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Day 314 our of 365 - Feeling Stronger Every Day

Saturday, July 14, 2018

It feels good to get back to my workouts. I've been going back to my #21DayFix and love the short 30 minutes and continuing with my walking - aiming to hit 10,000 per day.

So far this week I have missed a couple of days - but doing better overall!
The only person I'm comparing myself to is ME and working to improve on my own best. And my stats are improving emoticon

I'm on Day 14 of my Dry July as I #LoseDaBooze again - and today is day 314 and I have a total of 227 AF (alcohol free days). My plan is to beat my stats from last year on this front as well (with 263 days AF in 2017) - so far in 2018 I have 87 days where I've had drinks. My intention is to finish the year without any as I vow to not drink until I reach my weight loss goals! This is just a non-negotiable for me and comes down to this...

Every time I regain it's double or triple the effort to lose it again and I'm just DONE with the yo-yo'ing and allowing myself to slide that badly backwards. But I'm also taking it 2lbs at a time ... now focusing on hitting the 180's again.

We are more than this...

And I am proud of my getting back to the non-negotiable morning workouts which just setup my day for success and make me feel positive and energized!

I guess it helps that I've also been off on vacation a bit this week ... I work on Monday and then will be off until July 30th to get back to my regular 4 day work schedule. We had an appointment for my daughter yesterday and they are increasing her meds so I hope that will help her.

Overall - I feel good about where I'm at. I'm home alone (was last night and will be today) and my plan is to create an updated vision board which I'll share a bit later...

Until then ... I wanted to wish everyone a great Saturday! It's raining out but I have to get my workout in and get stepping it up too!
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