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Stress over a Rat!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Last week Tacy found a tiny lump on Lemon. Then the next day another, and the third day another one. So off to the vet. He was impressed, he couldn't find them. But once Tacy pointed them out, he did and recommended surgery. It happened yesterday morning and she came out okay. In his 30 years practice he had never seen masses quite like these. One was green, looking like a small olive. He can't imagine they are cancer but they are off for biopsies. For all this she paid $900.00. She loves these critters! And, Thank the Lord, she has a good paying job! I don't remember but apparently we had surgery done on the rat we had when Tacy was in elementary school, but I am damn sure we didn't pay anywhere near $900.00!

But Lemon is a feisty little thing and she desperately wants to rip out her stitches and the first 24 hours are the worse and most dangerous because of how quickly she could bleed out. I wound up spending the night at Tace's to tend to and watch a rat so Tacy could sleep before heading out to work today since I had the day off, I did night duty and day duty. It's 8:30 PM, so I've had 4 hours of sleep since 5 AM Thursday. It was tough. This is what I hate about pets, can't explain to them what is going on and you can just feel the distress they are in. And it was both girls stressing. Sadie doesn't get the quarantine cage and can't understand not being able to snuggle with her sister.

I can see the love!
(Lemon is in the middle)

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