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200 Days sugar and gluten free

Friday, July 13, 2018

Today is a milestone. I no longer crave sugar or gluten. My body pH balance is 7.3.

Changes to my body/life being sugar and gluten-free are as follows:
1) No more medications - I went from 14 medications to zero.
2) My skin is clear, soft and supple with a natural glow ( even the dry skin on my feet is gone) my pedicurist was disappointed.
3) My hair healthy and shiny
4) My BP is 80/60, my cholesterol on point. No longer need medication for my thyroid so that means that my hormones are working properly. No more stomach aches as my digestive tract is minus yeast from sugar. The sugar feeds the bad yeast in our bodies that cause disease.
5) I sleep like a baby.
6) I have more energy.
7) My pocketbook is fatter as I no longer spend money on junk food, medications or doctor office visits.
8) I do not deprive myself of any foods, I have learned to make and enjoy good healthy foods minus the added sugar with plenty of natural flavors.
9) I have learned to prepare gluten-free bread, tortillas, blueberry custard tarts, vanilla ice cream, and many other dishes with high alkaline fruits and vegetables to balance my pH.
10) Lost weight 37 pounds,17 inches in 200 days. 110 pounds total.
11) Recovery from my last injury/surgery on my shoulder usually takes 18 months to recover - I did it in seven months before/after surgery - date if injury 10/06/2017 - date of surgery 3/15/2018. Last day of physical therapy 7/11/2018. My body is running like a well-oiled machine.
Pushing forward to day 201.
Back to gardening - Have a wonderful weekend.
Thank-you for reading my blog and to the Spark Community for helping me meet my goals.
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