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Calling this goal ACHIEVED.

Thursday, July 19, 2018

I can't believe how good I feel about myself these days! After feeling like a failure for so long, SP has helped give me back my confidence! Aaaaahhhhhhh! And that's only since June 4, 2018.

I haven't set any weightloss records. In fact, I hit a bit of a plateau coinciding with the 4th of July (coincidence? I think not.). The scale has started moving again (down 13.4 since June 4), but that's not what has given me so much feeling of success today.

I've been a rabid step tracker since I started this. I try to go with the "don't go to sleep unless you met your step goal" attitude every day. Of the last 45 days or so, I missed step goal 3 times. I've also been building up my steps. I started at 5,000 a day and that was a struggle. I work at a computer all day, so getting up and moving is never just a happenstance. I have to make myself step away from work and circle the floor or something to get in steps.

And it is no small feet (misspelling intentional!). My tootsies are a mess. The doctor told me that for every pound you carry, your feet and knees feel twice that impact. So these babies have been lugging around 500 pounds. I think I have a heal spur in one foot. I have plantar fasciatis in both feet. The first several steps every time I get up to move feel HORRIBLE. But I keep doing it!

I've steadily increased the number of steps week by week to this week where I hit my 8,000-a-day level. When I started this new journey, I had targeted 10,000 and was going to keep increasing as the weeks went by to get there, but I've made a new decision: 8,000-a-day is it. I'm not trying to go easy on myself. I'm not giving up a goal. I'm recognizing that with a desk job, getting to 8,000 steps is challenging and I honestly don't think with the demands of work I will be able to maintain a 10k, even if I got there. If it isn't realistic to get there very regularly, I know I'll give up all-together. There's not a lot of gray in my life...I'm a black or white kind of girl. So calling it at 8k is what will ensure I'll keep going.

And can I just say that I never thought I'd get to 8k? I am so excited I'm a walker! I've achieved my goal and I'm thrilled!!

One step at a time.
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