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Happy Friday -- the last 2 days were exhausting, but fun !! Today is a ME day !!!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Good morning to my friends ... old and new.. that stop by for a visit .. WELCOME !!!! You know the drill .. I supply the snacks, and you enjoy them to your hearts content .. remember .. magic home -- no fat, no carbs, and no calories .. and all of the flavor and taste you can imagine !!! I made up coffee, hot cocoa, and hot tea .. all of which can be chilled if you prefer !! :) Help yourself and welcome !! :)

We also have iced for a selection of fresh iced drinks ...

Oh my goodness .. the last 2 days took it all out of me .. lol ..


We left about 9:30 .. (hubby gave me until 10), and we were going to stop and were going to pick up a 7-11 slurpie sample .. but that didn't start until 11 .. soooo that was scratched, however, I saw hubby had a fresh soda in his cup holder .. and he said that he got gas and his soda on the way back from his morning run so was going to pass on Kwik trip stop .. Ummm HELLLOOOO ... So I made him buy ME a soda at the 7-11 .. he had no choice .. I needed that soda to get my "antibiotic problems" settled .. lol ..

We got to the Kwiktrip in Clintonville, where we had some lightbulb cheeseburgers .. I do enjoy Kwik Trip lightbulb sandwiches .. and have never been disappointed .. so we each had 2 of them .. I had only had a yogurt (because I didn't want to make any dishes .. yes .. thinking like a girl .. lol .. last thing I want to do after taking off for a couple days is come home to dishes .. lol) for taking my antibiotic in the morning .. so I was on the hungry side ..

We got up to the casinos, and picked up our free piece of luggage, and then played for a bit .. the machines were okay .. but I played reservly (is that a word) .. let's say lightly .. I walked around the casino; and then I could sit at a machine .. walked around the casino, and then sat at a machine .. The machines were okay, but nothing to write home about, so I worked on my stepping .. Hubby stopped to see if he could check into the hotel, because we were staying at Bowler casino ..

At 2:00 we headed to the one with all the parties .. and OH MY GOODNESS !!!! We stood in line for 2 1/2 hours .. before finding that my "grab bag" consisted of $100 in free play .. so did hubby's .. all the people around us got $15 .. THAT would have frustrated me .. after standing in line for 2 1/2 hours .. I better have gotten something that made it worth my while .. Pretty much standing outside for 1 1/2 hours of that time .. Yes -- I got myself a light sunburn .. Thankfully there was a beautiful breeze so it wasn't stifling .. Thankfully because as it was they had numerous emergency situations .. with all these elderly people and no place persay to sit .. so they started coming out with glasses of ice water.. I think it was one of those things that just blew way out of proportion ..

Then while we were playing our free money .. I found a machine that was playing and playing and playing with me .. and hubby came up behind me, and said they were lining up for the "appetisers" .. I closed out my machine *sad face*, and went to stand yet in another line .. and waited .. and waited .. BUT that one was worth it.. I was picturing the same type of appetizers as was at the Bowler casino last year .. pretty much that .. appetizers .. This was an entire meal .. sandwiches, salads, an "appetizer" table, and cookies for dessert .. Oh my goodness .. I had myself a pulled pork sandwich with some coleslaw which I put in the sandwich, some pasta salads, a broccoli salad ... and it was a good meal .. The only place they had set up was standing room only, and my back was starting to really cause problem .. Hubby found a table by a wall so at least I could lean up against something .. He offered that we could go and sit in the car .. but I was afraid if I did, I wouldn't be able to get out again .. lol .. Yup --- that sore .. lol .. so we just stood ..

Hubby had 2 sandwiches, cheese and sausage slices, baked beans, bbq meatballs, bbq mini sausages, some coleslaw, and well -- it was a very full plate .. He saw that I was having troubles and told me I could go in and sit .. and I took him up on it ..

Within a few hours the casino was literally PACKED!!!! and machines were few and far between .. To just sit down at a machine because .. well .. because it's open, is "dumb" .. but hubby wanted to stay until the drawings were over .. so I didn't say anything, but found those few and far between machines .. and got more and more discouraged ..

Finally hubby ran into me, and saw that frustration on my face, and offered to go .. I didn't even think twice ..

