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Hi All :) An Introduction To Me !

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Hi all,
thought I would start off my first ever blog with a quick introduction to you guys . . if any of you are out there spying on me ;)
My name is Stefan, I am 32 years old at the time this is being typed up and I am looking to try and make some changes to my life. As I start this journey here I am 288 lbs with a dangerous amount of fat on my body that sees my B.M.I. currently stand at 38.1 which means I am at risk of diabetes and heart related issues due to my excessive weight. I am currently struggling with pain in my knees and ankles due to my body having to support me with a body fat content slightly over 50% of my overall weight and with that in mind exercise is not too of an easy place to start. I am an overeater and an emotional eater, this means I don't know when to stop shovelling things in until I often feel ill at the amount I have eaten. As an emotional eater I am often eating/drinking things that I simply should not as well. Had a great day ? Had a crap day ? Feeling a bit low ? Bored ? These are all things that will see me go for for favourites such as chips, chocolate, ice cream and a few beers to clear my mind and feel better in one way or the other.
I have done diets and had good and bad results over the years, at my best I lost nearly 70 lbs a few years ago before I hit the big 30, but since then have just struggled and need to try and sort my life out now or I am going to putting myself in an early grave.
With that in mind over the last couple weeks I have been reading a few books, trawling the internet etc to try and formulate a plan to get started.
With that in mind I have been getting rid of junk foods from the house and filling it up with healthier option, been making my own meatballs, burgers and so on to keep me on the straight and narrow by way of a change from the immense amount of chicken I have been buying, portioning up and freezing. I have created a basic exercise regime to get me started to feel my way back in with mainly bodyweight exercises being the basis with a few other weighted exercises with equipment I have on site.
So yeah, time for it all to begin on Monday in real earnest even though the last week I have been starting eating better and doing 10 minutes of exercise here and there to get me kick started. I know that the first few weeks will be a bit of a slog but in the past I have found that once you get past that and get into a bit of a routine things become much clearer and easier to get through day to day. So fingers crossed for no injuries and the will to eat clean clean and get lean :) Hope everyone has a great weekend. Bye guys x x
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