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Happy Saturday .. Bastille days and Sussex days in my plans for today .. walking!!!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Yesterday was another quiet day .. still fighting with ouchies of standing in line for 2 1/2 hours on Wednesday .. but I think today we are going to a few places that will require walking .. lol

After I finished with my blogging, I went upstairs and got myself ready .. as hubby wasn't home, and well -- I had the morning to myself .. I wanted to run some errands ..

So -- I got myself cleaned up and ready to go, and gathered all my stuff I needed to take with me; jumped in the car and went .. I stopped at Walgreens for a new set of arch supports for some reason I can't find mine if my life depended on it .. I found the supports just not the holders .. lol .. sooo now I have a new set .. and of course I thought of one place I didn't look .. lol and that's probably where they'll be .. But anyway .. I found one, and wore it on my worst foot, and it worked wonderfully .. :)

From there I went to the post office and dropped off the last of my thankyou cards . YAY !!!! and while I'm pulling into the post office .. I get a phone call ...and it's from hubby .. he's on his way home, and while he scared the bageezers out of me .. (it's the first time I got a call in mom's car .. and well -- imagine just surfing along with the radio station, and all of a sudden my "phone ring" comes shooting through ... yup -- woke me up really fast .. lol) Well -- he was on his way home, and wanted to know what I wanted for lunch ?? I don't know ???? So I told him ... my mind was not on food, and I'm out running errands .. we can meet at home around noonish, and decide then .. and he agreed ..

I go into the post office and bought myself some pretty stamps, and well -- sent out my cards .. Leonard's needed extra postage .. lots of extra postage .. but that's okay .. I considered he got me a $50 gift card .. a bit extra postage is worth the thank you ... lol ..

After I left the post office I ran over to Kohls .. I have figured I needed a couple more pair of shorts .. I haven't lived in shorts this much in years .. and well -- the shorts that I have are ... wellllllll .. wearing thin .. lol I treated myself to 2 new pair of shorts .. and of course .. I'm now a 2x comfortably .. 1x sometimes, and thankfully 3x is loose .. but I found 1x (18) and 3x (22) .. and 24s .. but only 2 pair (in the styles that I was looking for) in 20's .. BUT I found 2 pair .. and that's all I wanted .. I have more than enough tops, and pants ... I just wanted 2 pair of shorts .. YAY !!!

And then after I succeed and walked out with my shorts, I went over to Office Max to get my neon paper ..for the card project I wanted to work on .. I had a vision in my head, and while I found out I did have the paper at home ... now I have more .. lol lol ..but I walked around, and tried to find "black" paper .. the only one that they could have for me, was construction paper .. well -- I found a pad that had thicker paper .. and picked that one up .. only to find that I had had actual black cardstock at home .. Oh well .. it's not like it's going to go to waste .. lol .. but I made sure I had what I needed ..

By the time I got home .. hubby wasn't home yet, so I pulled my fudge out that my friend had given me on Tuesday ... Fudge is my ultimate favorite sweet (at least the same level as ice cream if not a step higher .. lol) and my friend knows that I love it .. She usually makes me a small container for Christmas .. but as I was leaving on Tuesday from our dinner, she pulls out this 8x8 pan of FUDGE !!!! OMG !!!!! Well -- what I do is I cut it in single serving (about 1x1 squares) size, and then wrap up 3 in plastic wrap, put the little packages in a ziplock, and put them in the freezer .. That way I have a sweet treat, and while I could go back for 2 or 3 little packages .. it would have to be a conscious effort to do so .. and that mental thing of only having 1 piece .. ergo .. that's why I have 3 pieces per little package .. It's all a mental game .. lol

However .. I started cutting that up and hubby came in .. I told him I could throw my fudge back in the pan and put it in the refridge if he wanted to get going to ??? and he told me no --to finish doing up the fudge (I was thankful .. a pan full of little bite size pieces loose in the refridge .. that would have been dangerous !!!! ) So we talked about lunch while I was wrapping all my little packages .. and we decided to go to Culvers for 2 piece fish fry .... and even agreed we could eat it there ..

We were enjoying our lunch, and all of a sudden hubby gets all excited and worked up .. and "The Bearings van is out there .. the Bearings van is out there!!!!" .. and low and behold ..

I told him if would have been Ben or Jeff (our old driver) I would run out, but it was John, and I never had a warm fuzzy feeling for him .. but he did his job well .. so my feelings had nothing to do with it .. so I shot a text to Linda, asking if "Culvers was a new customer of ours" .. lol lol lol (Yes -- the drivers can stop for lunches on the road .. lol) but I laughed because hubby was sooo animated because he saw the Bearings van .. lol lol ..

The lunch was really good, but definately filling .. I told him I would just have a salad for supper (to eat something for my antibiotic) .. I told him I don't like the feeling of being over stuffed anymore .. and well -- while I wasn't stuffed .. as since I know I have to eat something at the beginning and the end of the day in order to take those pills; I have been trying to only eat one substantial meal ..

