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Am I Really 50? When Did That Happen?

Friday, July 27, 2018

I was born July 28, 1968 to a 16 year old mom and an 18 year old dad who had just been drafted into the Army and was about to be shipped off to Vietnam.

But here it is, July 27, 2018, and I'm about to turn 50 tomorrow. I have no idea how I wound up here, because on 95% of days, I don't feel my age, nor do I look it. I've been blessed with good genes on the skin department (except I have already battled invasive malignant melanoma).

I've always been a creative and imaginative kid. And active! I played sports mostly. I never took dance or gymnastics. I played mostly softball, swam, and rode my bike as fast as I could. I was fearless! And I was mean! Just ask my brothers! Maybe that is why I prefer action adventure movies over chick flicks!

One thing though, I was never overweight. I was tall and muscular, but I also had a curvaceous figure. Something that most girls my age did not have, so I was already struggling with body image issues at a young age. But it was mostly because I did not "look" like the other girls, even if I was extremely healthy, just with a different body type.

As I entered my mid-20's I actually became comfortable in my own-skin and began to live a healthier and much more God-centered life. I learned how to become more fitness oriented and how to eat healthy. I maintained a healthy weight and lifestyle, and it showed. But I also worked in physically demanding jobs that kept me moving.

But when I turned 29, I decided I needed a change in my life, so I went back to college and earned my BA in Professional Writing for Business Applications Development. Now I work in the IT world as a Software Quality Assurance Analyst ensuring the quality of software before it is released to the customer. But that also meant that I would no longer be working in physically demanding jobs. Plus, the stress levels were about to get tested. Needless to say that as I entered my 30's, maintaining my weight was about to become harder.

In my mid 30's, I needed a change in my life, so I moved to Minnesota for a change in scenery. I did not go over 200 lbs yet, but I was too close to it. I found that the lifestyle of living in Minneapolis is a much healthier one, so losing weight was very easy, and it came off quickly. But it was also unhealthy for me. So, I came back home after one year.

But after I turned 40, my life began to go through a series of challenges. I'd have a year of ups and then a series of downs. And my weight was a reflection of those of ups and downs. The last two have had me way too close to 300 for my comfort, and now I'm hoping and praying that I can come back down to where I was in my mid-30's once again.

4 years ago in North Carolina
3 years ago in Arizona
1 year ago with my brother

I know I can be healthy. I've done it. I've written out my vision statement and posted it here. Now I need to make the commitment to live out my 50's, starting today and tomorrow (the first day of 50) as a healthy individual. Yes, I know it is starting out rough by having issues with kidney stones, but I don't have to let it dominate the whole story. I have control over the dialogue and where it is leading. This is my story, and I won't let it to continue traveling to 300. It will go back down below 200. I promise you it will.

me in May 2018
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • MAJORK29
    Happy Birthday
    544 days ago
    Happy birthday! You are beautiful in all these pictures!!!
    545 days ago
    What a wonderful blogg - love you sharing your story with all these great pictures. And I believe in you and know that you will hit your goal - you are on the right road - just keep moving forward a little each day and before you know it you will be there.
    545 days ago
  • JUSTME29
    Happy Birthday!
    545 days ago
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
    546 days ago
    a day early Happy Birthday. I'm 68 so 50 seems young. I was in late 50's when adopted 2 boys who are now in their late teens. enjoy your life.

    546 days ago
  • JULIE8265
    Great blog! I also turned 50 this year. You can do this!
    546 days ago
    Good things are going to happen.
    emoticon emoticon
    546 days ago
  • CLO333
    Thank you for sharing your lovely photos and story! A Very Happy Birthday to you!🎉🎁🎉
    546 days ago
    I love all the photos!! You look FANTASTIC this year!!!!!!
    546 days ago
    I totally know the feeling of "when did that happen"?

    You and I could be sisters! Muscular and curvacious when young but had a physically demanding job on top of being a single parent and maintaining my home. Laid off when 42 and went back to college to become a CPA. Good getting my degree but paid the price with being on my rear constantly between school and work. The day before I turned 50 I gave a voice recital of opera. Startled myself and my family who didn't believe I could do it. So, I get the struggle.

    But you can do this. You've moved across the country and was realistic when it didn't work out. You moved into a different industry which is always scary. You're starting over and competing with the young kids. Yeah, the kidney stone was a **tch but it's not permanent.

    So here's to the next decade and the next chapter. It's going to be better than ever!

    emoticon emoticon
    546 days ago
  • MARYBETH4884
    WOW, Just the difference from last year to this year is wonderful. With your revised vision statement for the next 50 yeasrs you'l reach any goal you set!!
    546 days ago
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