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Happy Monday -- It's official .. My brain has come to the realization .. I'm RETIRED !!!

Monday, July 16, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

I finished the August cards, and took them over by mom to show her .. I was so proud of them .. She said charging $2 each was good as well .. so that's what I'm shooting for .. but between you and me .. I don't care really about the money .. it was fun .. and it was fun getting back into the ooeeii goooeeyyy of the glues, and my imagination .. :) because it was stuff I had around here .. (even the stuff I picked up .. I found I had duplicate stuff here) .. lol

I WAS going to make the envelopes as well .. but I am not THAT sure of myself yet .. so I just decorated (coordinated) the stock envelopes that I have ..

These are the boy's cards ... Leonard and JT

These are the cards for the girls .. Linda and Lois

and my mega favorite .. new technique I learned at the stampshow .. :)

I know I know .. lotsa pictures .. lol .. I wanted to take them over to the office and drop them off after mom's, so I took all the pictures for my "craft" file .. :) I'm actually really proud of them .. and they were fun to do ..

I looked at my list .. my next card is due 10/19 .. and then I have 3 in December .. and then I was going to make Kim's for January .. and give it to Linda .. by then she'll know the routine going on .. and then I have one for the "other" Kim in May, and then Jimmy in July !! Yup -- I think I can do this .. :) I told her that if she wants the driver "John" included she has to send me his birthday .. because he got hired after I turned over the payroll job .. :)

Soooo I think I can do this .. I was telling hubby it's not like it's BAM BAM BAM .... assembly line cards .. those aren't fun, and when she offered for me to do this; I thought it was something for her son's wedding coming up in August .. and that's where my hesitancy was .. but since it's spread out .. I've got no problems with it ... :) and it's fun !!!!

Anywho .. I dropped them off at the office ..and while I was there, I looked at Linda's list of questions .. and wrote answers in red .. They weren't hard questions, but the one I don't know if it's right .. It was the login and password for the counter camera .. and well -- I think I have it .. but not sure .. it's been a long time since I've accessed it .. I walked next door to look at my little brown book .. and found it.. and thankfully because the office side of the building was not locked.. the outside door was locked but not the inside door .. :)

So -- I was the "ghost in the night" .. lol lol .. I locked everything up and left .. felt like old home week .. I made a resolve to not go in and visit before August .. Just like I did at puppy club, but the Bearings staff said I couldn't wait a year... lol lol .. Had no intention of that .. but one month .. that would be good .. That way they work on solving the problems on their own .. :) and I'm proud of them .. there's only been one call from Linda and that was one that I worked through with her on fixing an error on one of the printers .. it was easy enough to just unplug the network cable and plug it back in .. but we went through the list of "what to do first BEFORE you throw it out the window" .. lol lol .. So I'm proud of them !!!

I did get a text from Linda while I was on my overnighter with happy hubby .. The OTHER Kim stopped in .. the sad news is they are taking her entire foot .. :( the happy news is she stopped in ..and said hi to me .. with Sally on a Stick .. that went over well .. :)

I had a fun time at mom's yesterday .. we played a MEAN puzzle .. a 750 piecer, and boy the pieces were very very uncooperative .. it was a picture of a flower garden .. and oh my goodness .. there was so much color flow, that wrong pieces fit in, and you didn't discover they were wrong until you found the piece next to it ?? and looked closer .. There is a piece in the frame that's wrong, but for the life of us, we can't find it .. because there is one piece missing, and the one piece that we have; fits half of the missing piece, but not the other half .. so we faught with that ..

and then I figured out how to get into her voice mail .. (pretty standard, but voice mail's are still new enough to me, and I didn't want to mess up any of her other settings that Ceile had put in) .. She kept telling me that her phone was cleared out .. I told her no .. it still says "new voicemail" .. Sooo -- I figured out how to get in to find that she was totally set up ..Sooo I finished the setup .. then I proceeded to clean out the voice mail .. 273 messages worth going back over a year .. *rolling eyes here* .. I told her she doesn't have to worry about it, when I come over I'll check it and give her a list of people she needs to call back .. and we'll keep it cleaned out .. lol ..

So -- it was a good day yesterday .. a relaxed day .. I didn't show many steps, but all the walking I did prior to 12:30 when I left; was without my fitbit wannabe .. :)

I did laundry, and then walking back and forth while I was doing the diecutting .. because I haven't cleaned up my playroom yet; so I have to set my table up in the big bedroom .. I am hoping to clean out my playroom after summer .. and the nice weather .. I'll have plenty of time to clean it out then .. it just frustrates me because I can't set up my other work table in there .. and I want to do things with my sewing machine !!! GRRRRR !!!! I wanna I wanna I wanna .. don't worry ... I will .. lol lol ..

Today .. I get to just be ME .. hubby is spending the afternoon with mommy taking her shopping, and I just get to be me. We are planning on stuffed (for me) baked taters for lunch, and I'm not sure what I will get into today .. but taking advantage of just a quiet day .. Yup -- I have a quiet day !!!! :) How cool is that !!!!! ???? I know.. believe it when I see it !!!! I'm planning on finishing up with my laundry .. and let's just see where today takes me .. :)

It's a quiet week ahead .. tomorrow I really don't have any plans as of yet, and Wednesday "I" am taking a road trip up north; and getting my piece of luggage, and just playing free money .. and coming home .. I told hubby I just want to take MYSELF a road trip .. stopping where I want and doing what I want .. just having a day without "going and coming" .. I've enjoyed the rides with him .. but it's get up there, and come back .. and if we do anything in between it's in the casinos .. and I feel guilty spending money just to stretch my legs a bit.. I told him that next week Monday and Tuesday we are on an overnighter again .. in the Dells .. and I'll have my playtime then .. so I'm just going to play the free money and be on my way .. but this way I can go at "my" time .. and he can go to his Wii bowling group in the afternoon ..

Thursday I am playing chauffer with mom and her friends .. to take them to their card game at another friend's home .. and then Friday is another quiet day .. (so far) .. Saturday is breakfast with my puppy club friend, and Sunday hubby and I will go up north for my last piece of luggage .. :) (because I have next week off from mom) .. Then we fall back into a mega busy week again .. "which end's up" ..

Where in heaven's name is the "quiet" that I was supposed to experience in the retirement life .. Oh wait .. TODAY IS MY OFFICIAL FIRST DAY OF RETIREMENT .. per my brain .. because it's been 2 weeks .. and I think my brain is wrapping around the idea, even though we had difficulty and a "conversation" last night .. Sunday night .. I have to get to bed because I have to get up in the morning .. But my "Touched by an angel" comes on at 9 pm .. and goes to 10 .. but I have to get up in the morning .. No you don't .. you can sleep in .. nothing going on tomorrow .. but ... no .. but ... no .. but .. no .. oh okay .. :)

So, according to my brain .. I think today is my official realization that I'm retired .. *still thinking here* .. this is a new feeling .. one I haven't had yet .. and having a quiet week will bring it into realization .. This will my new normal .. :)

Okay -- I'll stop .. I know I'm talking in circles today .. I wish everyone a great day .. and make everything you do the best of your abilities !!!!!!
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