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Wonderful Wednesday !!! I'm learning ... Learning the process of RELAX !!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Ohhhh yesterday was one of the most wonderful quiet days I have had in well .. I can't remember, because I can't remember having a "quiet day" .. before Monday and then yesterday .. I have to LEARN how to deal with the quiet lol .. and I'm excited to learn !!!!!

It started while hubby was out and about doing his Tuesday morning thing.. he went for his free money, and then went to the mall to walk .. I turned on my ceiling fan, and opened up the house .. FELT LIKE HEAVEN !!!!!!

I went upstairs and started working on Ben's birthday card .. and well -- just like I expected was having a brain challenge .. The only thing harder than making a man's birthday card, is doing sympathy cards .. I'm thankful for samples to look at on Pintrest ... and on line .. to give me ideas .. I think I have a solution .. but we'll see if it comes out of my head; down my arm, and out onto the paper the way I want .. lol .. but when I started .. I had fun with my startups .. (which required dry time again .. )

So -- when it was drying, I went and started playing puzzle.. hubby had texted me that he was almost done, and "what did I want for lunch" .. I told him Mac and cheese, with sausages; Burger King ... mom gave him some coupons .. and then I remembered he had a gift card for Taco Johns, and I emphatically texted "TACO JOHNS" .. he picked mac and cheese with sausages .. *DOH !!!* ... lol lol ..

Soooo I went downstairs to make up some macs and cheese .. and thankfully I found 2 boxes .. lol lol .. I had 2 small bowls of macs and cheese and then a bowl of frozen grapes for dessert ..

After my "CHEW" was done (love that show), I got myself put together, and ready for my walk .. the weather was gorgeous; and the sun was out and the sky was blue !!!

I went for my walk, as hubby got dressed to go out to pull weeds .. I found a set of ear buds, stuck one in my ear, and was on my way .. hubby asked if I wanted to take a bottle of water.. I said no .. I would be back in an hour, and I just took a drink before leaving .. :)

I found a station on Pandora for "cardio exercise" .. upper beat music .. so that's what I listened to .. I can only have one earbud in .. I'm one of those weird people that needs to listen whats going on around me .. lol lol need to keep one ear open .. lol

I started out on my walk, and so enjoying the fresh air .. I walked and I walked ... I WAS going to add to my walk at the end but decided against it because I was tired .. but I did go around the block at the end of the subdivision, and so happy that I did ..

I walked past the farm, and was going to take a picture of the Llama; but he decided to take a dust bath as I walked around the corner .... but then I saw ..

Mama and baby .. and both were very curious of my standing on the road .. I wish I could have figured out how to blur the fencing, and focus on the horses .. but alas .. I couldn't, I didn't want to walk over to the fence, because some of them are electrofied (yes .. I know from experience from years before) .. lol .. not to mention .. I didn't want to be on their property, even though I knew that I was not causing problems didn't want to upset the horses..

So -- I walked around the block to end up back at our main road in our subdivision .. I didn't push myself like I did that other day .. but still played "no backsies" .. lol lol .. I just turned earlier without pushing myself ..

I walked, and passed up the street behind me .. that I was going to add "Eddie walk" .. this is a 1 mile walk from my home .. it's called an Eddie walk, because there was a border collie (I know he's gone now), but his name was Eddie .. and I had to keep telling hubby to just walk .. he won't hurt you .. lol .. Hubby is nervous around bigger breeds, and Eddie made it worse by bolting out to the road, "smiling" ... That's all it was was he was smiling .. he was just a friendly dog, that didn't listen .. and would come out to say hi .. So --- that is the "Eddie walk" ..

This was toward the end of my walk, and while I was enjoying just walking .. I thought against it, because I had been sore and didn't want to push myself .. (yes I'm sore this morning .. but that's okay -- it was worth it!!!) So I passed the turn for the Eddie walk ..

Our street is the next street down .. and are you ready for a sweet ending to my story ?? Good cuz you're going to get it .. :)

I was about 2 doors down from our home .. (our homes are set apart from each other), and as I was passing the mailboxes, I heard a car slowing down behind me .. While we have neighbors that will stop and talk when we are on walks, I turned, and there was happy hubby ..

He said he was warm pulling weeds, and it was almost an hour; and I didn't have water with me .. and he was worried .. and brought me the leftover of the bottle of water that I took a swig out of when I left ..

He drove all over the subdivision looking for me .. and around the outside of the subdivision .. and my heart just bursted !!! It made me feel so warm and tingly inside .. I thought that was the sweetest thing !!!!! I could do nothing, but say thank you, take the bottle, and smile the rest of the way home !!!! He was worried about me !!!!!!

I got home, and took a lounge chair out to the front porch, and watched the world go by .. Do you know I haven't just sat and watched the butterflies fly by, the bees flying from one plant ot the other, listened to the birds, and watched the clouds drift by .. in well .. FOREVER !!!!

I played "what do the clouds look like" .. I haven't sat and played that since I was a child .. Yes .. I've seen things in clouds; but always in passing.. I haven't sat and actually LOOKED to see the things in clouds .. in ages .. I saw this cloud and saw puppy playing happily .. her ear was flying on the top, and behind a bit was her little tail feathers with her tail held high; like when she would get her zoomies .. her little mouth was in front; and open .. and she was happy !!!

As I was sitting there, just being, and enjoying the breeze (front gets morning sunshine, so I was happily in the shade), and just the quiet ... I hear humming ..

My hummer came up and went to the hummer food, and must have seen me .. I sat very still, and he flew away .. all of a sudden I hear him again, and by this time I had my camera ready. He flitted about 4 feet in front of me .. The pattern he was flying in; looked like he was checking out this new "ornament" on his patio .. lol lol .. I got him, and just as I clicked, he moved .. I ended up with a picture of grass and trees .. but .. he landed on the feeder, and while I sat very very still; I got a few pictures of him .. :)

and then a fly flew into my face and I twitched .. and he flew off .. *bummer* .. You'd think with 100 eyes the stupid fly could see me .. lol lol ... maybe I was sitting too quiet .. lol ..

I sat out there for about an hour.. and just enjoyed the moment .. it was wonderful !!!!

I came in for dinner .. (finished up the mac and cheese, and had my bowl of frozen grapes for dessert) .. and after cleaning up the kitchen .. went upstairs, to play with my puzzle .. and I finished it up last night .. :) Now I'll use that table for my die cutter for my cards .. but I got that finished .. :) and crawled into bed about 7:45ish .. my ankles were hurting .. soooooo

I was very surprised .. going to bed so early; I thought Oh No .. I'm not going to sleep .. WROOONNNGGGGG!!!!! The fresh air and my walk; must have just been enough .. (and of course hubby watching the Allstar baseball game .. (that would put me to sleep no matter what ) but I slept the night .. ALL NIGHT and I slept good!!! and I feel great this morning .. sitting here and chatting with friends and sipping my coffee !!!

This morning the sun is out and the sky is splattered blue, with some light clouds, high temperature is supposed to be upper 70's and Sally is going on a little day road trip .. :) I'm excited .. a whole day to explore the upper Wisconsin area .. Yes .. my main stops are the casinos; for my luggage piece, and free moneys but just the chance to get out for a drive .. I'M EXCITED !!!!!! Hubby is already not expecting me home at any specific time, and I'm just going to take my time ... He left me with a Culver's gift card, and some money, but I'm going with the main purpose of the drive .. just to be on my own, and just relax !!! EXCITED !!!!!!!!!!!

Have a wonderful day !!! I'm going to !!!!!! Taking Elsie on her maiden voyage !!!!
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