working on my cards, but not enough to record steps .. (I didn't have my stepometer on around the house) .. so my number was 3040 for yesterday ...

I did sit on the front porch and take in the world yesterday while hubby was out running around .. and I got my next step of my goal ..

I got him in mid flight .. :)

My most ultimatest goal is (hopefully the link works )

but I think this would be sooo cool !!! I just have to figure out how to rig it up .. :) and I would make sure the bees wouldn't chase him away .. lol lol


I did do some homework last night however .. (not including the bad eating day yesterday) I have been bothered by my pregnant belly .. I had read that aerobic exercise helps .. do I see a difference (on normal days .. yes .. but the belly is still there .. the belly pulls on the back, and makes my back hurt on days like Germanfest days .. I HAVE been more active since my retirement (by the way .. today is my ONE MONTH anniversary .. the 29th of June was my last day)

What I did read was interesting .. yes-- I will continue my walking as I'm enjoying that .. but I have been seriously thinking of "reduced carbs" (no -- yesterday was NOT an example of that .. ) and I read that it seriously helps with reducing belly fats ..

I had done a modified low carb plan back when Dr Atkins was all the rage, but Dr B's plan was modified .. I was allowed fruit, and yogurt so it was a higher low carb plan .. but it worked .. It was funny (now that it's in hindsight) .. I went to an appointment where he started me on this plan .. and he just scrawled out everything I could NOT have ..

I left his office in tears for the ride back home .. I called hubby I was so upset, and told him about it, and his response was "well what CAN you eat" .. I'm thinking .. MEN ... they have a totally different way of support .!!!!! lol .. instead of reassuring me that we could make this work, that was his response ..

Well -- then I got MAD .. and I thought "I'll show them both !!! I show them that they can't kick me down!!!" .. and I lost 50 pounds .. lol lol lol .. floored them both !!! lol lol lol

While I don't want to go back on that plan full bore, because it means elimination foods .. I may just set myself up a plan for low'er' carb, and plan ahead (which is starting to get easier with hubby most days) .. but there's no reason that I can't start out like I have done with my ice cream .. and hubby is actually behaving himself with this .. so maybe start to work in the lower carb days .. All my homework was was reaffirming what I already know, and when I had asked my new doctor during my physical; I explained to her that I've struggled my life with weight; but this is the first time I've fought with centralized weight .. and I don't like it .. she recommended weight loss programs ..

The only thing is is to get myself into a routine I need to keep this to myself .. I would love to get back to 1 big meal a day; and the rest of the meals be light .. but lately it's been a food fest again .. *sigh* .. so we're going to work on this quietly until I have a plan and then I will tell hubby .. for now .. "no I'm not hungry", or when he asks what I want "salad" .. Yes -- I'm actually having salad cravings again .. I had a salad the other day before Germanfest, and it was simple but yummy !!! so I'm actually craving salad again .. (that's how much heavy eating I've done) .. lol lol ..

I think I've fallen into the mentality that I'm busier during the days, that I can eat what I want .. Now that it's been a month of being more active .. (you know the 21 day rule) ... Now it's time to start focusing on the "intake again" .. Just because I'm more active doesn't mean that I can sit down to 3 - 6 course meals each day !!! Nope .. doesn't .. lol ...

*okay -- done thinking out loud .. *

Busy week ahead of me this week again .. Tomorrow is still quiet, but Tuesday is lunch with Leonard; Wednesday is working the dugout with Kathy; Thursday is State Fair opening day, and Friday ... hey .. maybe this week isn't as busy as I thought .. because Friday was just a reminder for a friend's birthday !!! lol lol .. YAY !!!!!

I know I was all over the board again .. just bear with me .. every once in a while that's where my brain goes .. It runs amuck !!!

Time to get myself some breakfast .. so we'll talk again soon !!!

Have a great day !!!!!
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    135 days ago
    In terms of waist reduction. The only thing that worked for me is core exercises & reducing caebs. The problem is that once I re-introduce carbs...BAM, I swell up again!
    136 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    You are certainly keeping busy. I need to follow your lead. I'm babysitting BIL's doggie, away from home, out of my element and I think it's helping. Today we went down to the beach just to relax. Beautiful sunny day here.

    WI state fair starting already? Is it a really big one? Michigan State Fair used to be fantastic but it's been downsized over the years and I think last year it was held in a convention hall. So disappointing. I loved seeing all the animals & now there are barely any to see. I'm not even sure we'll go this year.

    Enjoy your upcoming week. I know I will, I love having a dog around even if she's not mine.
    137 days ago
    Wow, WI state fair already-where has this summer gone?

    Good Luck on any plan you decide to do!
    137 days ago
    Uh oh on the urps. **SIGH** It happens.

    Glad you’re having fun w/your cards!

    Wow! That is an amazing picture of that little hummer in flight!

    Even getting carbs in your diet (which you DO need), you are chooosing the complex carbs so those don't shoot the blood sugar up quick and then fall (which makes you hungry all over again!) Don't be afraid to be an experiment of one and see how different carbs (complex) affect you!
    137 days ago
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