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Thankful Thursday ... I'm thankful that I am learning how to CHILL !! :) Have a good one!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

My day yesterday was one for the books .. I was relaxed, and I had fun !!! I left here at about 9ish and didn't get home until after 5 last night .. :) ....

I stopped at Kwiktrip and got myself a lightbulb breakfast sandwich and a soda .. and was on my way .. I'm happy to say that my road trip was uneventful .. No goofy drivers, no animals jumping out in front of me .. and did you know that Wisconsin is a BEAUTIFUL state ... Only had 1 deer up north cross the road, but it was far enough in front of me, that I could slow down safely .. and beautiful as she bounded up the hillside ... sorry .. no picture .. I just watched in awe ... :)

I was proud of myself that I made it up there, without the use of GPS .. :) and then over to Wittenburg without the use of GPS as well .. I was GPS FREE !!!! lol lol lol ...

I played a bit at each location .. hubby gave me some money; and I just enjoyed myself .. when it started to get frustrating, I stopped .. and moved on .. I played my free money and it came out good !!! :) and then headed on a DIFFERENT route for the ride home .. :)

I stopped at Clintonville, and had my lunch at Culvers and sat by the window and watched the world go by while I was eating ..:)

I got back out to the car, and set up my Pandora for the ride home .. I listened to Frank Sinatra, Andrews sisters, and Patty Page ..Happy ride home .. :)

I got off the freeway early, and took the country roads home .. and it was GREAT !!! Much less pressure (since it was coming to rush hour traffic), and prettier drive home .. going through the little towns .. :)

I got home and I was totally relaxed ... I didn't have any dinner because I had just eaten an hour or so earlier .. and was still full, but I did have my bowl of frozen grapes .. and putzed around the house .. :)


I did find out that leaving the 'kids' alone for the day .. hubby was off in his direction, I was off in mine .. some hyjinx is going to happen .. :)

I came upstairs and what was peaking out from my pillows ??? THREE little sets of eyeballs .. lol lol.. Yup -- they've been doing really well at training Lolly .. :) while they've been teaching her the basics that they were supposed to .. they are teaching her how to get into trouble as well .. good thing she's a good learner .. lol lol

Today will be chauffering mom to her card game with her friends this afternoon .. I'm also picking up her other friends because Eunice can't figure out where this home is; and it made her nervous .. I told mom I would be happy to pick her up .. ... so I'll be their chauffer for today as well .. :) I left the whole day open for them ..

In between dropping them off, and picking them up .. I want to run to Kohls and return one of my pair of shorts .. :( They fit .. Only if I don't breathe, and I figured yesterday while I was driving by myself, and only myself to talk to; that I have enough "wish" clothes .. I don't need more .. so happily the other pair fits, and I would LIKE another pair like that .. Normally Gloria Vanderbilt is my favorite; but the other pair is a Sanoma .. I thought I may as well return them; and maybe get another pair of Sanoma's .. :)

I want to stop and see if my nail place is busy -- if not .. I'm thinking of getting my nails cleaned up (and shortened) ... because next week is another busy week and they are getting too hard to fuss with .. so may stop there as well ..

See -- I'm having an exciting life this week .. I am really HAPPY I'm having such an exciting life this week !!! as next week is back to crazy again .. :)

I got about 6500 and change worth of steps .. just by walking around the casinos, parking at the end of the lots, and walking back and forth and back and forth .. At North Star .. I got my piece of luggage, and took it out to the car; and then back to the casino, walking around and playing my free money .. from one end of the casino to the other, and back again ..

I drove to Wittenburg, and parked at the end of the parking lot again, and walked to the casino .. walked around the casino, and played one end then the next .. and back again, and then took a glass of soda and ice out to the car, and dumped it in my glass from Kwiktrip in the morning, and then back to the casino to throw the garbage away ... and back out to the car .. That gave me enough to get to the Culvers in Clintonville ..

Where I parked in the back of the lot; and walked to the restaurant .. had my lunch/dinner, and got myself a refill on my soda; and walked out to the car; dumped it in my glass I had been using since the morning, and walked back to the restaurant to throw away my garbage ..

Just those simple actions; created 6500 steps for myself .. :) (and change) ..

Other than that.. I know I know.. a pretty boring day, but heck .. we all need alittle boring in our lives .. The most excitement from yesterday was watching 2 hummers fight over the feeder last night .. they were making one heck of a fuss !!! lol lol .. evidentally they were never taught to play nice .. lol

So -- with that being said .. I wish everyone a great day !!!!

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    185 days ago
    That does sound like a perfect day.
    188 days ago
    OMG I am headed your way to learn to chill-lol!

    Do you have a shopko by you? Went on a road trip today with my son. We stopped at Shopko and in the men's dept they were having a sale on 'fun' socks. 2 for $5. Anyhow Bailey's ? socks at 2 for $5 one of their 'fun' socks was black with very colorful Unicorns all over them. My son almost got them because they were so fun and colorful! I thought of you. I even said 'My friend from SP would love these.' He got over $20 worth.
    188 days ago
    Good for you for having a good sense of direction! Man, I’d be LOST! LOL

    Awwwww! The 3 lil amigos look adorable peeking from under the covers! Hey, it coulda been worse, right! LOL

    Have a good day chauffeuring your Mom around. And her friends. I am sure she appreciates it.

    Sounds like you had the perfect day yesterday and hope today is as well.


    188 days ago
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