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Happy Thursday !!! Wonderful day yesterday .. and looking forward to another one today !!!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Well -- it wasn't REAL bowling, but I went with hubby to Wii Bowling, and big poop turned off the screen with my score before I could get a picture "because he had a bad game" .. (poor baby .. lol) .. otherwise I would have posted the scoreboard this morning .. but I went with hubby to Wii Bowling .. and bowled 6 games with the group .. and had fun !!! :) and I was pooped lol ..

From there we went to Dennis and Jan's home for a luncheon .. and it was yummy .. and filling .. I had a beef roast I think was light like pork, but not tender like pork .. so I told hubby I think it was a beef roast .. however, it was YUMMY ... I had 1 small sandwich and the butt; on the side, I had jello, and fruit salad, and chips, and a few slices of cheese, and pickles .. and we ate outside on the back patio .. I was worried, because of the warm .. but I found a seat that was shaded and there was a beautiful breeze ..

We walked into the back yard; and oh my goodness .. the home is train based, and I've had friends that were train enthusiasts ... but this couple was over the top ... He has a setup outside off the patio .. and that made my mouth drop .. We listened to steam engines throughout lunch .. and it was unusually soothing .. :)

Dennis sat at the table with hubby and I and his granddaugher; and Jan sat at the table with Renee and Bob ... and Dennis told us stories of their travels .. they travel all over the world to "ride trains" .. and some of the stories that he told us .. I could have listened to all afternoon .. I learned something yesterday .. He said "they've never been to Hawaii ... because they have no railway system" .. I never knew that .. I would have thought the big island would have railway systems .. but he said no .. and after yesterday .. I believe him .. lol lol lol ..

Some of the trips .. I told hubby he had to find out from him .. sounds like he spends alittle more on his vacations that we do .. because he has been over in Switzerland, Germany, France, Italy .. and he's ridden on the Orient express ... and just listening to him .. I could still be there .. how interesting .. and it was stories .. it wasn't bragging ..

After lunch we helped take the leftovers back in .. I stopped eating after the seconds .. because well .. after having a fussy belly for a couple days .. cheese, and whipped cream on jello out in the sunshine .. the shade had dissipated a bit later and well .. I just had a funny feeling about it .. lol so that was a good detourant lol lol lol .. Funny how a food related upset belly can affect your eating habits .. lol lol ..

They offered to take us downstairs to see the other train set .. and I agreed to go down .. I walked down and there was an impressive setup at the bottom of the stairs .. and he was telling Bob and hubby about the control center .. and I took pictures .. it was an impressive set up .. with train cars that were about 4-5 inches long .. tracks that were about 1 - 1 1/2 inch wide .. and little people and animals .. and mountains .. it was a very impressive setup, and I took pictures...

And then I turned around .. and my jaw dropped.. The entire basement ..

To show the expanse .. and the sizes .. that's hubby looking like Godzilla in the orange back in the corner ..

And to prove that I wasn't taking pictures up on a bridge over a train yard ...

He has had plumbers down there to put elbow joints in the pipes, because the pipes were in the way .. lol ..they had log books and notes .. it was an entire process .. Jan said that he has his friends over, and they are soooo quiet down there; that she has to go down and check on them once in a while .. What a wonderful enjoyment for a 70+ year old man .. and all of the years of work that has been put into this .. It was AWE striking .. :) and the stories that he would tell .. He said that during the holidays Jan comes down and finds little figurines, and makes a list .. and then gives that list to the kids when they come over, and send them on a scavanger hunt .. How fun that would be .. he sent us on a small scavenger hunt, but telling us to try and find .. this or that ..

My goodness .. when we left, hubby and I couldn't stop talking about the afternoon .. We were both in awe .. I remember the train tracks that maybe made a couple of turns under the bed, when my brother set it up .. this was WAYYYYY beyond that !!!!!

I am in a good place right now.. I texted with Leonard yesterday morning, and he and I have a lunch set up for next Tuesday, which I'm looking forward to .. and on the way to Wii Bowling, I got a text from Linda .. asking how to do something .. I sent a note back, that I'll stop in this morning, because it was something that I couldn't pull out of my head, and couldn't just call her .. and I was on my way to Wii Bowling .. I told hubby that I'm actually really proud of them .. I honestly expected to have to turn off my phone when I left for a few weeks, but I've only had 1 text for help, and one call .. I'm very proud of them .. so I'm not upset about going in this morning .. I didn't have my day planned anyway .. as hubby is going to be with Mom up at the Dells .. I have the day planned as a bachlorette day ..

Tonight I'm going to the concert band concert that I enjoy every year .. It's an indoor concert, and I always enjoy it .. so that's where I'm going today !!!! :)

I do have to admit .. I had a "no step" day yesterday because I didn't wear my fitbit wannabe .. and I sat on my backside and napped when I got home. Hubby went to the mall, and I just ran out of energy .. literally .. so I stayed home .. I think my energy is still building up from my upset belly episode .. because even though I've taken naps; (literal sound sleeps) in the afternoons, I have been sleeping sound sound sound at night as well .. I think part of yesterday was because we got such wonderful fresh air yesterday afternoon .. :)

Today my fitbit wannabe will be put back on .. as I will be out and about, and I'll be busy today .. so hoping to definately get some steps in .. they are saying that it's cooler out today; so maybe get some stepping in at a park instead of a mall .. and since hubby isn't home, I don't have to worry about him worrying about me ..

Other than that -- I'm in a happy place, and life is being good !!!

I wish everyone else the same feeling of happy !!!!!! :)
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    178 days ago
    love the trains!
    178 days ago
    Thank you for sharing your train experiences at your friend's house. That must have been so fun. I love trains.
    178 days ago
    Glad you enjoyed the Wii bowling! Good exercise.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful lunch w/your friends. What a train set up! Sounds like they’ve had lots of wonderful adventures!

    OMG! That basement set up is just amazing!

    Nice to look forward to lunch w/Leonard. I am sure you’ll both enjoy that.

    Enjoy the concert tonight. Sounds like fun.

    Stay in your happy zone!

    178 days ago
    Enjoy your day
    178 days ago
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