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Friday, July 27, 2018

I remembered to take the melatonin for 3 nights in a row... and I noticed a more subtle change than just suddenly sleeping 8 hours a night straight through. (Which is not how it works anyways). I did notice I was falling asleep at a slightly more normal hour than I was before I took it, sleeping more soundly (fewer episodes of wakefulness), and I did sleep about 45 minutes longer in the morning (which, since I have been waking up between 2 and 4am, is just fine). That said... I forgot to take it tonight, and it is 1am... and not only am I restless, I am wide awake. I will probably doze off in an hour or two for a wee nap before I have to get up and do the day... unless I throw in the towel and just get ready for the day, and go get my cardio workout done in a little bit while it is nice and cool (current air temperature is about 67F), and we had a light rain just before midnight so things are shiny and rain freshened. I could definitely go for that! Hmmm, sounds like a plan. (And before you get all worried about safety issues, I take precautions, live in a sleepy little Victorian village, and know the police patrols keep an eye out for us crazy folk who exercise late at night... in fact one of the officers stopped and asked where I had been the last few nights, when he saw me walking the Cooper-dog at 5:30am... said he had been worried... and no it wasn’t said in a creepy way, he was just genuinely concerned whether I was doing okay. Well, the one night he was glad I wasn’t out running, because we had flash flooding and some of the streets I choose my route from were completely underwater!). I kind of like getting my big solo workout done and dusted early. I feel like I have more energy and can go faster, farther. The Registered Dietitian I saw has me eating more carbs (complex carbs) at each meal, and 3 meals and 3 snacks daily (that part isn’t much different, it’s the carb count that’s the change)... so far the main change is that I am gaining weight! My glucose levels are no more stable, which was the goal. I see her again next week, and we will see what we come up with. I also start attending a DBT skills group next week... it’s a small group, only about 4 people, so I am hoping it doesn’t stress me too much (I have a really hard time dealing with strangers)... it is strictly skills development... not issue processing, so at least there is that. I am cautiously optimistic. I am trying to maintain a positive outlook, despite things that are rocking my boat. As long as I keep my glass half full, and my silver lining identifier active... Update... to put things in perspective read the second blog I wrote today...
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