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Happy Wednesday -- fussy belly seems to be settled, thankfully .. cuz going to a luncheon today !

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Well -- as I said yesterday .. something bit me at lunch, and it held through to yesterday afternoon ....

Let's start at the beginning

Before we left I had 1/2 cup of oatmeal mixed in with a greek yogurt ..

The ride to the Dells was uneventful and nice weather .. not like Sunday to up north .. :) We stopped at Madison to get our "free money", and that broke up the ride a bit .. :)

At "Baker Tilly" .. Our personal giggle -- that's about 1/2 way and we pull out a treat, he had some sausage sticks for our snack ..

We didn't go downtown, because I told him I could get the walking in inside .. and I did .. to the tune of 12567 steps by the time I went upstairs .. :) I was proud of myself .. :) and hubby got up and walked around the casino as well .. and got his stepping in as well .. :) He took on the challenges of finding me while he walked, and couldn't go back to the tables until he found me .. lol .. and finding someone amongst the slots is not an easy task .. lol .. so I can say "I" helped him get his steps in .. lol ..

We had lunch and went to the buffet .. at around 11:30ish .. and there wasn't much that was spiking my interest .. Their buffet really isn't the best I've been to, but we had a coupon .. I had a hamburger, a slice of pizza, a small piece of lazagna that was all ricotta; and a salsbury steak patty .. and then I had dessert .. of 1 sugar free square of a bar cookie, and then 3 other different bar cookies . I know I know .. it wasn't the best selections but nothing was flipping my fancy ..they changed their salad area, that makes it boring .. :( (I should have stuck with the boring salad .. lol)

About an hour later, my belly started doing super flip flops .. *rohroh* .. and the feeling of nausea started increasing .. thankfully it never got that bad, but I spent the afternoon eating pepto bismol and drinking gingerale .. Thankfully I had a travel tube of pepto in my purse .. old, but still in there .. and thankfully I found a soda machine that served gingerale .. I never knew if I liked it, but found out .. it's not that bad .. lol ..

With a couple visits to the restroom, and then finally I went up to the room, because the machines were not behaving, and it gave me a walk, since we were at the FAR end of the hotel .. (getting steppin in) .. lol .. and stayed there for a bit, while I took care of some matters .. lol Afterward I felt better, but still not the best ..

I went back downstairs, and felt a little bit better, and continued on .. I'm happy to say that I played with their money all day .. but didn't feel good enough to have my beer at the end of the day .. :(

I ended up going up to the room at around 9:30, after finding hubby; and playing our free money; and getting our freebees for points played .. and crashed .. oooo belly was still fussing.. I was wondering if it was lack of food, because I was getting lightheaded spells .. but just had a big drink of water, and felt better ..

Thankfully I slept good.. and through the night ..

I woke up in the morning, and got showered, and cleaned up .. and hubby offered to stop somewhere for a breakfast sandwich for me .. but I just had no interest .. We stopped at our soda store, and I got myself a Dew Lemon Lime .. and it was actually pretty good, and yes .. while it had sugar in it, it helped a bit with the fuzziness (I'm assuming from not feeling well, and not eating) .. and he offered again, and I turned down again ..

We were going to another stop before going home, and I wanted to make sure the 2 hour drive home; was uneventful .. Thankfully it was ..

Hubby had plans after we were done down in Milwaukee, to play golf with his friends, and so we stopped off home first, so I could take MY truck down to Potawatomi (free money downtown) .. I told him that I did NOT want the buffet, while I love their buffet, just didn't have the "want" yesterday .. so I declined .. With that he grabbed a couple of ham sandwiches when he left home ..

I left after we did our free money, and thankfully I played with their money again .. and we got at least 50% of our "free money" ..

Hubby left for meeting up with his golf outing, and I headed for home .. I stopped in at Joanne Craft store looking for something that I didn't find, but got a few other things instead .. lol lol ..

From there I stopped at Meijers, in hopes to find something to eat .. they had a special on their rotisserie chicken for 4.99 each .. so I grabbed one .. Chicken is good for a fussy belly ..

I also grabbed some port mush mush's, and some pickle sized cucumbers .. Yup -- I really didn't have a plan .. I wanted chinese .. lol lol ..

Well -- it was about 3:00 when I got home, so over 24 hours of no eating ... I ended up having 1/4 of the chicken, and saved the breast meat for later .. and that just opened the gates .. I had potato chips, and peanut M&M's .. and then I thought I had better stop .. and thankful I did .. I didn't have dinner last night (well .. DUHHHHH !!!!! ) ..

At least this morning, I'm enjoying some coffee .. YUMMM .. That's how bad it was .. I never had a cup of coffee yesterday .. lol lol lol ..

I had gotten home, and thought "I'm done" .. took my stepometer off; and it came in at 5400ish steps .. I was happy with that for as lack of energy I felt yesterday .. and changed into my "around the house attire" .. had my lunch and sat down .. The only movement I made was to go upstairs and throw our travel clothes into the wash .. and then back downstairs to sit again ..

I think I did at least an hour of sleep .. if not more ..

I didn't have any dinner, and when hubby came home I made it until 8:00 and then went upstairs to bed .. I was just totally zapped yesterday ..

I got a good solid night sleep, and today we have a luncheon with a couple of hubby's friends from Wii Bowling .. they invited the whole crowd over, and me .. :) This is a couple I've only met once, and they are the easiest people to talk to .. He is an avid model train person, and supposely has tracks running around the back yard because they are always talking about the darn squirrel derailing the train .. lol .. I'll let you know today .. :)

Thankfully my belly seems to be better this morning .. as I'm enjoying my coffee .. :) Whatever bit me, seems to be gone, thankfully .. however unfortunately, I'm not afraid to eat anymore .. lol lol . .BUT I have my right mind again .. lol lol

So with that being said .. tomorrow I have a day to myself .. Hubby is going to be taking mom to the casino in the Dells .. and I get to spend the day with me .. :) Not sure what I will do .. I'm thinking just hanging around the house would work .. lol .. playing in my playroom .. I told hubby I have had enough of casinos for a bit .. Sunday, Monday, Tuesday .. yup -- that's enough .. and it was fun because the machines played nice ..

This morning we're being entertained, by the Breakfast Club outside . :)

Okay -- gotta get myself some yogurt for breakfast .. so talk later .. :) I wish everyone a great day !!!! I'm going to have one !!!!
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