I've found that having a greek yogurt in the morning (or evening) is enough to keep my belly happy with the antibiotic .. so at least I don't have to feel like I have to have a full meal in order to take it .. YAY !!!!!

Hubby dropped me off home, as he wanted to go to the mall and do his walking .. I was still hurting from all that standing on Wednesday .. It's surprising .. exercise and walking .. I feel fine, but standing or sauntering will take it out of me for a number of days .. I'm hoping now that I have my foot supports again .. I won't have that problem .. I think my skeletal system is thrown off kilter .. :) because my feet and ankles have been hurting bad .. but I've been pushing through them .. I have a few more weeks, and then I will be calling the doctor to have a look at them .. it's to the point that if I take my shoes off, my feet go BOING and it's struggle to put shoes back on .. let alone put any shoes on that can be worn with summer dresses ..ARRRRGGGHHHH !!!!!

Whoops ... got off the track again !!!! Okay I'm back .. :)

I played yesterday afternoon, and had some super fun !!!!

The "boys" cards ...

Needs "birthday" on the bottom right corner

Needs "happy birthday" down the right side

The "girls" cards ... er .. card .. the other one needed dry time, so that's not assembled yet ..

This will have "happy birthday" on the top right corner ..

and then the one that's drying .. It was a new technique, and I wasn't quite sure how it would work, but it turned out cool .. and well -- I'm taking my time with it a bit .. as it was sticky when I finished, so I left it set over night to dry thoroughly .. It's done on glossy photo paper ... and because you color the stamp itself.. it looks like watercoloring when your done .. with watermark in the background ..

Here is the picture .. I'll probably assemble it later today or tomorrow morning..

So -- I got my fingers all oooeyyy goooey, and couldn't munch .. lol lol ..

For dinner I had my salad, with "too much" leftover crab meat .. (salty) .. but it was good .. yummy .... Loving my salads !!!!!

I slept good last night .. :)

Today I'm getting myself back out, and back to my walking .. Hubby and I are going to Bastille days downtown, and then to Sussex days ..and yes .. it will be the dreaded sauntering; but I'm hoping that if I wear the supports, it won't throw my body off kilter again ..

and then going to Sussex days (local Kiwana's festival) .. and then home.. Right now it's wet and cloudy, but they say the sun should start coming out.. With the humidity I should be pretty well drained by the time I get home .. but it will be activity and heck .. I'm getting pretty used to "sweating" .. er.. "sparkling" .. lol lol ...

I did get a surprise yesterday .. yesterday morning, Leonard sent me just a generic text with a picture of him and my Maxie boy .. lol .. That was a sweet surprise ..:) and then I talked with Linda yesterday .. she had a problem with one of the printers, and I walked through what I do .. the final step being "toss it out the window" .. lol lol .. and got it working again .. I'm not specialized in IT, and for me it's pretty much a process of elimination .. and years of dealing with the situations .. lol .. and that's what I told her.. she apologized for calling, and well -- I'm very impressed .. it's been 3 weeks ..:) and what she called about wasn't something that we actually talked about (one of those things called .. gotta have the problem arise before you can show how to fix it) .. so I was fine with it .. (as long as it doesn't open up a gate

She did say that she had a list of questions .. so the first time I stop by I better expect to stay awhile .. however .. I told her .. I made a promise to myself .. that it would be AT LEAST not before August .. so sounds like my first visit I better plan on some time .. lol lol .. but I'm very impressed that I haven't gotten phone call after phone call ..

So-- on to today .. besides Bastille days and Sussex days .. I don't know what today has to give us .. however, I'm looking forward to walks .. (even though they will be sweaty .. that's what showers are for .. lol)

I wish everyone a great day !!!! and excel in whatever you do !!!!!

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    193 days ago
  • MNEME2
    The cards you made are beautiful. Enjoy the rest of your day!
    193 days ago
    Glad the arch supports help. I need ‘em too.

    Good for you getting a couple more pairs of shorts. That’s what summer is for.

    Your cards are beautiful!!!

    Have fun @ Bastille Days and Sussex days.

    193 days ago
    I understand what a challenge it is to find nice fitting shirts that you like.
    193 days ago
    Hi Princess, Yes, good orthotics as well as really good shoes will be a tremendous step in the right direction. Hahaha... Funny thinking about how orthotics and shoes should post a toon of them. Have fun this weekend.Roo
    193 days ago
  • LIZZIE138
    I’m glad you got your new supports. If you’re like me you’ll get home and lo and behold, there are your old supports. That happens to me ALL the time. Your cards are gorgeous! Did you take a class to learn how to do that? Enjoy your day and try not to “sparkle”too much. ✨
    193 days ago
    Love the cards! Glad you got some time to do them!
    193 days ago
    Beautiful cards! My sister does stamping and I have saved all of her cards over the years. A basket full!
    193 days ago
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