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Short-Staffed At Work Again

Friday, July 13, 2018

At work, we got a new hire named Rosy. We trained her for 2 weeks, and then she quit! It was shocking! Also, our supervisor just got a new granddaughter, so she is going to be off for 2-3 weeks. To make things even worse, my coworker is getting back surgery on the 19th, and will be gone for 8 weeks! So, work this week has been very stressful, as the rest of us scrambled to finish all the work that needed to get done.

I have CWS (Compressed Work Schedule), which is where I work 9 hour days, and get every other Friday off, so I'm off today. I feel bad about it, though, because I know that the rest of my coworkers were probably even more stressed today without me. Oh well--I earned this day off, so I shouldn't feel guilty about it!

I'm so excited to get paid again tomorrow, so I can (hopefully) transfer another $1,000 to my savings account.

I studied a lot today (for my job), and now I'm done, so I'm just relaxing.

At work yesterday, I broke a nail! I clipped the hanging part as much as I could, but it's still painful, and I even bled a little bit! Oh well.

My supervisor said I will be in charge the second week she's off, and I feel anxiety about that, as I haven't even worked here for a year yet, and I feel like there are plenty of other coworkers that deserve to be in charge more. I think she put me in charge because I'm a federal employee, and almost everyone else in my unit are contractors.

I've been so sleepy on the bus in the mornings, and I'm afraid of disturbing other passengers because I snore (I can't help it), and I don't want to miss my stop. So last night, I bought some Starbucks Doubleshot Espresso drinks. My plan is to drink one each morning before I get on the bus, and hopefully that will help me stay awake. I don't have a coffee maker to make my own hot coffee, and don't think I will like instant coffee (although, to be fair, I've never tried it). So, I'm thinking of either drinking some sort of cold coffee (I prefer cold coffee), or soda in the morning to wake me up (soda has caffeine). I'll see how I do with the espresso drinks next week, and if they don't work, I might get Mountain Dew, or something.

The weather has been cooling down this week, so that's good.

Even though my best friend Denise and I haven't gone on our cruise yet, we are thinking of going to Las Vegas next year for our annual vacation. I like the idea of going somewhere not too far, and not too expensive (although I could be wrong about this).

Now that I'm not thinking of saving for a condo anymore, I've been thinking about buying a new car after all once I have $20,000 saved. I know I said that I would get a Toyota Corolla, but now I'm leaning toward getting a Toyota Prius C instead, because I truly believe that gas guzzling cars are slowly being phased out, and I don't want to spend a lot of money on gas. I'm just worried that Priuses are too quiet to be safe, though.

I slept 9 hours last night, and then after brunch, I was so exhausted for some reason, so I took a 1 hour nap, and feel right as rain now. I love the feeling I get after I take a nap! I feel so rested, and energized!

So, a lot of you guys advised me to move out with Denise, so I can be independent from my parents, and I was already thinking about that. The issue is that I have lived with roommates in college, and I hated it, because I have this problem where if someone does something to offend me, I tend to keep it in, which is bad. So, the anger builds and builds until I explode! I don't do this with my parents, though. Even though I fight with my parents from time to time, in the end, we all know that our love is unconditional, and I don't feel that way about non-family members at all. Basically, I'm worried that living with Denise will ruin our friendship. But she's not going to buy a home anytime soon, so I have time to think about it.

I bought some dairy free yogurt yesterday to take to work (I'm lactose intolerant), so I wonder how that will turn out.
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  • LINDA!
    With all that is going on with you, stress can make you feel sleepy. I have lived with depression for years. Many times, when I am stressed, fatigue is the first thing I feel. I hope that you get to take the vacation.
    151 days ago
    Sounds like you will be busy at work the next few months. The fact they asked you to be in charge while your supervisor is off shows they must be happy with your work performance...that's great! You've shown you are competent and they value your work ethic already, even after being there less than a year. You have job security already, it seems! Congrats!
    For coffee, I'd recommend buying one of those small, four cup coffee makers. Here is one on Amazon for $30 that has good reviews:

    It's a Cuisinart. Mr. Coffee has inexpensive ones also. I like the small regular coffee makers, rather than k-cups, because it is cheaper in the long run. You can buy bags of coffee on sale, and make it as strong or weak as you want it that way. I'd suggest the brown (not bleached white) coffee filters, as they are supposed to be better for you...fewer chemicals. My favorite coffee is Starbucks blonde roast, Veranda. I just got a bag today on sale, $2 off, for $5.99. I can't say how many pots of coffee I'll get from that, but I drink coffee probably three times a week (tea the other days), and a bag of coffee lasts a month or more, I think, and I like it strong, so I put in five scoops for a four-cup pot of coffee. Dunkin' Donuts is good too, and is usually $6.99 a bag, not on sale. If you like it cold, you could make it the night before and store it in the fridge. Anyway, my point is it would be cheaper to make your own, if you are interested in saving money, and these small coffee pots don't take up much room on the counter and definitely pay for themselves.
    With roommates...yes, it can be challenging. And I understand not wanting to ruin a friendship. But if you are going to live with someone (other than your parents), you'll have to learn to figure out the communication, whether it's a roommate or a romantic partner/wife some day. College is a different vibe than working life, so as long as your roommate/partner is a reasonable person, you should be able to work it out. Talk about things before you move in, and how you'll settle conflict. Good luck!
    153 days ago
    the vacation will be fun I also am one who does not do well with room mates and not always with family thus I tend to stay alone this is best for me

    i did buy a car and I bought a home but I do live in Arizona and it is less expensive to live here

    the Toyota Prius C is quiet but it runs great and is amazing on gas My friend has found it to be a great choice it does not do very well on snow and Ice but if you do not have that it is not an issue
    I got the Corolla and it does great with about 32 mpg but I have open road driving and not to much city driving I live in the country

    great going on saving money you are so wise
    153 days ago
    Well that sounds like a good plan to put the $$$ towards a car. I wish you luck w/all your plans and hope you and your friend have a wonderful vacation!

    Have a good weekend.
    153 days ago
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