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Friday, July 13, 2018

Proud of myself. After 12 years of yo-yo dieting, I've finally gotten on the right track. I've lost 40 lbs in the past 6 months (nice and slow) by means of exercise and healthy eating. And I finally LOVE myself. Even though I'm 50-60 lbs from my goal, I feel like I've already won. I have found a way to eat healthy for the rest of my life and I don't feel like I'm missing out or restricting myself. I'm so excited to continue down this path and I'm happy I'm still relatively young enough to enjoy it.

In the past, I really hurt myself with two extremes: crazy diets, eating basically nothing - or binging like crazy, eating everything in sight.

I have learned to care more about my body and my health. Regardless to whether I am big or small, I have learned that I am beautiful and I need to take care of myself. I also have learned that I am worth more than I've treated myself like.

Now I'm ready to explore this newfound healthy me! I'm excited!

So what am I doing?

Well, first I've learned to accept that I will never be able to NOT eat the things I like. Mainly, BREAD. (I sound like Oprah lol)

And other things as well.

But I know that bread can be dangerous for me, because I love it so much. So I am learning to have a different outlook on it. Instead of cutting it out completely, I allow myself to have it, but in different forms. Forms that don't trigger a craving for me.

I've spent the past couple of years learning how to make all natural substitutes or healthy versions of things. This way, when I eat it, it won't make me lose control, and even if I do eat more of it than I should, it won't hurt me.

Here's an example:

I love muffins. Soft, gooey, muffins.

But instead of buying one at Dunkin Donuts or Tim Hortons or even making my own Jiffy blueberry muffins (, I bake my own natural muffins.

With what?

Almond butter, coconut butter or flour, banana flour, and more.

YES! I have gotten into using healthy foods, like Vegetable, Fruit or Nut Flours or Butters, and use them in place of wheat. Sometimes I even eat gluten free foods as well, but many of them are processed so I try to stick to only natural substitutes.

The wonderful thing is that it tastes EXCELLENT, but when it comes down to it, you're freaking eating a muffin made of nuts or fruit or vegetables. Not just made WITH them, but made completely OF them! No wheat in sight!

Here's an example of one of my favorites!

I also make pasta, tortillas, donuts, sandwich bread and more. All the things I love, but made of all the things that are good for me and make me feel wonderful.

So I'm still on a weight loss journey, but this time I'm enjoying the ride down and doing it the right way. I have had some times when the scale went back up a bit, but I'm no longer viewing it as a set back. Instead, I'm looking at it as simply life. I will NEVER stay the exact same weight, it will change on a daily basis. Some months it'll go up due to too much indulging, and other months it will be back down when I am focusing on spending more time at the gym and sticking to healthier choices.

But ultimately, I'm truly HAPPY with what I'm doing now. I know things won't be perfect, but that's what makes this easier, not expecting perfection.

So on to my stats, current and goals.

So I started this in January of 2018.

By June 1st of 2018 I had lost 40 pounds. I lost it slow, with some fluctuations back up here and there, but I kept going and still am.

Starting weight was 226. (Yes, I gained every single pound I lost back in 2008 plus an additional 12).

I got down to 186 by June 1st.

Here's my AFTER:

Body (After)

Face (After)

I stopped taking pictures around 214 lol so these are the only BEFORE pics I could find:

Body (Before)

Face (Before)

Before and After Side by Side

I know the pictures don't look that much different but trust me I knew how to hide it and most importanly, I feel SOOOO much better! And I absolutely LOVE how beautiful I am, big or small. It's so fun being a girl!

So here's the plan...

I'm currently up about 9 lbs (had a bit too much fun indulging this month) but I'm not stressing about it as I'm sure a lot of it is just water weight and who cares lol but I'm ready to keep going.

My goal is to get to 145-135.

Here's what I'm trying to stick to:

1. 1200 Calories a day
2. No grains for 30 days (just temporary)
3. No junk!
4. Workout 1 hour, 5 days a week
5. Drink TONS of water

Scale said 195 today, and yes I am weighing EVERY day. It works for me. Doesn't bother me to see it go up a few pounds, as I know how fluctuation weight works. I'll check in as often as I can with updates on my day, on how I'm feeling, etc...

I'm so excited to talk about goals and upcoming things that are so exciting! My first goal for now is to get back down to 186.

Because I just got back on the healthy wagon on Wednesday July 11th, I'm pretty sure I'll drop fast the first couple of weeks. I already lost 3 lbs in the first 2 days so that's to be expected.

I also like to make big goals. I believe that you should always shoot for the moon, because if you'll fall, you will fall amongst the stars. In other words, I like to make super high goals, and if I don't reach them I still most likely got a lot farther than I would if I would have not shot that high.

So here are my BIG goals lol...

Start July 11th:
Hit 189 by July 22nd (6 lb loss, a friend's anniversary party)
Hit 184 by August 1st (5 lb loss)
Hit 179 by August 10th (5 lb loss, special event)

Let's go!!

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