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Happy Friday -- Germanfest today .. and looking forward to it .. :) Have a fun day !!!!

Friday, July 27, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

I started my day going to the office, and had a fun time there .. Jimmy showed me photos of his vacation to England and Scotland .. they were BEAUTIFUL .... the architecture is gorgeous .. He went for the golf open ... and had a picture of the golfers; and listened to his experiences ...Leonard came back and talked with me for a bit. He told me to keep sending my pictures .. he's enjoying them .. I send him my nature pictures .. he sends me his scenery pictures when he's on vacation .. He loved my hummer pics, and my sandhill cranes (terridactles) and I told him about Dennis's trains; and told him I would show him the pictures on Tuesday (because it looked like he had to get going) .. Ben told me that he and his (twin) brother got an accepted offer on a house .. and then Linda ..

Please send prayers and thoughts for Linda's brother .. I have known David since he was at least 10 years old... if not younger .. and he was hit on his motorcycle, by a hit and run driver; without a helmet. He's in ICU, and the only positive is that he responds to pain stimuli. He has bleeding on the brain, and a broken sternum; and something else was broken, but that was where my brain stopped .. I'm worried for him, and for her and for her family .. With her sister being a pill and totally blowing away the family that raised her, because she found her birth family .. and now this .. Linda was beside herself, because she's trying to keep the family together (that's Linda) .. and now this .. and then her "sister" coming down on her because she wasn't the first on Linda's list to call .. Please send prayers and positive thoughts to heaven for her and her family ..

I left the office and made a few stops on the way home .. I stopped at the grocery and picked up a few things .. cream of mush soup, coffee, almond milk, and I was looking for pre made Crepes, but didn't find any .. soooo guess what I did yesterday afternoon .. :)

From there I stopped at Walgreens to pick up some Ouchie pills .. Art has been pitching a fit in my shoulders again, and well -- yesterday was bad enough that I couldn't handle it anymore .. and when I went for an ouchie pill; I had none .. (not expired) .. soooo I picked up some fresh .. and when I got home I took one, and ahhhhhh. Even feels better this morning .. I think I evicted him for now .. I was worried that I may have pulled something the day I went to the gym .. yes .. he's been shining around since then.. but I think it's just a coincidence .. because I can lift my arm over my head again this morning .. Yup -- He's outta here .. lol lol

I came home and started pulling out my ingredients for crepes, and decided to make a double batch. YUM YUM !!! I had 2 pans working on the stove, and daddy would have been so proud of me .. I didn't use a spatula at ALL .. just enough to dirty it for my first one .. lol lol .. but I flipped them .. and with 2 pans going .. I was a flippin' fool .. I told daddy "he would be proud of me" .. lol lol ..

I finished my crepes, and while they were cooking I was cutting up 4 port mush mush caps, and the 2 chicken breasts from my rotisserie chicken; and sauteed the mushrooms, and warmed the chicken, and then added 2 cans of cream of mush soup .. and I put 2 crepes on my plate, and a ladle of this stuff on top, and folded them over .. yup -- it was as good as Kathy's at the pot luck dinner I went to .. and I always enjoy that .. :) I stopped at 2 .. :) YAY ME !!!!

I sat down afterward, and started watching TV .. I had kept my shoes and socks on while I was working in the kitchen, but I didn't keep my stepometer on .. but I got at LEAST 1 hour of moving around before sitting down after I got my kitchen cleaned up .. :)

but I sat down and watched some TV .. and as the afternoon went on .. I'm thinking to myself; I don't want to do this .. as I watched another TV program ..

Finally I got myself up and while I was at the office, Kim had mentioned that they pulled one of my August cards and used it for Jimmy (July) which I was planning for the end of my obligation .. and so they needed another card for August birthdays .. Sooo I finished up the one that I had made for October, and also finished the one that I had been working on to start December .. so now they are the last August, and October .. lol lol ...but I had bought myself a bluetooth speaker, and gave it a try .. my phone was in the other room, charging, and the speaker was in my playroom cranking .. and I just got my "PITBULL" on .. lol lol lol .. and found out it was really cool !!! lol lol ..

I finished the other card .. and came downstairs and printed up the inserts (verses) .. got them in, and delivered them last night on my way to the concert ..

This particular card was a challenge ..

but I finished it ..

So-- I'm back to December ... lol lol lol ...

I left about 5:30 last night, and dropped the 2 I had ready, and left them on Kim's chair .. and then went to the concert ..

I sat in the car because I got there about 6:00 .. and normally the outside concerts start at 7 .. well -- I went in about 6:25, only to find that the stage was full, and the music started at 6:30 .. sooo that was close .. lol ..

but I enjoyed every single bit of it .. Having been in concert band in school, (french horn), I love listening to concert bands .. symphony bands are nice, but concert bands playing music I know are sooo much nicer .. :) I was in seventh heaven .. :)

and then I looked .. and saw GLEN MILLER medoly .. OMG !!!! I was in heaven and looking down !!! Glen Miller is my ultimate FAVORITE band .. and yes -- I enjoyed every single note .. :) I looked and they had 10 french horn players in the band .. THAT was strange .. that's an instrument that had always been 4 maybe 5 .. but 10... Wow !!!!!

I listened and enjoyed, and the concert was over at 8:30 .. and I came home ..

I hadn't had dinner before I left, because I had a later lunch .. so I was hungry .. I warmed up the last of the rotisserie chicken .. I thought no carbs, it wouldn't keep me awake .. and enjoyed that .. just the thigh and drumstick ..

So ... that was my Thursday .. I enjoyed having a bachlorette day; and hubby took good care of mommy at the Dells .. even signing out a wheelchair, to help her walk way to the far players booth; and then when they came back, left her go on her way again, and turned the wheelchair back in.... So it sounds like she got alot of walking in .. and I'm proud of her.. I'm sure that she was pooped by the time they got home .. :)

Today is working Germanfest .. and I'm happy.. while the sky is cloudy right now, but the temperatures are supposed to be in the 70's .. so that makes me happy .. I can always take a sweater .. but it's hard to take off when your uniform is white polo shirt, and black pants .. sooo I'm happy about this .. :) I'm looking forward to it, and plan on having a good time .. I'll probably be at the register again .. but I'm still planning on having fun !!! :) The people we work with are people that we don't see but this time of year .. so I'm happy about that !!!

Okay -- going to get myself some breakfast .. so we'll talk later .. I promise .. You'll definately hear from me tomorrow .. :)

Have a WONDERFUL Friday !!!!!! :)
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    Fun time at the office!

    Poor Linda-my heart goes out to her!

    Lovely card!

    Fun Concert!

    Enjoy German fest!
    177 days ago
    177 days ago
    So sad about Linda's brother. Helmets do save lives. Hope he improves.
    177 days ago
    Glad you had a good time @ the office. So sorry to hear about Linda’s brother. That is so angering that another person can hurt another human being and run away from it. My prayers for him. For the moment, I hope Linda can forget about her sister and just concentrate on her brother. I’m sure she will.

    Sounds like you had fun flipping crepes! Definitely your Dad would be proud!

    Love your card. So pretty/handsome!

    Sounds like the concert was really good.

    That’s so nice that DH and your Mom had such a nice day! I’ll bet he pooped her out!

    Enjoy your time @ the Germanfest!


    177 days ago
    Enjoy your Friday and weekend!
    177 days ago
    Love you! :-) Have a great weekend!
    177 days ago
    Wow! You have a busy life! Thanks for sharing!
    177 days ago
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