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Passing on Good Advice From My Doctor!

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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Yesterday I saw my Doctor for my Annual exam. I thought I would share some
good points she made! And, in particular, about the scale! Be it friend or be it foe!
the "scale."

In a condensed version, this is the conversation.

"Your bone-density-was good and showed remarkable improvement from your last one."
adding, "You are now at low risk for fracture."
"Your labs were good, but I would like to see some improvement on your LDL." (that's the bad cholesterol and she wants to see it lower)
"It is not worrisome, and not enough to start you on medication."

"As for the scale, I would advise you to stop weighing so often. The scale can't tell you anything, but fluid levels, which change daily, causing one to think they lost or gained weight." The scale will not reveal if you gained or lost: fat, fluid or muscle!"

"Rather than focus on the scale, focus on daily exercise, primarily weight bearing (for me) and continue to eat calcium rich foods and take your Vitamin D daily, even if you are out in the sunshine."

And last:
"You are only taking one medication now?" …. And after discussing, we agreed even that is unnecessary now. And so, no more medications and no more standing in a long line at the pharmacy!

But what will I do now? Take her advice and put this in my journal where I will see it often!

You see I have a short term goal, from week to week, but since I do not do New Years, Resolutions on January 1, I like to challenge myself from "Birthday to birthday." … I know the improvements I need to make and therefore like to "outdo" myself on my next birthday annual exam as I did this year!! ..
Works for me so I am happy and excited!!

Why can't you be happy Charlie? I'm just saying what the Doctor said!

Thanks for listening, and let's keep going on this 'health-minded' journey, shall we?
P.S. I just got home from the most fun Dance class ever! It was fast moving and intense and I can't wait to go to it again! I love trying new things!
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