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Hold off on celebrating just yet

Friday, July 13, 2018

I've recorded a big drop (4 pounds) in weight again but let's hold off on the firework celebration just yet.

This week has been bonky with my 1.5 days of fasting for the colonoscopy and then a week of hovering around 1200 calories due to low appetite. Losing weight this fast could simply be due to 2 days of being on a laxative, dehydration and not eating. Losing this much, this fast, is also not good for my gallbladder.

However, rapidly losing weight is really addictive. I finally see how people get into it so much they damage themselves as I'm feeling the emotional pull myself. Time to get some perspective and pull back from the high dive!

So my goal is to maintain this weight loss for the month of July and not shoot for any more weight loss until about mid August. I have a goal of 10 more pounds before the end of the year and that should be easily met with moderation in calorie intake.

emoticon 235 puts me right at my target for my August birthday.

emoticon It crosses me over the halfway point on what I want to lose in 2018-19 and I'm only halfway through the year of 2018 so I'm far ahead of where I thought I'd be.

Looking over my past weight loss successes, I've never lost weight this quickly before and I've blogged about my thoughts on why this is.


The short answer:

emoticon Hormones - I'm in post-menopause and don't have the wild fluctuations of water retention, bloating I had before. From 2008-2010 I was fighting my body in trying to lose weight due to aging.

In retrospect, I should have dropped to maintaining for those years and waited out the hormonal storm but having a 2 week long heavy period every month kinda made me lose my perspective.

emoticon I am also doing better on my eating and I think the increase of veg and the reduction of eating out and sodium is a big help.

Visuals of food I'm eating now:


Food comparison of current versus past eating habits here:


emoticon I am far more aggressive about my exercise (though not as much as many on here at Spark). I started strength training at the same time as cardio in January and I think this has helped a lot.

I also give a lot of credit to Team Body Project and my rebounder (trampoline) on making some real differences to my core and legs.

I showed a one inch lose in both my waist and hips. Not real significant except it has returned that feeling of being "more narrow." I can now put my arms flat to my side easily without having to squeeze waist fat out of the way.

emoticon Becky aka Labyrinth
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