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Happy Friday -- yesterday was an educational day of "herding cats" ..OMG! thankfully Quiet day today

Friday, July 20, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

I have come to the conclusion that driving mom and her friends is equivalent to trying to herd cats ... Yup -- Impossible ... lol lol ..

I played in my playroom yesterday morning until I was ready to leave .. working on Ben's birthday card .. and it's coming along great !!!

At 11:15 I left for mom's .. I had to stop and top off my gas tank; and then to mom's .. I have to say .. Mom is a putze .. I got there, and she had to put her shoes on, and she had to turn on a program so I could see something that she was talking about about a show .. she found a show called "Botches" .. and it's all about bad and stupid plastic surgeries and she wanted to show me .. well -- this made us leaving about 15 minutes later .. I'm telling her get ready get ready ..and her telling me .. "just a few more minutes" .. and she hasn't brushed her hair, or put her shoes on yet ..

So -- while she got herself ready, I watched the program .. so all was happy .. she had a cart full of puzzles to take downstairs and we got downstairs, and she went wandering down a different hallway .. ?? I called her back, and she explained that it was her normal to go to throw her trash out .... she doesn't go into the garage anymore .. Oh my goodness ..

Well -- I got her in the car, and the stuff that she wanted to take in the car .. and we were on our way .. The card party started at 1:00 .. Well -- I first got to Gail's house at 12:55 .. and it was at least a 1/2 hour drive to Jan's house (card party place) ..

We got to Gail's house, and mom wanted to get out and go up to the door ..?? So over unlevel grass I help mom to the sidewalk, where Gail comes out and asks if we got lost .. "No .. I just have a putze for a mom" .. and the Eunice comes out and she's walking with a cane, and mom was concerned about that .. I put the puzzles into Eunice's car, and make sure mom got into the car safely again; walking over the unlevel grass .. and then helped Eunice into the back seat .. Thankfully Gail got in on her own .. but don't worry .. we have Gail help coming up .. lol

Mom tried to make nice by explaining to the girls that it was her fault, and she told "Sally" that there was no real set time .. if we get there close it's good .. didn't work .. Sally was still wanting to get them there on time .. (not going to happen since we first left Gail's house at 1.. lol) Thankfully the lights and traffic worked WITH me instead of against me ..

We got to the house, and Lucy had parked in the driveway, and I was going to park angled behind her .. and thought different .. first off, the driveway was at a 30% incline; and 3 ladies with hard walking .. nope wouldn't work .. secondly, the drivers side of the car, was along the edge, and I was parked with maybe 1 or 2 feet from the side of the driveway .. one wrong step and down a cliff .. Nope -- that wasn't going to work .. Mom was telling me .. "you can just park here .. I said no .. because one wrong move and Eunice is going over the cliff" .. lol

So I snuck up closer to the garage .. and got out, and helped Eunice out; while mom and Gail got out the passenger side .. I looked at the front porch to get up .. and the step was high for me .. let alone 3 ladies that are hard on their feet to begin with .. so when Jan opened the door, I stood behind, and made sure the 3 were in the house .. thankfully I thought of doing that, because Gail .. the last of the 3 stumbled going into the house, and with me behind her; I could catch her .. thankfully it was just a small stumble ..

So -- with those 3 in the care of someone else, I decided to leave .. as I was leaving, I'm thinking .. "oh oh .. no air conditioning on .. the house is open, and mom is going to be sick .."
I thought it was nice, but mom insisted that it was hot yesterday .. Ok mom .. lol ... I live in the middle .. I have a husband that the hotter and humider the better; and mom where 70 is considered HOT .. ?? Whatever you say mom .. lol ..

But .. I was done .. until 5:30ish .. so I was off on my own .. I had planned on stopping to get my nails done, and then going to Kohl's to return that pair of shorts .. Well -- my plans got changed . I DID get my nails done, and thankfully I had Andy .. and for as sloppy as Tracy did last time, I made sure that I had a lighter shade; so they would HAVE to clean up the leftovers of the last 2 nail jobs .. I like his work, (he and his wife are the owners) .. and he didn't disappoint me .. :)

Very subtle copper .. and I love it .. he shortened them, and they feel sooo nice and fresh again .. :) LOVE THEM !!!!!

By that time it was 3:00 ish .. and I was trying to decide .. and made the decision .. it was late enough in the afternoon, and I have been fighting about stopping at the office .. well -- I decided to stop; and did .. being 3:00 .. it would be slower, and I wouldn't be interrupting anything .. and if they were busy -- I would just leave .. :) Well -- they weren't busy, and I ended up sitting and talking to Kim until about 4:30 .. Linda had to leave for her nail appointment; but I got to see her as well .. and the guys got busy by the time I left .. so I'll say goodbye to them next time .. :)

I left there, and thought ..Hey -- there's a Kohls in Waukesha down the road from Jan's house .. (on my way back to the area to pick mom and the girls up) .. and I was about 15 minutes away from the area and mom calls .. to pick up ..

I bypassed Kohls and got there to pick them up; came to the door, and there was man sitting the kitchen munching on something .. I knocked, and he looked over ... I said "the chariot's here for the girls" .. he barked back "WHAT? .. who are you?" .. I said "I'm here to pick up Betty and the girls" .. "Jan .. there's someone at the door .. JAN !!! " .. Okay MrGrump the girls were just in the next room ..

