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Friday, July 20, 2018

So I am doing the 30 day Plateau Busting Challenge and today it said to re-think my exercise and then blog about it. I haven't written a blog for several years, but here goes....

I find exercise a challenge for physical as well as mental reasons. Physically I am limited in the exercise I am able to perform and mentally I can't get myself to WANT to do it lol! I am always happy after I have exercised but never really want to until I am in the middle of it. Reminds me of that quote something like "I never like to write, but always love having written." Some people suggest sleeping in your workout clothes, that would mean basically sleeping in my Swimming Suit!

Water exercise is the most common way I exercise as I have difficulty with one of my ankles, having shattered it many years ago and have since had to have it fused from loss of cartilage and bone on bone action that made it very painful to jump, skip, hop or even walk. Well the fusion went well, but alas I have never really been freed from the effects of being longer on the planet as far as that goes, so I sill have quite a bit of pain in that joint. I know others who it never really affected that way after an ankle fusion, guess I'm just lucky.

Soooo, where as I used to do aerobics for 1-2 hrs per day or run the treadmill or tap dance or run 5 K's, I am now using my pool as my best friend and exercise machine. I spend one half to an hour each day (that I can force myself out there) exercising. I wouldn't dare call it swimming, as I don't think I ever learned to swim properly. Let's just say I found some exercise videos on You Tube, I bought some foam equipment at the pool store and I move around A LOT! My wife calls it "FLAILERCIZE". It may not be conventional, but hey, neither am I. I love the water, I am a Pieces and 95 % Mermaid. So I am very happy Flailercizing my heart out, once I can convince myself to get out there and do it. One would think that having a pool in your very own back yard would be motivation enough to go out there and exercise. One would think.

I also do seated exercise videos. I love love love Richard Simmons and still have the very first "Sweatin' to the Oldies" exercise video he did way back on the Ark...sometime in the 80's I think. It is a VHS version if that helps with the visual. I wore it almost out so I bought that same video on DVD. I have been able to revise it so that I can do it sitting down, although it GALLS ME! (I just had to look up how to spell that word! If you don't know what it means, you can look it up too.) Anyhow, I love him soooo much. I bought another one of his videos and started doing that one too, it's called "Disco Sweat." It is a great workout and he is so encouraging and says such great things, I actually worked out to it one time and paused it periodically to write down all of the encouraging things he says like "You're becoming Mighty! Mighty Man or Mighty Woman!" "Don't give up!" He might be a funny old Queen now who dresses for attention and rarely goes out, but I met him in person once and I can tell you he is the real deal, the genuine article. I may or may not have cried more than once while exercising to his videos because of the emotion I feel oozing out my eyes. Hey if it works...
I guess the point of this blog is to find out what works for you, AND THEN WORK IT. It refuses to work without you, I can attest to that.

Well I do run on (wish I could), hope all are doing well in your own little worlds on your own little journeys, letting us in on them now and then.

Until next time, PEACE emoticon
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    How did it go?
    111 days ago
    I wish we had a pool in our back yard.. I loved moving arou d in the water...i can't swim either.
    147 days ago
    Such a lovely post! I love Richard; he is himself and he seems to be a warm and loving soul.

    I wish I had a pool! I would probably spend three hours a day in there. Good for you for finding things that work for you. I'm still working on that. The only exercises I like are walking, swimming, and biking, so when my kid moves out of mom's guest room, we're going to put a stationary bike in there, but I sure wish we could put a pool in there instead. emoticon
    151 days ago
    Blessings to you too.
    151 days ago
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