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Joining the vinyl revolution

Sunday, July 22, 2018

And no, I'm not referring to scouring the depths of my closet to see if I still have those horribly stifling, sweat inducing vinyl pants and top I bought for who the heck knows what reason some time in the previous decade. Rather, I'm talking about listening to records. You know, those platters of vinyl with the grooves on them that make noise when a needle is dropped on them and the platters are rotated? (I kind of feel like I need to explain that for some of the younger folks who might happen on this missive, just in case).

This is a development a few years in the making, really, because back in 2015 or 2016, I went back to visit friends in Madison, WI, and I ended up spending part of an afternoon helping a friends sort through his dad's record collection to figure out what he'd keep and which items he'd try to sell to a resale shop. From that latter category, he very generously allowed me to grab whatever I wanted, and so I filled up a tote bag of items from bands that I was mostly already familiar with, but didn't ever listen to on a catalog basis. So I have ~50 or so records that have been sitting around a while, with no record player, as that item migrated to my brother's house many years ago (for lack of space), along with whatever records I previously owned. I tried to remedy that late last year, grabbing a player for ~40 bucks, but it turned out to not come with a power cord, being of the 5v volt charger variety, When I tried to buy a charger off Amazon at the time, I failed miserably to realize that 5v chargers came in a variety of sizes, as far as the bit that plugs into the device goes.

It wasn't until last week that I happened to think of this issue while putting in another amazon order (I think I put in 5 orders in the meantime, and never thought to try again for the charger. And though I have an Amazon Prime subscription, it feels weird to put in an order for just one thing, hence the delay).

And so now I have a charger, and the player is nice and charged up, and the records are spinning, and I am totally rediscovering the joys of vinyl records! Including the pops and crackles (some of these albums are older than I am, so my knees sympathize)! Including records skipping! Including having to get up every 20 minutes or so to flip the records over! Well, that latter is probably a good thing, just to get me to move every once in a while, right?

Dunno how long this revolution will last, since I can see myself getting annoyed with not just being able to press the "next" or "play" button and have music pour forth. But in the meantime, I'm enjoying plucking out a random Elton John album, or an early effort by Chicago, and seeing what they have to offer beyond what has been on the radio all these years.

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