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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Yesterday, after Ubering Himself to his office, I could hear quite a racket by the upstairs study window--
Sushi, the cat who came in from the cold, was right against the screen also, looking out-

Well, it was more like this-

There was a great deal of bird noises---
You see, we have a flood light on the house, right beside the Study window--
On top of this flood light, we have had tenants , living all summer--robins--
Mother Robin, sat on a nest up there, which was left from last year, all spring and into June---
We watched her the day she vacated that nest and called her wee ones from across the lawn---trying to encourage them to fly out of the nest--
In fact, that afternoon, while cutting the grass, I noticed something grey jumping in the grass, and robins were all around me--
I put this wee fella in a safer part of the lawn-

About a week went by, and low and behold, we noticed a couple of Robins flying back into the same nest---
-and again, I see a very fat robin, up there sitting , in all the heat--

Well, yesterday, all the extremely loud chirping, was because a flock of smaller grey bird were attacking this poor Mother Robin, and she was flapping her wings and trying to scare them away--
I turned on the hoses, thinking that might do the trick----help her scare these viscous birds away-- It didn't ---
So, finally I stuck a couple of scarecrows left in the garage from Halloween-=-on the front lawn, beneath this poor Mom-

So, I ask all you Sparkly people-Do birds use the same nest over and over?-
Who were these very bad grey birds out to get Ms Robin?
and , Lord love a Duck eh?---One never does know what a day brings!

I always know that each new day is special!

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