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Silly Saturday

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Yes, today I want everyone to do something SILLY. Play a practical joke on the hubby, or make him a silly card, make your dog think you are going for a walk and then change your mind for a couple minutes, dance in the kitchen to a 1960's doo-wop song, drive around the block a couple times, just let your imagination flow. But do some silly. I know we can all think of something. I love playing jokes on Larry, so I will think of a good one today. lol

Was busy this morning, got chores done, got in a nice walk, with Duke, and Merlin, but of course Merlin sort of peppers out after about 50 actual steps, but Duke can walk forever. Then came in and washed my hair, changed clothes, even put make-up on, wow, the hubby took me grocery shopping, got in the store, and couldn't find my list, thought I had left it home when hubby called me and asked if I forgot the list, and that it was in the van, so asked him to meet me at the door, I sort of already had almost all of the items on the list. So the old brain is still pretty well with it. They had a few bargains for the week, like center cut loin chops for .77 each, limit of 20, so got 20. that will be 10 meals, and also $2.00 off bag of chicken breast, so that will help in the freezer, as BIL is not butchering till later this fall, and the meat department in there is getting scarce. Got home from town and stuff put away and then made a jello salad, and creamed cucumbers for supper tonight, and then fixed dinner(lunch). and now I am watching a scary movie I taped a couple weeks ago and haven't had time to watch it. And later, beings it is so nice out I just may get in another walk, me 5% challenge is not going well at all, cause the weather and the dizzies have kept me from do a lot, so if the dizzies stay away I have to do as much as I can when I can. Suppose to be cooler all week so maybe next week will be better.

Going to let you go, so take care and enjoy the weekend. And have a GET day. Linda
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