Jan came to the door to let me in .. and thankfully they had a fan going in the dining area; so that saved them on the open door concept, but Jan was sweating buckets .. it was mass mayhem .. the ladies were all gathering up their stuff; and mom was trying to help clean up the table ... trying to walk, and I stepped in as she handed me the snack bowls, and dishes; and Jan saying "don't worry about it" .. Mom carried 2 coffee cups and a bottle of water, and Deloris wanted a good bye hug; and well -- instead of putting the stuff down, mom gives her a hug, and yup -- you guessed it .. there was coffee still in one of the cups .. onto the hardwood floor; and thankfully missed the area rug .. Well -- I told everyone to just stop where they were .. didn't need someone stepping in it, and 1-trapseing it all over the house, and 2-slipping and falling .. and Jan wiped it up .. again .. Jan said "just leave it" .. and finally mom listened .. *sigh* ..

Okay -- wayy too much sensory overload .. and then Lucy asked how to get home .. and the way Mr Grump was directing her was into massive construction .. I made mention that that way was massive construction and he pretty much told me to shut up he was talking ... so I figured .. I knew how I was going .. Lucy would make it home eventually .. (she lives closer to my office) ..

And then the real challenge of herding the cats began .. Lucy was the first to go out the door, and she's agile enough to get down from the porch on her own, but then there was Deloris .. this little tiny thing, that couldn't figure out how to get down from the porch, there was no hand rails .. I told her I have a strong hand .. and she took it .. and gingerly stepped down .. She did lose her balance, but holding onto her hand we kept her standing .. and she was off to Lucy's car ..

I stepped down from the porch and turned around to help MY 3 down .. and I find my mom going off the side onto the mulch in the garden, Gail trying to step off next to me, and Eunice accepting my help like I intended going down the step .. Mom is unsteady on her feet to begin with, and she's off on the mulch working her way to the sidewalk ..Eunice is on her way to the car, and Gail is holding my hand accepting my help getting down the step .. Yup -- herding cats .. lol lol ...

I told them I was going a different way home .. as traffic was bazerk (rush hour), and it was the lesser of multiple evils .. (no construction to deal with including rush hour) .. lol .. they were fine with that .. (good thing because I was doing it anyway .. lol ) .. lol ..

We got to Gail's house .. nice and easily .. and again .. they were off .. lol .. I made sure mom was staying put as she opened the passenger door, and Gail was off, to go get mom's raspberry rhubarb jam; and I was standing there with Gail's jars that mom had brought her, and I walked Eunice out to her car, carrying some of her stuff; and thankfully mom stayed put .. In the meantime, Eunice points to a car waiting to get into the driveway, saying that was Gail's daughter .. I waved, and made sure she understood that I was working on herding the cats as fast as I could .. lol .. Finally Gail comes back from the back of the house, with mom's jam, and I trade the empty jars that mom brought with the full jars that Gail was giving to mom .. waving to the lady in the car across the street .. Mom is sitting there trying to talk to Gail, and I finally told mom .. Her daughter was waiting to get into the driveway .. (this was the 2nd time I told her she was just so enthralled with what was going on .. it finally sunk in .. lol)

I pulled out, and waved yet again to the lady .. and she smiled, so I think she understood what I was going through .. lol ..

And we're off .. by this time it was about 6:30ish .. and mom asked if we could stop at Culvers so she could get a couple of burgers .. which I said not a problem .. We finally got her home at 7:30 .. I was BEAT !!! but she gave me the biggest biggest hug .. I thought I was going to pop !!! She thanked me for all that hubby and I do for her .. and I told her it's payback time for all that you've done for me .. (us) .. and she looked at me .. "but I did the same for your brother" .. I told her "he's just a big dumb boy" .. and she laughed .. (if it was up to my brother he would help her as much as hubby and I do but we have a 3rd party involved here .. *sigh*) ...

So -- I was off .. I got downstairs and sighed a HUGE sigh ..

I stopped at Kohls, and returned my shorts, and by the time I got home, it was 8:30 .. and I was plumb tuckered out !!!! Hubby got home just shortly before I did .. and he suggested a couple of ham sammiches .. and I jumped at the chance .. I was hungry .. :) and then finished it with a bowl of frozen grapes .. :)

I slept like the proverbial dead .. only to be awoken once with a big bang .. they say that between lightning and thunder .. if you count 1 one thousand 2 one thousand .. etc etc .. you can determine how far away the lightning was .. well there was one .. the light went from the back window to the front window, and there was no 1 one thousand before the boom .. scared me, and I almost jumped closer to hubby !!! lol ..

Today is a quiet day .. I have nothing planned, and will be playing it by ear .. I told hubby I want to play a bit with my card I'm making .. and we'll play it by ear .. as starting tomorrow .. it starts all over again with a busy busy week ahead !!!!

So -- that's how you herd cats ..lesson 101 ..

Have a wonderful day .. I'm going to .. a QUIET wonderful day !!!!! :)

Tomorrow my blog may be late .. because I am meeting my friend from puppy club for breakfast !!! :)

Talk later!!! and have a wonderful day ...

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    I, too, LOVE the copper nails! Your story reminds me of the time we drove from Madison to Kiel to pick up Mom to go watch DS race. He told us to come early and we could get a ride around Road America before the race. We got to Mom's and she was busy making potato salad. We had to wait for her to finish. By the time we got to the race track, there was only time for one to get a ride and we gave that to Mom. Getting her in and out of that race car would have been so much easier if she had smaller feet. Thanks for the memory.
    187 days ago
    Thank you for this. I was giggling! Love the color of your nails!
    187 days ago
    I soooo can relate to to waiting for your elderly mom to get ready to go. Years one's patience.
    187 days ago
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