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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Oh Yes, I have my emails back, and all is wonderful. I must have mistakenly hit the spam key instead of the delete key, it did take a whole day to find this out. I was everywhere in here, place I had never been before, and here it was the easest solutions, so a big for sure.

Well S3 and DIL, S2 wife, have left to get back home, it was a fun day, got some little jobs done with Jason help. Got that 9 foot cactus re-potted in a larger pot, and now it is free-standing and not tied to the arch on the front patio. Went to the local Farmers Market, first time I ever went, Jason wanted to get some zucchini. Hubby sort of over drifted my garden with Round-Up and pretty well wiped it all out. About ready to find that man a JOB, this retirement for him has left him with nothing to do but yard work, and believe me went I say I feel for the grass, as if it grow a millemeter he is out that mowing, and a dandelion doesn't stand a chance, along with the garden, even my early Morning Glories, but at least the late one are doing great. LOL Well, at least I wont have to worry about doing any freezing anything. lol

Today is going to be a rest day, for sure. I couldn't go to sleep last night, and got up at midnight and read until after 2 and then drug myself to bed, again, and up a 7:30. Jason left at 6 to get home cause he had to go to work at noon, so I wasn't up when he left but Larry was, and DIL was meeting her dad for breakfast, so she was up and gone early also. So I see no reason why I can't take the rest of the day off. I did get all our bedding washed and hung out and will have to make the bed by 12:30 so hubby can get his nap in. And I really will not feel guilty taking the rest of the day OFF. So You, don't forget some ME time, and a little break.. Linda
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