We went back to the Bowler casino, and it was like heaven with it not being busy .. Hubby had grabbed 2 more sandwiches for the ride before they cleaned up the tables .. and I was full; and since I was having a fussy time; I didn't want to push my luck .. and I wasn't hungry .. so he had both of them ... Oh my goodness, he said he was very very full .. NO FOOLING!!!! lol lol

We got back to Bowler ... (about 1/2 hour drive) and took our stuff up to the room, where I decided I was full enough, even though I finished eating about an hour plus earlier .. I would take my antibiotic .. and thankfully it was good enough that it didn't have any mega effect ..

We went downstairs to play, and well -- I came back up again and I was already 400 steps into the new day .. lol lol .. by the time I got to bed, was 12:30ish, and then I just dozed until hubby came up about 1/2 hour later .. and then we talked abit .. and finally I think he was still talking to me as I dozed off .. and I slept like the dead ... until 7 the next morning ..

We drove back thankfully leaving before the threatened storm, and I knew hubby wasn't going to be hungry for a big breakfast, and I really wasn't hungry .. but only had to eat because of my antibiotic .. I contemplated just not taking it, because I knew there would be horrible recourse if my belly didn't have enough food, and I was looking at a 2 1/2 hour drive home .. but then hubby offered that he would stop at Clintonville Kwik Trip and I could get a breakfast sandwich .. I got myself a breakfast burrito and it was just enough to take my pill .. "nothing happened" ... lol

And thankfully it was an uneventful ride home .. clouds but no storms, and before I knew it we were home .. Hubby offered to get some sub sandwiches for lunch .. and I accepted ..

I knew I was tired, because anything with sugar was NOT SAFE .. but once I got in the house .. that's where I stayed for the day .. I was sore, I was tired, and I went up and finished my thank you cards and will be sending them out today ..

While I was playing on Wednesday afternoon .. my phone buzzed .. and I looked .. it was from Kim at the store; and she asked if I would like to make some money .. and make up 10 cards for her .. she wants to have company birthday cards to everyone .. so the good news is it's not 10 cards assembly line style ... however I need 4 for August .. Linda, Lois, Leonard, and JT .. I told her to let me think about it .. On the way home yesterday .. I texted her to tell her .. "Let me try" .. So I did some homework on Men's cards... that's hard for me .. I can do women's cards (even they are a struggle) ..So last night was a trip to Pintrest .. lol ..

This is me saying nooooooo ... I came downstairs last night to get myself a yogurt, so I could take my PM antibiotic .. and saw flyers on the kitchen table for Green Bay casino .. I've talked with him over and over, that I don't want to make this a daily thing .. and he agreed and then I see this .. He was at "music in the park" with his friends, and I went back upstairs, and texted him "NO I am not going to the casino tomorrow (today)" .. When he came home, he said "it's $40 .. I may make the run" .. I told him .... "go for it but I don't want to" .. I was tired, and irritated, that he just blew off my remark saying that I didn't want to do this on a regular basis, or it won't be fun anymore .. and he agreed, and then he turns around and suggests it anyway .. BUT I didn't give in .. Yay Me!!!!

That gives me a day to myself .. so I have a list of errands that I want to run; and then come home and start working on those August birthdays .. :) I've got some ideas for men's and some ideas for women's cards .. I figure if she wants to pay .. I will charge $1.00 if she insists on paying; since this is just a sample run .. however, may go to $2.00 each .. for my time ... but for now.. she's going in blind on my abilities .. she has no clue other than seeing pictures of my work what I am capable of ..

I got a good night sleep last night, and have the day to myself .. :) My right foot is horribly sore, so I'm thinking of putting an arch brace on to help with my walking ..

So today I'm by myself, I get to play with glue and paint this afternoon .. and play with my imagination .. Yup -- this is going to be a wonderful day .. I'm going to make it so .. :)

Hoping everyone has a great day !!!! I'm got good sleeps last night, and feel so much better !!!

Have a wonderful day !!!!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    121 days ago
    Pulled pork....yum, my favorite.
    122 days ago
    Well, you had a packed day for sure! I am goad you practiced that word NO and have the day for yourself. Yes.

    I bet you'll get good ideas for the cards, you're so creative!

    122 days ago
    So proud of you for saying NO! I also wondered if Mr E would be the energizer bunny and want to go 24/7!

    Enjoy your 'Me day'

    Enjoy making those cards!
    122 days ago
    Good morning. It is always wonderful to read your blog. Thank you for the smile. I hope you have a wonderful day.
    122 days ago
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