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Friday, July 13, 2018

I've talked about the #dailyjournalchallenge before.. today was my day to prompt again and I had a prompt all lined up and ready to go .. until yesterday when on my lunch break I went in search of quiet in my backyard. I purposefully turned off my cell phone sounds and set the alarm only so as not to be disturbed by the beeping and buzzing alerting me to some form of electronic communication trying to grab my attention. I closed my eyes and sat back and tried to quiet my mind and to block out the sounds around me.. that lasted all of five minutes and before I could stop myself I grabbed my notebook and started scribbling thoughts.. and this is what I came up with:

I gaze upon the butterfly bush as I relax underneath the sun
The bees are buzzing happily but the butterflies are missing – where have they gone?
Robins swoop around me in the air and run past me on the ground
White moths flutter by one by one and never make a sound.
Tiny leaves drift silently as they gently float in front of my face
They all seem to know their roles, seems I’m the one out of place.
The more I seek the silence, the more I seem to hear
I close my eyes and zero in on every sound both far and near
The traffic in the distance, the planes too high to see
The birds keep chirping louder, are they interested in me?
Maybe silence is not the answer to reach that level of poise
Perhaps it’s learning to find the melody hidden in the noise.
The sun is getting strong now, it’s heating up my face
Oh butterflies where are you, I need your beauty and grace.

I realized as the excitement grew within me that the prompt I had prepared for today was no longer what I wanted to ask and so I changed it to this:

"The Blank Page
We started this journey to learn more about ourselves, to discover what drives us, to open our minds and hearts to be all that we can be. In doing so, many of us have found a voice, a passion, a talent that we did not know existed. Today's prompt is entirely in your hands. Share something with us, anything at all that you want to share. No rules, no limits, no guidelines. Trust that voice in your heart - what is it that you want to say?"

Through my journey to better health, not only have I developed much better eating habits, grown to love kickboxing, hiking and running, but I have also found myself going back to child hood loves. Music has always been a huge part of my life, I still sing in my church's choir, but I used to play several different instruments. I have been dabbling in the guitar again because of this journey and I have rediscovered my love of the written word. I used to write poetry all the time growing up and one day I just stopped writing. Through this challenge, by answering random questions, it unleashed the thoughts that swirl in my mind. I don't know when they are going to show up, but when they do I quickly write them down, or dictate them into my phone to make sense of when I have time to sit still and turn them into poetry or song lyrics.

Mary commented on my post yesterday that she has a really difficult time sitting still waiting for an answer (hmm me too) and is a rebel against total quiet and instead looks for something that doesn't require a lot of thought to free her mind.. I realized, her methods definitely fit my needs and that is how my mind works best too..

When it comes to singing, I have two volumes, loud and very loud.. so it appears my life is wired the same way.. and I'm ok with that!

Have a fabulous Friday. I am flying high today - looking for butterflies - perhaps!

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